The religious systems are the major factor in birthing the apostasy referred to in 2-Thess:2-3 . Not being regenerated in spirit, they accept and promote others to be content in their darkness. They unveil the many evils of mans heart. They fail to unveil the Christ of God. The word apostasy (apostasia) means to forsake or fall away. The meaning of resurrection is quite the opposite. (anastasis).This is the awakening to stand in life. The apostasy is the forsaking and remaining in the sleep of death. To fall from or forsake means you must in some measure have had involvement. It is the work and mission of the Holy Spirit to bring the presence of Christ. It is all about God as father and not only the man Jesus. 


There is a trend in religion to bring worship as the great desire of God. This is most prevalent in younger folks in less formal churches.  The message is elementary and more soulish than spiritual. True worship is in spirit and in truth. Their worship is addressed to an image of Jesus as yet as a man. They sing and worship to Jesus longing to see his face, to bow at his feet, to gather at the foot of the cross, to long for his coming. This is not truth it is merely about truth. So it is also not spirit, which is truth. God is quoted as desiring worship in spirit and truth. You cannot have one with out the other.


To fulfill the desire of God one must have Christ as the spirit and truth as the life that is the foundation for all worship. Therefore worship is thankfulness for all that God has done in giving Christ as your life. Paul writes of a time in which rejecting sound doctrine (teaching) would have an adverse effect on the saints. What has come from this? This kind of teaching has presented a justification for not facing the rejection of the flesh mind and the flesh man. Rather there is presented a gospel of God in compromise with the evils of social degradation. 


God did not furnish man with a gene that would cause a man to lose his soul. Yet the flesh and the church system are both in the bondage of perversion. The conflict has its true base with the spirits that rule mankind. These Paul refers to as authorities-sovereignities or principalities. Expressing themselves under the cover of religion. They are the real force that through religion maintain a separation from spirit and truth… the very thing that will expose them. There will be no corporate release. It will be a personal desire that will effect a deliverance. Many who have left the organizations have again been given over to reason and pride. So the departure of many come outers has not effected a real change. There remains a famine of hearing the spirit of the word. It is missing the problem to condemn the individuals in the system. Though some of the leaders deserve a rebuke. We should all be thankful for one important fact. If not for the legalists and moralists things would be even more difficult for the body of Christ.














RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS [Lloyd Ellefson] 10-14-03          1

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