What I so often forget, in my verbal meanderings about healing power and spiritual healing is the way I am prepared to be a vessel for either and both …praying in the manner in which Jesus taught us to pray. I continually badger people, who really want to get involved in the spiritual healing process, to pay attention to how Jesus said to get the kind of faith that gets rid of all kinds of obstacles, because it is the “missing link” to why so many religious people miss out.

Religion says this is the missing link

The key to being Jesus (a real stumbling block to the religious and to which I arrogantly say “Get over it!”) and doing the very same things he did, both of which Jesus said we would be as well as do, IF we believe enough, is getting past our religious notions about how to pray and pay attention to what HE said about the subject. The key, again, HE said, is much prayer and fasting and, therefore, what kind of prayer would seem to be important, would it not?

Currently, Ryan Bruce is interviewing me about an updated series I wrote called Seven Secrets, posted on and the recorded interviews are accessed by going to the top menu bar and clicking on the tab, “podcast,” then scrolling down until you get to podcast #4 …and patiently waiting for the interview to begin. Hidden in one of the subsequent podcasts is the REAL missing link for the religious which I much too lightly brushed over.

If you are beginning to struggle less with the concept that Jesus really did say that we will not only do what he did, but actually BE who he was as a man …then listen up – because here is where you can learn something to get connected to the SOURCE of everything. Relax, take a deep breath and stop fussing about me being so arrogant, because this is for your own good …what I said (I think it was in Secret # 4-A) should have been emphasized far more than it was.

The missing link is not merely ignoring what Jesus said about praying, but coming to the realization that what he taught about praying is HOW he, himself, prayed. If the “Son of God” and all the other precious terms you feel are so important to declare about Jesus, then listen up. If, again, “the Son of God” found it so important to pray in this manner, do you think that you could quit arguing with me about it (you cannot believe some of the e-mail I receive on this topic, especially from professional clergy), and just receive this bit of truth?

The missing link is not simply failing to pray in the manner Jesus taught, but failing to realize that what he taught was what he did …and the key to being involved in the process of healing power and spiritual healing – both of which are one of the many results which come about from being connected directly to the SOURCE …just as Jesus was.

EVEN MORE ON PRAYER…. Jesus Didn’t …Why Should You?

Will he receive his healing?

Not once …ever, is it recorded that Jesus prayed for anyone to be healed …so how do we get to the piousness of some who ask others if they can pray for them. Where does that come from? Can it be effective? Well, yes, Of course, if you believe enough, according to Jesus, nothing is impossible.

Some people, particularly preacher types who have witnessed some seeming “supernatural” happening which they believe I caused, will call me and ask if I will come and pray for some person’s healing. Almost invariably my response is “no, if you want someone to pray over them, you go ahead and pray for them.”

The truth is that they don’t need me for anything, but the point I am making with my refusal is that I am not called to pray for anyone. If they need spiritual healing I can accomplish that, because I don’t do that either …the SOURCE (by whatever other title or name) does the work and anybody who believes enough can be the facilitator of healing power and spiritual healing, but and, again, the SOURCE does the work.

That is the way it was with Jesus and why he never prayed for anyone, he was merely the medium, so to speak …the facilitator of the SPIRIT-PARENT who did the work.

A fair question is, can’t it also be the SPIRIT-PARENT praying for someone’s healing and, therefore, isn’t my argument silly? Of course, nothing is impossible if you believe enough and certainly many people think my arguments are silly anyway …guilty as charged!

The fact remains that the reason some people are so willing to pray for others is they, then, don’t think they have to take any responsibility for the process of healing power and spiritual healing. Sounds like double talk, until you realize that they lack the faith to do anything besides mumble words ending with, “In the name of Jesus Christ, amen” …thinking they have done a marvelous spiritual healing work. Well, maybe some actually have – but, if we’re honest, we have to admit that the preponderance of much so-called prayer results in nothing and people wonder why.

That’s the point. Get past meaningless prayer and get connected to the SOURCE …and confidently, with real faith, watch healing power and spiritual healing take place …NO
























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