SEPTEMBER 19, 2008 

During the past few months I have been exploring the language of Aramaic spoken in Palestine before and during the time of Jesus.  It was the common language of the day and the language Jesus spoke. (Biblical Archaeology Sept/Oct 1992)  The Hebrew language itself is a dialect of Aramaic.  Aramaic is not a theological  but a physics language.

Through my study of Aramaic I have found the scriptures hold much greater understanding of how our bodies and the universe work than I ever imagined!  This study has opened a brand new door I would like to share with you.

Let me give you one good example of what I have learned from the Aramaic translation which can change your life.  The scriptures warn us, “The wages of sin is death.”  This was not some religious threat; God was going to get us if we sinned.  It was information on how our bodies work.  Sin, as we know, is an archery term.  It means missing the mark or the bull’s eye on the target.  What the scripture is actually revealing is how our thoughts govern our body.  Sin is thinking from a belief system which says we are “less than” or “don’t measure up” to divinity and therefore are full of thoughts of fear and hostility.

“The wages of sin is death” reveals certain energies don’t belong in the human body.  Those energies are fear, anger, and hostility.  This verse is simply information letting us know how our body reacts.  If we put enough disintergrating energy into our tissue structure by thoughts which miss the mark of our true being, our tissues will start falling apart, become diseased and we will die.  Through the Aramaic language this scripture becomes crystal clear!

Our bodies were not designed to house the energies of hostility and fear.  The problem is our mind has been imprinted with false belief systems which have caused us to entertain these energies within our bodies.  When we lean to release negative energies from our tissue structures we will be able to recover from death.   We were not made for death, we are life!  Our energy system was designed to incarnate love and nothing else.  Most have come from generations who have been locked into hostility and fear so they deal with life in this way.

Recently I read 47% of Americans are on some kind of drugs to relieve stress.  There has to be a better way and I believe I have found insight by studying the Aramaic translations in the New Testament.  One which I will be writing on soon is the Power of Our Breath.  The breath holds a great key to our overcoming hostility and fear.

Let me define what the actual experience of life is from an Aramaic translation.  Life is the active presence of love flowing through us.  God is love and life.  These are the identical concepts.  Life is not just a body which has the ability to walk and talk.  Most people die at about four years of age.  We don’t realize it because it may take another 80 years for their bodies to follow.  By four we have usually bought into the myth, when things become stressful and the rubber hits the road hostility and fear is the ways to handle it.  When we buy into this concept we give up the actual experience of life.  Behaving in the energy of hostility or fear disconnects us from life itself.  It stops the active flow of the presence of love.  Jesus did not come to give us a theology based on fear but most of us have been taught this.

True life is cultivating the active presence of love no matter what is happening in our world.  That’s why Jesus could say he had “overcome the world.”  He was able to stay connected to the active presence of love no matter what was going on around him.

How about you, what can take you out of the active presence and flow of love?  Is there a person in your life which upsets you?  Someone who can say something or maybe give you a look which brings you into thoughts of hostility, anger or fear?  Do you realize that’s exactly why these people are drawn into your life?  They come to show you what has been hidden deep within you.  The problem is your mind plays a game with you.  It switches the problem to the other person instead of letting you take responsibility for your own feelings.  These people come to show you the very things within which have the power to take you out of the experience of love.  They reveal to you those feelings which you deny and stuff deep within your self.

I have always said I am a spiritual giant at home when I am reading my beautiful inspiration books, meditating all along or writing.  It is when I get involved with others I see a different side of myself.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes people say or do things and all hell breaks loose within me.   Why is that?  Because hell within me needs to break loose and be dealt with.  The truth is the person has come to show me a part of myself I am in denial about.  The part I pretend doesn’t exist.

These people come to me as a beautiful gift to show me what I need to work on.  You see the truth is whatever keeps me from clinging to life in the present moment needs to be overcome.  Whatever keeps me from holding onto the active presence of love flowing through me needs to be worked on.

So many times we think, “I was walking through life just exuding love and spirituality and they had to come along and say or do something and to ruin my peace.  It’s their fault I am feeling all this hostility.  If it weren’t for them I would still be happy and full of love and not feel this anger, hostility or fear.”  The mind turns it upside-down!  The truth is the only reason we ever feel anything is because it is in us to feel it!  How do you know it belongs to you?  Ask this simple question, “Who is feeling it?”

The work Jesus demonstrated when the Spirit led him into the wilderness, which was in his own mind, to be tempted by the devil (accuser within our selves) is also our work.  We must learn to dig into the things within ourselves which don’t belong to us and come to the point our physiology can no longer produce them.

It is time for us to wake up and learn we are Beings made of love.  We are made in the image of God and God is love.  Love is not what we do; it is who we are and what we’re made of.  Our bodies were only created to house the energy of love!

In my next article I want to share with you some beautiful keys I have learned about our breath and how it holds the power to shift our energies!

Pressing Into the Active Presence of Love,






















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