DECEMBER 6, 2008

All life comes down to breath.  Our breath is our only conscious possession.  It reveals the way to wholeness.  If everything was taken away in the physical realm we would still possess life through our breath.  The breath is the common denominator of all humanity.  Every person no matter race, creed or color has the breath of life flowing through them.

The Bible had much to say about breath which has been overlooked. Through searching the Aramaic translations we are able to tap into a greater understanding of the power existent in our breath.

We are all familiar with the term Holy Spirit but do we know the true meaning of what it conveys?  When hearing the word holy most are immediately put in mind of an elevated position which separates church from secular.  The term “holier than thou” also comes to mind.  In Aramaic the word holy is translated as follows:  Awareness that everything is there within, consciousness of everything properly intended for man.  The term holy was meant to give us a holistic perception of what we view.  Spirit means breath.  So if we take these definitions and bring them into union, Holy Spirit actually conveys the message of the “all embracing, holistic breath and awareness of God.”

As we become conscious of our breathing it is the grounding path to the energetic core of our universe or God center.  In Genesis it says “In the beginning God…”  Therefore, God is the cause, source, or pure potential of deep stillness, peace, and absolute all encompassing love. 

Through holistic breath we are able to realize all are one and originated from the same source.  The breath is also a tool we can use to empower ourselves.

In Mark one, scripture tells us Jesus began hearing a voice and then the spirit (breath) drove him into the wilderness.  Wilderness in Aramaic is:  An unprotected state or raw state of consciousness.  Through the leading of the holistic breath something began to arise within Jesus.  He went into the raw state of consciousness which the first Adam (mankind) was in and began to deal with and annihilate any sense of an egoic self.  He also eradicated any sense of separation from the Godhead.   Through the leading of the breath we too are able to come into the realization of oneness with God and one another.

Meditation is a practice which brings our focus to the breath.  During this focus we will notice things begin to come up which have been compressed or pushed down within us.  Our breath is a tool to release these things and to help us to begin to become aware of oneness.

What we continue to push down, we pull into our lives.  Breathing thoughts come to lead us into the wilderness or desert places in our lives so we are able to heal and awaken to oneness.  It is now the time to heal and come out of fragmentation!  The anti-Christ is what we have pushed down within ourselves which judges from a perception of duality, polarity, and fragmented truth.

Christ was lead by spirit (breath) in the fourth chapter of Matthew, to be tempted of the devil.  Devil in Aramaic means:  To fragment.  Fragmentation in Aramaic is the word “Santana.” Ring any bells?  Santana means:  The birth of separation or illusion of a fragmented consciousness.  It is from this place we are to awaken and heal through the holistic breath.

We have gotten into so much confusion about scriptures.  Let me take another one and bring light to it.  In Aramaic to take the Lord’s name in vain means:  To take it out of its holistic state.  Here is an example.  When we say: “I am a Christian or I am American, I am poor, weak, sick, etc.” None of these are from a true holistic view.  Truth is I am joy, I am peace, I am wholeness, and I am one with all that is.” A key is to breathe into these as you say them.  Let the holistic breath bring life energy to them.

In Genesis one it say:  “In the beginning…”  This means from a place of Pure Potential.  Satan is the thoughts arising from man’s fragmentation perception of wholeness and pure potential.

Jesus was lead by the breath to deal with the idea he was fragmented from God and wholeness. In the same way today we are being lead to deal with things we have pushed down for centuries.  The key is when we use the breath to bring them to consciousness light; we must stay present and conscious enough to allow healing to occur.

We are all here to awaken out of fragmentation into oneness and wholeness.  In the garden, the concept of eating from a tree of good and evil was to make man aware, consuming beliefs of duality and separation would produce only death.  With this duality consciousness, man started judging:  “There you are and I am here.  We are not the same.”  The original sin was really the first judgment; we are not quite the same as God or each other.

In Aramaic the term “only begotten son” means: One who is realized in all aspects of self; sees wholeness of everything.  This realization can happen to each of us when we are willing to be still, breathe, and get to know the I AM within.  The problem is when we get still, many times discomfort arises.  It is the reason most people cannot be alone or quiet enough to bring things into consciousness light.

“All of man’s misery is derived from man not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.”  Blaze Pachelle

Here is a wonderful key on how the breath can help us bring forth a realization of our true self.  We have all heard of affirmations.  The key is to breathe into them as you say them.   “I am safe, whole, with the pure potential of God and the Universe is for me, not against me.”  Then see how that feels.  As you do, be aware of what comes from the darkness within you.  Remember, Jesus was lead by the holistic breath and there tempted by the devil by the arising thoughts of separation within his own consciousness, not an outside desert somewhere.

Forgiveness in the Aramaic means: to cancel, loose or untie, to return to an original state.  With this understanding we can see true forgiveness is returning home to the truth of our wholeness through the awareness of holistic breath.  The all encompassing breath of God!  Even forgiveness is an inside awareness and realization we are the one who is harboring the feelings.  We can only feel what is inside of ourselves. Through the breath we can become aware of the feelings which must be loosed and untied so we can return to our original state of peace and love. 

There is so much to learn about the power resident within our breath.  When Moses was on the mountain and asked God who he should tell Israel was sending him and what was his name.  The answer he got was: “I am that I am.”  The Aramaic gives us deeper understanding.  It translates “The I within the I, I am life itself, I am being breathed, I am being lived, that which is being birthed forth from the center point of your being.”

So as you take your next breath realize the I AM is breathing in and through you and is living through you at this very moment with the purpose of birthing divinity from the center of your Being!

Breathe into and become aware of your sacred breath and divine destiny!

Sending Peace and Blessings Always, 







POWER of YOUR SACRED BREATH [Mary Lou Houllis] 12-6-08          1


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