OCTOBER 8, 2012

The article “Can You Relate,” which I wrote just a few days ago, received much applause and much criticism (all via e-mail) – I must love controversy because I certainly cause enough of it and this from among such a relatively small audience, numbered in the low thousands in virtually every corner of the world; and how it has grown even to this size is somewhat startling.

After all, Ryan’s and my joint purpose for maintaining this continual barrage of “truth of the moment as it is revealed” is to tell people loudly and clearly to get their truth directly from our (your) SPIRIT-PARENT …don’t depend upon any man, especially Brad Cullen or Ryan Bruce.

Don’t forget or be amazed, I continually say, if the truth you receive most likely seems to be different than the truth Ryan or I receive. You can’t begin to even imagine how often Ryan and I are directed differently. Yet we love each other (still) and are committed to the work we’ve been given. That work is often to encourage some people to get out of our hair and move on! With that kind of an attitude we are sometimes amazed at the continued growth of the number of people who read and comment.

The most likely reason that you are reading this right now is that you are supposed to be reading it, but we do not for a single moment believe that the truth we get is exclusive. It is partial truth blended from our experience(s) and revelation which may not fit the purpose for which you are here.

We are part of a rather INCLUSIVE family of people who identify themselves as being one with the “I AM” presence of the SOURCE which created the universe and some even refer to as “The Universe” …this family is quite diverse, but who, for the most part, have come out of, or away from any affiliation with Christianity no matter how simply or complexly organized. What is distinctive among most of this “family” is that we refuse human leadership regarding spiritual matters.

In my own particular case this odyssey began by taking the following words of Jesus seriously: “Don’t refer to any human being as your spiritual teacher, leader or father. You have only ONE Teacher, Leader and Father and HE/IT/SHE (in alphabetical order) is not a physical being; and don’t allow others to refer to you as anyone who has spiritual authority or superiority either. You are all to be as brothers and sisters to one another” (period).

Further, I followed Jesus instructions as to how to receive the truth from this unseen, with physical eyes, SPIRIT-PARENT Leader, Guide, Presence and found that if I persisted in following those instructions and didn’t go to any man or woman, but “knocked” and “demanded” UNTIL I received clarity, for me, I received it.

Further yet were some other words that came through the mouth of Jesus that became clearer and clearer and remain clear …when somebody wants to take issue with what I say I am not to let it distract me. Please “listen” carefully: Almost any perspective you come at me with, in going on being around here for 85 years, I have heard them all and probably more variations than most people dream exist!

Here are the words that guide me: “What’s that to you? YOU COME FOLLOW ME!” Jesus also said something that is a complete “mindblower” when put in juxtaposition to much of what Christianity espouses. Again, “listen” carefully so that it sinks in – I know I’m sounding arrogant and like a complete horse’s ass here, but if you want to know what Brad Cullen believes, you are getting it.

Whether it attracts you or repels you is not my concern. I’ve received what I’m dishing out here; I got it freely and you can have it freely or you can turn your back on it. NOW THEN, HERE ARE THE “MIND-BLOWING WORDS” referenced above: 

“The words I speak and the miracles you have seen me do are not mine. Our SPIRIT-PARENT who lives in me performs the miracles and is speaking these words” (Go and do likewise) – yes, you have to read these latter words in a different section of the same book, but these are all things Jesus purportedly said.

He pointed to the fact that any individual could be who he was as a man and do more of the same AND EVEN GREATER things than he did. Are there different ways of looking at this?

Of course …the question for you is, how should YOU be looking at it?

My contention is that you’d better not get YOUR answer from a man …any man including Ryan Bruce or Brad Cullen. Go directly …I can only share with you how “I” get clarity. Want more? I’ll gladly give it to you freely just the way I got it.

Write to if you want to send me correction go ahead, but I’ve most likely heard it from experts and don’t forget, I’m told, “what’s that to you, YOU COME FOLLOW ME.”

However, many times the correction, when I take it to your and my SPIRIT-PARENT, turns out to be exactly what I needed.

So it’s your choice and I would really like to hear from you.

Speaking of hearing from someone …this just in from a guy who refers to himself as “Mark from Montreal” (because, as he explains, that’s where he lives):


I will throw out a couple of Bible verses, and you tell me, if I AM relating?

1. John 10:34: “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?”

2.  “…as he is, so are we in this world.” 1 John 4:17.

3. “And he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.” 1 Cor.6:17.

What I think you are trying to convey, Brad, is that you have found your place in Him, but most folks will find this offensive. They may say that you are taking his place, but in reality you are only taking your place in God’s scheme of things. Nobody can take his place! When I tell my closest friends that I am the son of God they look kind of puzzled. I have to add that my name is Mark and not Jesus to put them at ease. Am I heading in the right direction?


Final Note (well, “final” today): I did not “check out” these verses, because to me it doesn’t matter what I think they really say. What matters, to me, is the SPIRIT in which Mark wrote …I enthusiastically thanked him for his input. Sometimes I’m not so enthusiastic and sometimes when I ask for clarity, I’m left with some other words of Jesus …his instructions to 70 some odd disciples he sent out to preach early on in his time with us: “If you come upon some who refuse you, stamp the dust of your shoes and move on.”

I trust that you will do the same.

Thanks for tuning in,


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