NOVEMBER 4, 2006

We look at Luke 22:35-38 today.

It was the time for Christ to be crucified.

He admonishes His disciples about 3 things that they now have to do; which they never did before during the time He commissioned them to go out and preach. Things they must now do as they minister, after He is gone.

Purse, scrip and shoes.

Now was the time to carry a purse – physical work. (Not just work when not ministering)

Now was the time to have a scrip – the written Word.

Now was the time to have shoes – protection for their feet.

But look at verse 36.  He doesn’t mention shoes again. He now mentions a sword. The disciples didn’t understand. They thought He meant a physical sword. Yet He was merciful to them for their lack of understanding.

They said: ‘We have 2 swords Lord’.

Jesus said: ‘That is enough’.

Brothers and sisters.  The sword is our shoes and the shoes IS our sword. 2 swords.

For brethren our defense is in our walk: Given up to Him and serving also the body. Two Swords. Christ the Head and Christ the Body.

These 2 swords are enough. That is enough for the Kingdom. Nothing else is needed to protect us. We have all we need by looking to Him and by strengthening and being part of His body.

Stay blessed in Him,

















PURSE, SCRIP, SHOES [Anthony Idemudia Asakpa] 11-4-06           1


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