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In August of 2001 I received a phone call from Laurie Ingalls of Idaho. She said that the Holy Spirit told her to call me and that I would have an interpretation for her dream. Leaving out all the details, she saw a Crescent Moon and a star, a man in a Middle Eastern outfit, and a tambourine. Without consciously thinking I said, “the Crescent Moon and Star is the Islamic World, the man is a Muslim-there is something being planned that will affect the world, but will bring rejoicing and celebration throughout the Muslim World etc.” As we went into prayer, we knew that there would be a major attack and lost of lives, however, we thought it might be in Israel.

September 10, 2001 till the morning of September 11, the Crescent Moon and Star appeared in Taurus, forming the Muslim Symbol of the Crescent Moon and Star, and the Moon occulted Saturn. In layman’s term, the Moon passed over Saturn. We are all aware of what happened on that dreadful day as the heavens were declaring (prophesying) in favor of the Muslim World.


I am writing this letter to encourage intercessors to start praying and fasting specifically for protection throughout our nation during February 19 – March 5, 2002. {Continue to pray for all times.}

On February 20, 2002 the heavens will be prophesying again, and showing favor to the Muslim World. Only the power of prayer and fasting will stop this 2nd attack or lessen the affects. The Muslim Symbol will be seen in the constellation of Taurus again, and Moon will occult Saturn. This rare symbolic event wont be seen again from North America until the year 2014.

Jesus taught us that there would be signs in the heavens, the Sun, Moon, and Stars (constellation), He also told us to watch. The prophets also spoke of signs in the heavens. You are encouraged to go outside on the night of Feb. 20, look into the sky, as you see that prophetic sign, PRAY for mercy. If you watch long enough you will see the Moon occult Saturn, for about 1 hour Saturn will be hiding behind the Moon. This will be clearly seen on the East Coast. Pray for Mercy and that every hidden plan of Satan (Saturn) would be revealed.


In short, Taurus represents the divine judgment (correction) of God, which is always coupled with mercy even if we don’t understand. Saturn represents Death, destruction and is also called Satan. Moon represents the power darkness, shadows and control, or the Church. The Sun will be in Pisces the Fishes, the ancient Zodiac symbol for the nation of Israel; but now used by the Church.

With all these negative energies coming together according to what the heavens are declaring (prophesying), within the next few weeks our nation and other interest around the world could be under the greatest attack that we have ever seen. There may be various types of attacks, including water, food supplies, famous sites and other installations. If they are allowed to pull this off, it will be later be revealed that they had help from non-Muslim (Arabic) people. American Christian terrorist? Mmmm


In the Book of Esther the wicked Haman cast Pur, that is to say lots, by astrological forecasting to determine when he would have the greatest success in annihilating the Jews. The heavens declared that the Jewish people would be most vulnerable on Adar 14, the Persians would have the advantage. The heavens cannot lie, but the fate of a people can be changed. Esther called for a 3 day Fast with no water and went before the king. The negative energies of the heavens were then transmuted into positive, which enabled them to see the destruction of their enemies.

{Feast of Purim will be celebrated February 26-27, 2002}.

Many places in the Bible we find warfare being waged as a result of astrological forecasting. For example, Deborah knew the best time to defeat Sisera. “They fought from heaven, the stars (constellations) in their courses fought against Sisera.” Judges 5:20 Joshua commanded the Sun and Moon to stand still, realizing their positions favored their success against the Canaanites.

It is common knowledge that governments including America use this science in conjunction with modern methods to strategize attacks.


For the past 3 days my body went into what I call prophetic shut down. That means I was barely able to move and spent most of that time in bed barely conscious at times. The symptoms were similar to the flu- without the coughs and very little blowing. As I questioned over and over to get an answer, I began to realize on the third day.

The Lord reminded me of this physical manifestation He had given me most of my life, only this time it was the most intense.

In the past when there was something major going to happen involving death, whether it was in my family, a national, or international disaster with lost of many lives my body would experience shut down sometimes a week before or longer. As I looked through my journals I was reminded once again of the many ways God speaks.

We are living in times where we must become very sensitive to the Voice of God. We are not to become nervous or frighten, but sensitive to the many ways he speaks. His voice is like the sound of many waters.


Jonah was shown judgment (correction) coming to Nineveh-it was postponed because they Prayed with Fasting. Feel free to share this Prayer Alert with other that Pray; maybe the Lord will cause this to pass over us.



Thanks to those of you that yet believe in the Power of Prayer with Fasting and our ability to bind and loose. Evidently, the Spirit had spoken to other intercessors around the world to be praying for that particular time frame. They did not know how to read the heavens, but they were sensitive to the Holy Spirit and that’s what matters.

Government Agencies around the uncovered 5 Major Attacks that were planned on February 20, just as the Spirit had revealed through understanding the heavens.

In Italy, there was an attempt to poison the water supply on that day.

In Bosnia, there were plans to blow up the American Embassy.

In Yemen, there was another plans involving explosives.

In Africa and Asia, planned attacks were foiled.

In California, suspected terrorist were arrested, they reported had plans on poisoning Water Supply and blowing up a bridge. (I cannot confirm that they were arrested on the 20th, however, it was toward the end of February).

We are living in very interesting times and must become aware of what is happening and listen to the Spirit. Continue to stay in prayer, we will see further destruction in this land (country). I believe we will see Suitcase Size Nuclear Warheads set off in this country.



A team of us will be traveling to the Philippines to minister in March and April. We are requesting your prayers for our safety as we travel throughout the islands.

God has given us an open door to boldly proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God. Other speakers that have not progressed beyond Pentecost were scheduled to be a part of these conferences, but they all decided not to come because of the political unrest. God moves in mysterious ways.

All the speakers I know personally, they are men and women of great integrity, and powerful in spirit. They not only preach the Kingdom, but also demonstrate it with miracles. Some of you that know us personally or have read our previous Missions Report know that we don’t remain in nice hotels and only seeing the people in the Conferences or Crusades. We go to where the real needs are; the slums, the orphans and street people to touch their lives with Jesus.

List of Team Members: Pray for us daily.

Norma Keen, a Philippine American, is inviting us. She has worked as an Ambassador to many nations and also using her position to lead many officials to the Lord. She has also opened Underground Churches in China.

Apostle Joe Mwaniki of Kenya, Africa – Father of the Apostolic/Prophetic move in Kenya- When there was famine and drought fasted 40 days and nights, went to the President and prophesied Rain. The land is now like the Garden of Eden.

Prophet Julius Kiranga of Kenya – Assistant to Joe. He has been used to prophesy to the Clinton and Bush Administrations.

Bishop John of Nyharuru, Kenya – Pastor of large Churches- Overseer of New Wineskin Bible School (they send the graduates out all over Africa proclaiming the Kingdom of God with signs following).

Patti Childs of Seattle, WA – A mighty woman of the Word and power-has traveled to the nations with a special anointing to heal wounded women, and ministers often in the prisons.

Linda Ng of Seattle, WA – A newborn one of the Kingdom and on Fire. This will be her first mission trip.

Me (John) We expect to express the 7 fold Spirit of God.

If you would like to contribute toward this Asian Invasion, please send donations immediately to the address below.



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