Col.1:14-17 This text says – “in him all is created.” That is in the earth and things in heaven. Things visible and invisible… Principalities, thrones, authorities and sovereignties… all through Him and for Him… Him above all and all having cohesion in Him. How can all these be in Him, by Him and for Him? Was He there in creation as a man? As a person? What does it mean to be in Him? How can visible be in Him? or in the invisible? How can all the sense of the creation be in him? Would it be so difficult to believe if He is the truth? Then all these would find a place in him in the reality of what they really are.  The word was with God and the word was God. Sanctify them in thy truth. Thy word is truth. Truth, the word, and God, are one and the same. This makes Jesus, the Christ, one with God in word, truth, and deed.     


Eph.1-10 In the fullness of times God is to gather together in one (truth) all things in Christ… things in heaven and on earth in Him. We know it is in the fullness of times God sent forth his son (Gal.4-4).   This has to do with truth not time. Christ is the fulfillment. The material realm is temporal. Things in Christ are not. Truth is not temporal. When we begin to realize all is ours in Christ, this is the end of this world for us. This truth, as light, will expose but not change it. Death is identified, as well as life. Light, as well as ignorance, reason as well as revelation…all this, in Christ, and we in Him, and all in the Father as one. All is the fruit of God's word. There is only one God and one life. Therefore life is omnipresent and has no beginning or end… making it always now. Ages are the unveiling of God's purpose and truth in His son. These, being life, cannot be separated. Separation of life or truth is death. 


When Jesus came to John at the Jordan, He came as one under law, which makes all men guilty. Death is separation from God. This death is the penalty of the law. This was a demonstration. Christ never transgressed the commandments. The baptism of John is a figure of death, and resurrection… a figure of anointing and adoption. 


The death at the cross was very different. The cross was a physical death by man, occasioned by Jesus’ testimony of God being his Father. To only see Jesus as a person is lacking imagination. How can one with this mind set ever understand all things in Christ?  All the world lies in the wicked one… no exceptions… having eyes blinded by the god of this world.  


Jesus came into the world… then out of the world, and the world knew him not. We, as others, were without God and Christ in this world. Now, in Christ, we are not of this world. If one hates his soul (being) in this world, he will save it. The scriptures say the world is in corruption. The world is passing away. The antichrist is in this world now.  Jesus says - rejoice for I have overcome this world.  We are to overcome as he overcame. He died to sin and lives to God. That’s life!  


Just how much progress have the world-savers made in almost two millenniums?  None – zero. The world continues to manifest every kind of evil, rebellion, wars, perversions and ignorance of spirit. The birth into the kingdom of God is the separation from this present evil world.  Neither the flesh man nor the world’s rule is overcome except in Christ.  Consider what is said and may the good Lord give you and me a love of the truth.      








PURPOSE [Lloyd Ellefson] 11-24-03         1

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