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A Dream about Hiding

Not Being Good Enough

What Is the Truth?

Love Is the Only Reality










I can see what the problem is. I understand why mankind is sick, diseased and dying. He is in denial. What is he in denial about? Man is in denial about himself, about his identity. It is not about what he does but about who he is.


Here is the truth: Man is a being of light that came from another dimension to this plane of existence. In order to come here, to be in a physical body, he had to experience a great reduction in consciousness. This truncating, or cutting off, in his awareness of self included the loss of the knowledge of his existence in the greater realms. You might think of this reduction as necessary so that he could “fit into” the consciousness of his physical body.


Strangely enough, you, being a man, still exist in that greater dimension of light. Your existence in what you now see yourself to be is only a projection of your greater self. If you could see the whole of yourself, you would probably think that you had seen an angel. You would certainly not think: “Wow, that’s me I’m looking at!” Let’s add a phrase to the truth about you, you are multidimensional.


The events of the Garden of Eden are the story of how you came to be here, the story of your disconnection or your separation. The events in the book of Genesis speak of seven creative days or ages. We are now ready to experience the seventh age, the golden age of man. This is the time of our re-connection.




What are we being reconnected to? First of all, we are experiencing a spiritual rejuvenation. We are being reconnected to the Father of Light. You have never been really separated from Him, how could you go where He is not? It is only in your mind that this separated reality exists. It is therefore in the renewal of your mind that you return to the Father. 


Secondly we are returning to the spiritual beings that exist in all the realms of which this earth plane is only a projection. We are being visited by our ancestors who first began this journey. The angels, who have assisted us for so many centuries, are finally able to reveal themselves to us. The veil that has separated us from the other realms is thinning and is being taken away.


Thirdly, and most importantly we are being reconnected to our light bodies. As our consciousness is opening like a pinecone placed in water, the energy and power that is our reconnected state is flooding us with great joy.

What proof or evidence can I give you to validate what I am saying? The only real validation that I can give you and that you will accept is the effect of the truth on your being. You probably would not be reading this writing if you have not already at some deeper level in yourself become aware of this truth. You may never have said it just like I am saying it to you, but you know within yourself that this is the truth you have longed to remember.


Can I point to some authority outside of yourself to validate what I am telling you? There have been many mystics and spiritual men that have said what I am saying in some way or another. The one I wish to quote has stated it more perfectly and directly than any other that I know. To do this I will first have to tell you who Jesus was, that is, who he himself claimed to be.




Jesus asked his disciples: “Who do men say that I, the son of man, am?” Do you remember reading the story and Peter’s answer to the question: “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Please don’t let me lose you here. Don’t get hung up on two thousand years of Christian debate about the godhead. Notice the question, not the answer. Jesus clearly identified himself. He called himself the “Son of Man.” What did he mean? He did not call himself Jesus or the son of Mary or the Son of God; He called himself the Son of Man.


In the Hebrew, this phrase would read: “The son of Adam.” Why did he call himself the son of Man? In fact, he was the son of Mary. In fact, he was the Son of God. But in truth, he was the Son of Man. Jesus came to deliver mankind, you and me, from our greatest problem. In fact he came to set us free from our only real problem, our denial. He came to break the chains of the “devil” that kept us locked into an earth consciousness. He came to show us who we are. To do this, he took on our human form, he became like us. In truth, he became us. That is why the early apostles could say that when he died, we died, because he, in truth, was who we are.


If we need evidence to show us who we are, then all we need to do is look at him. Look at him, not so much historically or as a picture, but look at the truth that he came to show. What was his greatest moment? If you were to ask Peter, James and John, they might well say that his greatest moment came when they saw him transfigured. Jesus had prayed in their hearing: “Father clothe me with the Glory that I had with Thee before the worlds were.” They saw him totally connected to his Light Body. They saw him as he always exists even when he walked the shores of Galilee or died on a Roman cross. But the most wonderful truth is that that glorious reality is the truth of your being. That glorified transfigured being, brighter than the noonday sun, is in fact and in truth the Son Of Man, it is you. That glorious Light Body you are being reconnected to is not to be found in some distant heaven to be attained to after you die; nor is it in some other level of reality. It is you beyond all limitation of time and space and the truth of you while you experience yourself in time and space.


We have tried to say for years that we were crucified with him, mostly because the scriptures stated it to be so, not that we had any real understanding of it. We never objected too strenuously to being crucified with him but the thought that we shared with him in the transcendent glory was too much for our pea-sized brains to even consider.


