There is now a new covenant between God and man. This did not come until one was able to mediate it. Moses brought a law that was God's condition to man to maintain the relationship. Man failed and is unable to fulfill the righteous demands of the law, not that God counted on man. Man failed and was unable to fulfill the covenant. Something had to done about the man. If God had hope for him - then why a new man? 


So God sent his son, veiled in a body to be the mediator of a new covenant. God is justified in Christ to end the covenant. This is proved by Jesus, who demonstrated wisdom, healing, truth, compassion, obedience, and signs. Then declared it to be the work of God, taking no honor to himself. 


He was rejected and handed over to the Romans, to get rid of him. God made no effort to stop this vanity. In his son this put an end to the old covenant and the man who caused it to end. The new covenant in Christ Jesus is a generation of sons in him. He, the first-fruits of God's promised word (seed) out of death. The cross was not God killing his son. The flesh man used of satan was the killer. 1.Cor.2:8 None of the rulers of this age understood or they would not have crucified the lord of glory. They did not understand the secret things of God. In Christ they have lost dominion. They still operate in the old man and are used to oppose the believer. 


It is necessary to identify with Christ in his death to the old humanity, to be one with him in life. Paul confessed to being crucified with Christ. What did it do for him? Phil.3:4-5 circumcised the eighth day, of the people of Israel, tribe of Benamin, a Hebrew, of the law, a Pharisee. Vs 8 I counted everything as loss because of knowing Christ. This was his entire connection to the flesh man. He no longer identified with them who crucified Christ. He testifies to being in Christ in death and life. Jesus took on the likeness of humanity. Not until he was buried in baptism and anointed at the Jordan, did he take on the identity of the messiah. Which means anointed one, not merely anointing. Here too we need identity to share his anointing. Only God's son is able to fulfill the righteous demands of the law and nullify the penalty. 


Now God offers this life to one who disowns his soul. God knows the futility and vanity, but man still thinks God will change him. The son of God is not a helper to man. He is the awakening to life out of death. Jesus is not to be received as a man. He is to be received as a word of God. In Adam we identify with flesh, sin, death and creation’s dust. Can it be so difficult to identify with Christ in spirit, resurrection, life righteousness and immortality in a new creation? Why do so few hear this word of life? Adam never hears this. He is disposed to the letter, which keeps him in death. Without the promises in Christ Jesus had a word for him. Matt.23-34 serpents, vipers, how will you escape the judgment of Gehenna? 


Therefore I send you prophets, wise men and scribes, some of whom you will kill and crucify and persecute. That upon you will come all the righteous blood shed on earth. This goes on today. Folks do not realize that the reality is what goes on in the spirit. Rejecting the word is death to the one whose word it is. The word is spirit and life also. There is no other way to receive God's Christ than by his word. Many churches and ministries present themselves as a mediator of grace in place of God's Messiah. There is one mediator. Adam is a figure a type of another. How can he ever be true man? There is no reason to retain a type when the true has been manifest. God is totally justified in ending this man as a true image of his spirit being. He cannot hear a spirit word.







PRESENT TRUTH [Lloyd Ellefson] 8-31-05          1

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