Religions are taught by men.

But the Truth comes only from God.

Just as the Alpha is the Omega

So is surrendering all, gaining everything.

In this world, man sees all things double– illusion and then Truth.

In the mirror, man will see the devil and then God

God and His Word are One

Because a Cause is only known by its Effect.

God’s Word goes out like a breath into the void-

Filling the universe with consciousness until God inhales Himself.

The Spirit and the flesh battle for the mind’s attention

Until the mind is lifted out of this world.

All that separates the sinner from salvation is time

And time is nothing to God.

Pain and suffering end with the carnal mind

And not with the world.

The mind of man seeks all kinds of worldly foods

But ultimately only knowing the will of God will satisfy it.

God’s many gifts are simply one,

God can only give Himself away.

Our only hell to overcome

Is the one we have created in our minds.

The mind reached into the world becoming confused by duality and five senses.

The body shadows it by reaching out with its two arms and five fingers.

Man’s worship evolves with consciousness

From physical idols, to ego-driven religions, to Oneness of Spirit.

The ego is first the ladder and then the chain on the soul.

Once the goal is reached, the old self must be broken and removed.

In the darkness we see the snake, are afraid and stop.

In the Light we see the stick, pick it up and use it as we walk the Path.

Hell is simply the distance perceived between us and God.

Satan is our personified desire to be apart from God.

God is.

Everything else isn’t.

God changes God

So that creation may come to know the Creator.

To gain all knowledge

Is to reach the peace of oblivion again.

The universe is a sea of consciousness

And every soul is a fish destined to be caught.

God’s love is divine, eternal gravity

It continuously and relentlessly pulls until all are One.

A mind married to the body perishes along with it

But the Mind married to the Spirit lives on.

Salvation is realized when the Voice within

Is accepted as your very own.

You are not who the world thinks you are

You are who God says you are.

The ego is like a cocoon that covers and holds man in a darkness.

When the transformation is complete, the new creation breaks free and files away.

By removing the dressings of the world, you stand naked before God.

Then without shame you are clothed by the glory and light of Christ.
























PROVERBS FOR A NEW LIFE [Brad Edwards]          1


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