What about his crucifixion? What does it really mean that we were crucified with him? It means that when you, in truth, are looking at him hanging on a cross, you are looking at yourself hanging there. Why do I need to see him there as me? So that I can come out of denial about who I am and where I am in consciousness. Let us look at him as he hung there.


He had a crown of thorns on his head; those thorns are the pricking of the fears that every man experiences being in a body of flesh. All those fears we experience in our jobs, our relationships, our roles as husband, wife and so on, all reduce to a single great fear: “I am not good enough.” While he hung suspended between heaven and earth as if he was not at home in either, he cried out the greatest agony of your human experience. The agony you experience because of your intense feeling of separation from everything that you came from, your feelings of separation from God Himself. He cried out “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”


How many of us suffer from a deep feeling of powerlessness. Everything around us seems to restrict and limit us and keep us from the freedom we imagine and long for. His hands were nailed, outstretched on the cross member of that tree; his feet nailed to the post. All of man’s inability to go and to do is acted out in this agonizing way. It must have been a solar eclipse that made darkness come in the middle of his experience, the darkness, the not knowing, not understanding of the human soul, how great it is.


Isaiah the prophet so beautifully wrote of us: “He was wounded for our transgression; He was bruised for our iniquity. Surely he hath born our sorrows and by his stripes we are healed.” How exquisitely did the prophet describe the human condition! Everything in our experience made us to believe we had failed or broken a law or displeased almighty God. Why else are our bodies sick and dying. Why else are our lives full of pain and sorrow? It is for the very mistaken belief, our feeling of guilt and shame that he came to show us the truth and bring us out of denial. He came to show us that this painful, limited human experience is A-Okay. It is the pathway to the greater glory.




What then is the truth of the human experience? Let us listen to the man who knows that he is you, the son of man. “I have power to lay down my life and to take it again, this commandment have I received from my Father.” For Jesus, representing you, that meant his experience on the cross. The Pharisees, Pilate and his crew, did not put him there. He went willingly; he chose the path when he said: “Nevertheless, not my will but thine be done.” That is exactly how you chose, not a wooden cross but the cross of your human experience. You were crucified in time and space on the wood of your humanity. You laid down the knowledge of your divinity; you relinquished the powers of eternity; you suffered the reduction and limiting of your consciousness; you became human. You died, as Adam, to all the former glory of your eternal existence and entered the limitations, pain and sorrow of the mortal body.


How will you return to were you came from if you do not know where you have been? How will you ever accept the power and privilege of glory and immortality if you do not know that they rightfully belong to you? Belong to you not as an undeserved gift but as an inheritance by truth and right? The only thing that stands between man and his entrance into this seventh golden age of realization is the degrees of denial that still cling to him as so many grave clothes to a man already raised from the dead. Guilt, shame and condemnation have played their part. They have been great servants to us along with a host of spirits to minister them to us. They have helped us to totally and truly enter this journey of separation and this valley of shadows, these seeming realities, this experience of the physical body.


But now we have come to this point of realization, this knowing, this plane of awareness. We stand now at a point of full conscious entry into the world of form. Not because of shame or guilt, but because we have come to do the Father’s will, not in weakness or defeat but in the power and joy of a sound mind. Not now coming as of the earth, but now as the Lord of heaven, as a quickening spirit. It is time to put away the former, the seeming realities of pain, loss and suffering and to be clothed upon with our true and rightful garments of union, wholeness glory and light. We are coming out of denial.





Who told you that you were naked? The words rang in Adams mind over and over. It was not a question to be answered. He knew there was no person that had told him that he was naked. No one had said to him: “Hey, Adam, you are naked, your butt is showing, you have egg on your face,” or any of the hundred voices we have created in our experience to keep us thinking about that primal question. What is the question about if there is no person that fits the bill? Why is it important for that question to have been planted in our minds these many millennia?


The question of nakedness is the question of shame. The issue of blame and shame has ravaged the landscape of the human experience from the beginning. It demands to be addressed. It will not go away. As often as we think we have found a way to deal with it or to make it go away, it reappears in another generation and seems to wreak havoc all over again.




Let us stop and consider the implication of the thought of being naked. You were naked when you were born, and that physical nakedness did not bother you except perhaps that you were cold. No, it is not the showing of the physical form that is referred to, it is the feelings that are associated with or symbolized by nakedness that we need to focus on. I remember early in my spiritual journey of awakening I used to have dreams of being partially clothed. I might be in school trying to get to some class or another, and I would be in my underwear. Whatever the dream was, in it I always experienced embarrassment or shame. It always created feelings of wanting to hide, wanting not to be seen. Why hide? Hide from whom?




