APRIL 13, 2008

Better for me than a powerful gift of healing that I might have the eyes to see and the heart to know what was accomplished already at the Cross of Calvary; that all the Glory be upon the shoulders of Christ Jesus.  Surely,  that I might recognize the ever abiding Presence that has healed creation;  that I might be humbled to see perfection; to see Him As He Is; The He; Manifest; The Holy King come again; that I may know Him, The Crown of every man.

Let it be seen now, as we bow to Glory; as we sing of redemption, as we dwell as His Love.

The underlying Only Begotten is the foundation and the finished structure of the all new; first priority: The Love of the Kingdom of God, and then revealed as the shining City Zion.

I shall enjoy the privilege of telling it, but oh how marvelous to walk upon the street of it.

I am convinced Jesus is come in the mind and hand of man; all mercy, all guidance, all compassion and love.  To they who can receive it, the promise is fulfilled, and to they who do not know or who have not received it, grace is risen anyway. Heaven is in the heart of all men.

Let there be light. Let there be waves of revelation. Let there be glorious wonders and glorious awakenings.

Wonderful is He Who Is Come to reveal The Father; no separation; no opposing force; no hurt in all this Holy Mountain.  This one is free indeed.




PRIORITY [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-13-08          1


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