1. My life is in Thy favor, My joy is in Thy smile;

To Thee of Christ I savor, Though in myself so vile.

I’m free from sin’s dominion, No law can me enthrall!

The Spirit’s law, life-giving, Has freed me from them all!


2. Thy Son, by human hatred, Was crucified, reviled;

And Thou didst turn against Him! Yet thus we’re reconciled!

Complete in Christ my Savior, My heart is satisfied;

For He is all sufficient — What need for aught beside?


3. 0 God, His God and Father — My God and Father, too —

In Thee I boast, exulting In all Thy love so true.

With blessings I would bless Thee! With praises I would praise!

For Him who lives and loves me, My song for endless days.


Page 74, Scriptural Songs

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RECONCILIATION [Adolph E. Knoch] ~ SONG         1


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