OCTOBER 25, 2013

I tell stories …true stories and whether you believe them is not the key to anything, but realizing that I don’t tell them for any self-aggrandizement because, as I say it over and over and yet over again, “I” didn’t do anything – except realize what could be done in a particular situation …and that “I” didn’t have to do anything to make it happen.

Out of literally hundreds of true stories I could tell, why is this one, the one I’m about to re-tell, so important? Simply that if you will read it with an open mind to what I am saying – and you don’t even have to believe it, but just for that moment of realization that you too can experience it, you will be able to move on to PROVE it to yourself that nothing is impossible for YOU!

Kampala – the Capital of Uganda – an American trained doctor with an M.D. and other letters after her name indicating “multidisciplinary” degrees in all sorts of alternative healing modalities, asked me to “consult,” meaning to see a fifteen year old female patient with the doctor in her office.

Why me? A college dropout (first semester, no less) enrolled as a music-major to go on the road with the big band of Anson (Dancin’ with Anson) Weeks … the year 1951 – that didn’t last very long either. Dropped off that road trip in Dallas, Texas to become a club musician, living hand-to-mouth and then becoming everything from a laborer, truck driver, salesman and none at which I was very good.

The point of this rather boring bit of my personal history, at age 18, is simply DON’T LOOK AT ME for your proof of anything, except for the proof that if somebody like me can do it ANYONE can do it. 

The crux of the story is that the referenced doctor was convinced that this fifteen year old girl was being bothered by what the doctor referred to as “spiritual entities.” Another American trained doctor, practicing in Kampala, referred her to me – telling her that I had a gift for handling people who were being controlled by demons.

An integral part of the story, to me, is that this other physician had told me that this lady doctor was a world-class (his words) diagnostician.

She had put the referenced girl through all sorts of tests including a complete blood workup – nada, no physical reasons for her ailments.

Enter the anonymous one, which would be me. After the doctor made the introductions, the girl, a very bright, sophisticated young lady, told me in no uncertain terms that she was not religious, her mother seated at her side, nodding in obvious agreement while the doctor looked on impassively. They both indicated their trust in the doctor however, but neither had any faith in God they insisted almost eagerly. I responded to this by basically saying that it wasn’t important.

It took about ten minutes of history-taking for me to realize what was at the root of the girl’s problem. I shocked all three women by bluntly saying and getting the girl to agree that her physical problems were being caused by her desire to go back to England. I asked the girl and her mother what kind of credence they placed on the doctor’s “diagnosis” of spiritual entities attacking the girl. They both admitted that it was a “bit scary,” but if it was possible they were certainly willing for me to deal with the issue.

I told the girl she had all the “authority” to deal with the problem herself …and I told her how. I said, “I realize that you are not religious, in fact, both you and your mother are somewhat anti-religious as is the doctor, here. In my mind that isn’t a bad thing …in fact, for you, it is actually a good thing because you don’t have any preconceived ideas. If you are comfortable with it, I want you to say something, if not just tell me that you’d prefer not to …okay?”

She was very attentive and not at all reluctant in her agreement. “This is not in any way religious, but it is spiritual,” I continued, “what I want you to say, if you’re comfortable with it, is simply – ‘I want God’s will, whatever that is and whatever it means’ – can you say that?”

“Sure,” she said, without hesitating, and surprisingly repeated the words almost verbatim and emphatically, “…I want God’s will whatever that means!”

“Stand up,” I told her. Now say: ‘I take full authority over this body and all feeling of lethargy and nausea get out of me, NOW!’ ”

She followed the instructions… I saw the immediate transformation in her and laughed at the startled look on her face …and asked her how she felt. “I feel great,” she stammered… “Say it,” I urged.

“I do, I really feel wonderful” she said, looking amazed and happy.

“Just remember to deal honestly with what is going on. You do not need to stay in Africa, your mom and dad will arrange for you to go back home if that is what you really want – am I right, mum?”

“Yes, of course,” her mother said. I gave the girl some additional instructions about how to deal with spiritual entities in the event she was ever bothered again.

Please note, nowhere in the above story did I “cast out any demons” and the exciting part of the story, to me, is what happened to the doctor. For that part of the story go to the top menu bar (if you are reading this off-site – go to click on the “About Us” tab and scroll down to the picture of a little girl’s face peeking through the opening of a red background and pick up the rest of the story there.

The doctor soon learned that she didn’t need me to consult with her patients any longer – because she had the realization that anyone could do what I had done – because “I” had done nothing. Get it?

I wish you would . . . it is the reason I told the story.























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