Can we truly say that we have the welfare of others ahead of our own? I hope you understand that Jesus always put his needs and wants aside to reach out with compassion for those who had not yet been enlightened by the truth. When you pray do you go through a ritual? Do you have a habitual or favorite prayer that you always recite or do you pray what you hear your heavenly Father speak to you? I believe that one thing that has kept America great and a leader of the free world is that there are Christians praying in the will of God. The biggest majority of Americans will proclaim they have faith in God and that they would consider themselves Christians however evidence would contradict this. What I mean by “contradict this” is America leads the world in decadence and debauchery. America is a nation that consumes and waste in great quantity. But you might say “look at how much America gives, look at how America comes to the rescue of impoverished nations rules by dictators!” And I would agree, even though America consumes much, America also gives of itself far more than any other nation in history. America also takes in the refugees of other countries by the thousands each year. America is seen as a beacon of hope, a place of refuge where people migrate to and cross the borders each and every day looking for that blessed promise land.

What has kept America this radiant light for so long? My conclusion is, it is the remnant of God, the saints, the elect who pray diligently for the salvation of all men and the security of America. This small group of people may not have astounding numbers yet they are strong in Spirit for their authority comes from the Kingdom of God. Though America is not perfect and America produces mounds of corruption each year yet something holds the nation together and the term “United States” holds true. That something is prayer. Please take the time to visit  then on the left hand side follow the arrow down to the message “To be the Lord’s prayer.” Click the button to the right of the title, which says “go” and read the first chapter of “To be the Lord’s prayer.” You may even enjoy the article so much that you will continue to read all 24 chapters.

If you live in America become a prayer warrior for not only America but for the entire world to see the salvation of God. If you are receiving this and you live outside of America pray for your nation as the Lord instructs. These are troubling times that we live in and it is time for the saints of God to rise up in His Spirit, Strength and Power to lead this world to the heart of Father through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit of promise.


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