God is not re-storing this earth to some pristine glory it never had. Nor is man being restored to a perfect state he never had. God is not correcting a mistake he made and is now in process of undoing his mistake. 


Those things that have happened to man and his environment are not to be changed. He already has destroyed one order in man by water. When we are baptized in water we are buried. Another order that works within is destroyed by fire, a spirit judgment to reveal we are also dead in spirit. Jesus baptizes us in this spirit and fire. Now all things are made new, but only in him. Col.1 19 And thru him (Christ) to reconcile all things to himself, all things, whether on earth or in heaven. 


The word reconcile is not correct. It should read concile - a word that has meaning of one only. Reconcile involves two and this conciliation is only out of God and only in Christ Jesus. In him all things have become new; this is not a change. In Christ is a new creation. He, being the word of God to us, brings a word that creates. The word brings us a new heavens and a new earth, where righteousness dwells. This creation of temporal material dwells in us as Adam and we dwell in it. So with Christ, he dwells in us and we dwell in him. 


What Jesus spoke were the words of God as his father. Jn.12-49 I have not spoken on my own authority; the father who sent me has himself given me commandment what to say and speak VS 50 and this word is eternal life. Jn.6-62 What if you were to see the son of man ascending to where he was before? In 3-13 he declared, the son of man came down from heaven and is in heaven. What of the body of Jesus? It is made of the word and saw no corruption. 1 Cor. 15-50 I tell you brethren flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable. So now we know that flesh and its blood does not partake in the divine nature in the conciliation of all things. They identify as part of the temporal, which is excluded in truth of spirit. There is no other way to be joint heirs with Christ unless we have given up our hope and identity as Adam man. 


When God restores things unto himself, it cannot be man, his mind, his flesh or his blood. So Christ as the man, Jesus, never was truly flesh and its blood. Christ will remain in the heavens until all is restored (Acts 3-21) Man was never imperishable and will never attain this. He has no birthright and is not born of God or born again a new and better flesh man. 


There must be a rejection of the broad way to destruction. The way to life (Christ) is a way that few find. They retain forgiveness as the best God has to offer now and retain their identity as man and sinner. You cannot serve two masters, self and God. One has to go. God through Christ has given us the ministry of this conciliation. 


To be a true witness - it has to be all of God and not of man, or all for man's benefit. All is of God, for God. It is all being brought to himself not to man. The intent and word of God is truth and spirit. Now all has to be unveiled in this realm, a realm that Adam is ignorant of. 


This work of God, as all he does, is creative, so all things must become new. As Paul says, nothing matters but a new creation. This word creates in us its own reality to us - this is faith, not hope. Faith comes in a word of reality. Only future in the sense of realization, but not from a sense that it is not already accomplished by the word.






RESTORATION [Lloyd Ellefson] 11-5-05          1

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