OCTOBER 3, 2005

Dear Fred, Its me again.  I want to ask you something else. What about prayer?  Since God does all things according to His Will and He knows the things we have need of (before we ask)… we do not need to “seek” what we should eat or drink or wear… does prayer just become that of a thankful heart in all things… giving glory to God no matter what? The Word seems to say that we don’t “need” to ask Him for anything but also seems to say that we anything we ask for He will do… according to His Will.   Do we pray the Lord’s Prayer?    So many people have said that we “have to” pray for the salvation of our unsaved family and friends.  That scripture verse would always come to my mind… John 6:44… No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him… which to me means that again… it is ALL about what God is doing in the hearts and minds of those that He owns.  It would not be my responsibility to “get others saved”.   I am to pray without ceasing… is that to recognize God in all things, all day… does that become “the prayer that does not cease”Just wondering…   Love and Blessings,  ____


Dear _______,

Yes, yes, yes. You have answered your own questions! The Spirit life is a life in which God is the instigator, we the agent through which He comes. Until we see we are in Him and He in us and that He is the motivator to prayer or any kind of movement, then we will think that we have to pray or act in order to get God to do something.

But that’s backwards, isn’t it? It’s really a sort of pagan viewpoint, thinking we need some sort of leverage with the gods so they’ll send the rain but not floods. So people come up with all sorts of things to do from sacrificing their children to wearing special kinds of clothing that will bend God’s ear our way and cause Him to act according our wishes.

Obviously, however, that isn’t how Jesus lived. He lived by the instigation of God – prayer for Jesus was declaring what He had seen from the Father within. Prayer is not for getting God into action, but in order for man to recognize and get into the flow of God in action – in man!

Now once you come into prayer being something instigated by the Spirit in us, then there are no correct “shoulds” as far as what to pray, how or when. We are free because it is the Spirit who prays in us, sometimes in our conscious mind and sometimes below our conscious level, but it is the Spirit who prays without ceasing in us, and by praying I mean being in continual inner communion with and in God, which is something that is constant in us because the Spirit is constant in us, and requires no special “effort” or techniques or procedures on our part to make it happen.

Prayer is who we are, and every moment is prayer. That’s because there is no separation between sacred and secular, because when once we see it, everything is sacred and filled with the glow of God, and every step we take we walk along in that glow.

Every moment is Christ, every moment is the Father speaking, every moment we trust the Spirit to walk in us opening our ears and our eyes to all we need to see and hear, and every moment we trust God is working good in our lives out toward other people in our world. And every moment is, as you said, God working His works in us, and since every moment is God in His fullness in us and in everything else around, then everything everywhere is participating in this constant prayer we have heard within ourselves, because I suspect that far more prayer is going on than we are aware of – only God knows – but every person everywhere is praying his prayer every moment, whether or not we know it. Every one of us is in the infinite stream of God’s life within and without us all, and participates in the eternal subterranean dialogue that is going on throughout the whole universe, that only the Godhead can perceive in its entirety.

All the questions you ask – do we pray for others, do we pray the Lord’s prayer, etc., are “how do we act?” questions, and once in Christ and you see that He is living your life right now in this present moment, you see that we have no need of that sort of blueprint of what we should do and how, because the Spirit brings things, events, crises, needs, into our attention and we live in the Spirit’s Life in the moment. One moment might call for reciting the Lord’s Prayer, another for participating in a public prayer for someone in need, or you might pass a traffic accident and find prayer for the victims welling up in your heart and mind, or you might have not a thought of God in your conscious mind as you find yourself deeply involved in some necessary business or activity, or even the leisurely involvement in something “un-neccesary,” and it will all be prayer, because whether your conscious everyday mind is involved or not, we are nevertheless always within us feasting on Living Bread and drinking from an Everlasting Well which sustains us and fills us every moment.

And then this that you have asked: “does prayer just become that of a thankful heart in all things… giving glory to God no matter what?”

I answer YES! That is the end of all things, the ultimate in the nitty gritty! A thankful heart in all things, giving glory to God no matter what!!!! You have said it! Nothing could say better what is the “final word” about prayer.

Of course as we are led we pray for others, and sometimes we do not. God is in you to will and to do of His good pleasure, and we live in relaxation from that standpoint, that He is in us to dwell in us and walk in us, but the mystery is that it seems to be just we ourselves just being our regular selves in the world, interacting with other people around us in whatever capacity God has us in at the moment, and in that apparent extreme normalcy of being a human being in the world, we are Christ manifesting Himself and being Himself in love to everyone we meet.

So, to boil it all down, being yourself is Christ living in you, and when He lives in you the Spirit lives in you and prays in you without ceasing, and therefore that makes everything prayer, and when you see it you realize you’re in an actual flow out from the invisible mystery of God within you as God’s life becomes in you a river that flows out of you to bless everyone around. And all we do is say, “Ok, Lord, you are Allinall in me, and the life I live in this flesh is you living it and yet it’s me. Thank you Lord.”


PRAYER [Fred Pruitt] 10-3-05          1


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