You may recall that nakedness did not always cause this feeling of wanting to hide. It is written: “They were naked and were not ashamed.” Or we might say: “They were totally exposed to each other and experienced no desire to hide anything from each other.” What was it like not to experience shame? A dear friend of ours recently told us of a dream that she had. In this dream, she went for a daily visit to a library. As she walked there, she was completely naked. In this great library, all that she had to do was touch the books and when she touched them she would immediately know all that the book contained. One day as she was walking to the library, she noticed that people were looking at her. Oh no, she thought, they will see that I am fat. She found some kind of cloth to cover herself and went on to the library. Once in the library it was not as it was before, she was no longer able to touch the books and know what was in them; she had to read each page and each line of every page and each word of every line.


Can you imagine what it means to be able to touch a book and know its contents? If books as dream symbols represent people, can you imagine what life would be like to truly know each other simply by “touching” each other? Do you know how many people live together for years, live in the same house, share a bed, raise the same children and never really “touch” each other? Never really have intimacy of soul and spirit? Never experience the depth of each other or even their own being? Afraid to allow themselves to truly feel, feel their emotions, feel other people’s emotions because there is some “right” way life is supposed to happen. Life, for millions of people, is only conforming behavior to a pattern already in the mind. A pattern learned from society, from religion or inherited genetically, never truly being free! Always living, responding in certain ways because that is the way it is supposed to be done, programmed. Most people live entirely from the memory patterns of the race that exist in mass consciousness.


What was it in the dream that caused her to change? In our present language we would say that she became self-conscious. She became aware of herself as someone separate from the people around her, the ones that were looking at her. Her mind told her what they were thinking and she accepted those thoughts and feelings as her reality.




This change is a key to understanding our purpose on this planet. We came, not just to this planet, but to the realm of being physical for a purpose. A necessary part and prerequisite of that purpose was the experience of feeling naked, feeling exposed, feeling vulnerable, feeling ashamed. Remember now the shame we experience in this realm has to do with what we think that another person is feeling and thinking about us. Clearly to experience all these feelings about oneself or others, one has to believe to be separate from that person or persons that one is hiding from. The root thought that allows you to experience shame is the thought or awareness of yourself as a separate being. Separate from others, separate from the realm of spirit, separate from God. The purpose of nakedness is to experience separation.


Hiding yourself is seeking separation. Why do we hide or separate ourselves? Do you remember as a child the terrible feeling of having done something wrong and being found out? Yes it was the scolding or beating you wanted to avoid, but deeper than that you hated the terrible feelings of disapproval from your parent. You hated how the anger of your parent made you feel. The feeling of having no worth as a person, of not being good enough, inadequate. Maybe you have never really let yourself think about these feelings. Perhaps you just went on in the continuing line of generations that passes those feelings on and on and on. You did the same to your children as was done to you!


As a child you hid in a closet, in your mother’s skirt or any dark place were you thought you could not be seen. As adults we hide in much more complex ways. We hide in a very extrovert forceful nature and do to others before they can do to us. We hide in a passionate love for hitting a tiny golf ball. We hide in almost anything that we do but the truth is we are really hiding from our own selves. And what is it we are hiding from? A thought! Can you believe it? All this pain and agony just to hide from a thought? Hiding from the thought that “I am not good enough.”




Another dear friend of mine, Tom Holmquist, also had a very vivid dream relating to this subject of hiding. In this dream, he was a boy in school helping to prepare for a dance. He was carrying a number of phonograph records to the booth were they were to be played. As he tried to open the door with one hand the records fell and shattered on the floor. He quickly tried to push the pieces under the door where hopefully they would not be seen. With terror in his mind he fled down the stairs into the basement below. The basement consisted of a long hallway dimly lit by a single light bulb. At the end of the hall, he found a room with many books stacked in piles along the wall. He pulled back a stack of these books and hid behind them. He could hear the other students and teachers calling for him, but they were unable to find him hidden behind the books.


The dream is fascinating because of what it reveals about the place we have hidden or have tried to hide in. Books speak of knowledge and thoughts, they speak of the mind. It is in our minds that we have hidden ourselves. Hidden from what? From the truth of ourselves of course; what else is there to hide from? The mind we have hidden in is a certain perception of self. A self that is separate; a self that is physical. We began to think of ourselves as being physical beings. Our journey into this three dimensional realm had begun.




The key element in our hiding is the awareness of inadequacy. In other words, we can rephrase the question: “Who told you that you were naked?” in these words: “Who told you that you are not good enough?” How many scenarios since that thought first entered our minds have we created to give validity to it? Every time we fail, come short, mess up, botch it, goof up, screw up, we are simply creating situations that will “fill up” this thought of not being good enough. This one thought and our need to give validity to it has created the whole situation of human suffering and pain.


