JULY 14, 2006

Thus, we are purchased by the blood of the Lamb, and made ONE. The Blood speaks to every man: “I AM”; and has taken away everything that is not Divine. Gone are sin and separation. Behold the new creation, all things made new. The Voice speaks of The City Not Made With Hands.

( Now writing of The Spirit Covering of All Men; Holy Spirit, The Very Blood of The Lamb, The Redeemer of All Humanity; The Righteous Life of All Men. )

To experience The Risen Savior is like a drenching rain. Whether it comes from within or without may not be easily known, for it may be compared with the former and latter rain. Who knows from whence it emanates? It is Glory meeting Glory. It is washing of the washed. cleansing of the cleansed. Washed in The Blood is not a cliché, but a reality.

The washing reveals the Incorruptible Seed; elegantly Holy and Pure, causing men to adorn themselves in visible cleanliness. This is You, Son and Daughter of God, single eyed and the expressed love of God. Only That Seed, That Holy One, Is Single Eyed, for He Alone Is Life. He Only Is Good, and there is none other. There Is This With-in-ness That Is Whole, Born of God and untouched by mortality.

The Immortal You Is Revealed, and beholding Life through your eyes; touching creation with your hands. It is impossible for you to hurt or to wound, for you have chosen to give ever expanding Life. You are a sure and certain missile of Truth lifting and blessing the immortality of everyone around you. You are experiencing The Resurrected One; The Resurrection Being an Obvious Reality To You. You are a sent One, a witness of The Salvation and Redemption of all men.

You are L-O-V-E, Peace, and Joy.

It is joy to fellowship The Light in all men as you experience The Very Kingdom of The Son of God. You continuously give thanks for The Mantle of His Own Blood that has revealed the Incorruptible Seed Within; Who Alone Has Life, and Who Alone Is Able To See With The Single Eye.

It is a true pleasure to lift and not degrade any man, for we see them as does Our Father, complete in every way. This is “Cut Short In Righteousness, The Quick Work.” This is due respect of The Cross of Lord Jesus Christ, and He crucified; risen as One New Man in Earth.


With Sincerity,



RELATIONSHIP WITH THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB [Jim-Melba Crofford] 7-14-06          1


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