2:2-10 Paul suffered all he did for the sake of the chosen. When he left Ephesus for the last time he prophesied that wolves would come to the flock. Now perhaps there are more wolves than sheep. Paul, Peter, John and the writer to the Hebrews all have some prophetic truths that seem to be of no consequence to religion. Here are few of these quotes.     


Many will claim to be Christ.

Many false prophets will come. 

Many Anti-Christ’s will come.

There will be a great falling away.

Satan will send a flood of lies.

Men’s hearts will fail for fear.

There will be wars and rumors of wars.

God will provide delusions for not accepting truth.

Evil men will come as ministers of light.

The world and men will hate believers.

Judgment will come as in Noah’s day.

Religion will teach men will fly away from this world to escape.

Men will be lovers of self, using godliness as a means of gain.

Desiring riches many will depart from the faith.

By professing a form of knowledge, some will miss the mark.

Wicked men will get worse and worse, deceiving as they are deceived.

Some are ever learning and never learn the truth.

Some will be lovers of money and pleasure and have a form of religion, denying the power; avoid them. 

A time comes when men will select teachers to suit self.

Having itching ears, they will not endure sound teaching.

If the word of one who spoke on earth was rejected and there was no escape, how much less escape for those who reject him who speaks from heaven.


When these scriptures by chosen vessels are given in Christ's name, why are they disregarded? Are the saints going to bring forth in the earth the very opposite to these declarations? Is there promise here that a company of chosen will come and reverse the course of evil? As Christ was rejected, He prophesied the world would hate (not embrace) those He would send into the world… not of the world.


Sons of God are not of this world and have no reason or commission to change it. These are called and call others to escape this evil world. The kingdom of God is their heritage. When mankind rejects the word of the saints, the apostles, or Jesus they reject God. The message of reconciliation has been given to the saints through Christ Jesus. This is it!  In the darkness these prophetic statements have no root. The sons of light bring this judgment. Spirit’s light is judgment, void of condemnation. (Jn.3-19) 


Men seem to think they can decide on their own who and what God is. He has not changed and never will. Man must change.









PROPHECY [Lloyd Ellefson] 1-19-04         1

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