Well, you might say, if this one thought: of not being good enough is the cause of all our pain, our sickness, our disease, then let’s fix it. Let’s tell people that they are truly beautiful wonderful beings, after all is that not the truth? Is it not amazing to you that we are always trying to fix things? Perhaps we believe that God is always trying to fix things, or at least should be fixing things. We are always assuming there is something wrong, hence we are always fixing things, when in fact all these “wrong” things are constantly being created by our minds to show us our way of thinking. I do believe we have the whole thing backwards.


Death, disease and pain and sorrow are really opportunities to see and feel and express the thought of unworthiness, the thought: “I am not good enough.” There is a whole world around us that is constantly saying that you are not good enough. Even when you finally prove that you are good enough because you succeed in wealth or in love or in your abilities, what have you proven? You have simply proven that others who are not like you are not good enough. You have managed to separate yourself even more and gone deeper into the thought of unworth.


The voice that is telling you that you are naked, that you need to hide, that there is something wrong with you, is simply the voice of your own mind. Your own mind only has one important job, the job of preserving your separate sense of self, your individual identity as an ego being.


Why do you suppose that God said to you in the first place: “Who told you were naked?” Surely you do not think that He did not know the answer to the question? Do you suppose he wanted you and I to think about the issue? Have six thousand years passed simply to go back to a place were all this does not exist? A place where there is no separation? If you teach or believe that, you must truly feel that something did go terribly “wrong” and that everything that has happened since that time has been simply to fix that original mistake.


Is it possible that only now, so many millennia after that thought was first planted in our minds, that are we able to truly consider it? Finally the fear that has kept us paralyzed, the religious thinking that has kept us in the grave clothes of limited thought are gone. We have broken free; we are able to think, to feel, to experience, without fear and condemnation. Finally there are a people that have been able to cleanse their garments in the blood of the Lamb and are able to see things as they really are.




The simple truth is this: The feelings of lack of worth, of not being good enough, symbolized by nakedness, were created by our own minds. They were created so that we would desire a place of hiding. The place we have hidden ourselves is this mind-body connection we think of as being us. We have entered the realm of separation.


Whatever the purpose is for our being here, it cannot be fully accomplished until we cleanse our being from all thoughts of blame and shame. Any thought that we did something wrong, something that needs to be atoned for or fixed, will only serve to keep us in this limited state of body and mind. Until we can see ourselves as we truly are, beautiful perfect beings of light and glory, we cannot even begin our mission.




How can you convince somebody in a diseased, dying body that he or she is beautiful and perfect? Can you take them to another dimension and let them see themselves? They will only say they went to heaven and saw an angel. Can you tell them in words? They will only say you are lying, there is too much evidence to the contrary. In order to show and convince a being trapped in separation, in a physical form, you have to go and become like them. You have to take on a mortal physical body just like theirs. You must experience their pain, their intense feelings of abandonment and separation. You must feel the great cry in their being to be clothed again in glory and light. You will experience that cry deeply in your own being when you will pray: “Father, clothe me with the glory I had with thee before the worlds were.” You will hang naked, as they feel, on a cross of shame and rejection, as they feel, and you will utter the deepest pain of the human experience for them when you cry out: “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” You must show them that the ultimate pain of the physical body, that powerful symbol of separation, death, has no power over you. You must die and rise again. You must show that the whole system of separation and death that they have created as a hiding place is a lie and has no power or reality.


After you accomplish all that and they truly believe on you, experience the spirit of truth beginning to break the bondage of the lie that is in them then you will have to tell them an even greater truth. You will have to reveal to them that they are just like you that they have already died and can rise again. It will take two days, two thousand years before they will be ready to hear what you really came to tell them. They will insist on believing that all you have shown them is so that they could see you and worship you. You will have to reveal to them that they are eternal spirit beings that chose to become physical, to take on human form. That leaving the higher spiritual plane and taking on a physical form and a limited ego mind was in fact a crucifixion. You must show them, not tell them, that they were crucified in time and space on their own physical consciousness, the physical body. Show them their fears that prick their minds by the thorny crown that disfigures your countenance. Show them their own feelings of powerlessness by the nails in your hands and feet. Let them feel and see themselves in you, show them it’s all right, it was supposed to happen like that. It will be your great love for them, love that flows from you even while you are dying, my great love through you that will help them to understand. Knowledge and revelation alone will not release them, truth is more than that, and truth is what I am. Nothing can be healed; no restoration is possible apart from Love. Love is the only reality. Love alone is irresistible. I am Love.




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