The English word manifestation (KJ) is the Greek word apokalupsis. The meaning is unveiling or uncovering. In truth, this has to do with something already a fact, and can be unveiled. Only God knows the son and only he can unveil him. The scriptures can only testify, but cannot unveil. The meaning carries the truth that man can never see or hear that which is veiled. The son is unveiled as one already present along with the works he has finished. Man is unable to receive this unveiling. To think so is vanity. This man waits for the things of Christ to be unveiled in the earth... the only realm he would find any reality in the lord or his finished work. If he fails to accept the awakening in spirit, he remains ignorant of things beyond the veil. 


We must give up our ability - which is merely the ability to have knowledge of the letter. We must be awakened from the dead - in which only the letter operates. The letter provides doctrines, which birth traditions and make void God's word.


The believer is generated into the realm of spirit. This is where he will find spirit, the basis for all truth, life, and knowledge. Those who do not hear the spirit, wait for fulfillment to come into this corrupt evil world. The believer ascends into the kingdom’s reality. If the cross did it all, then why the resurrection and the coming of Christ in spirit? It is needful to be raised now. Why? It is now we are as man, unable to partake of reality, which is spirit in the Creator - not creation. In Christ all things are become new. That includes us who believe. Acts.3-21 Christ Jesus whom the heaven must receive until the times of restoration spoken by the prophets. Jesus is the fulfillment of this already. To find it you must also be in the spirit. 


Mary did not take seed from man to bring forth Jesus. He was born of the words of the prophets… The word made flesh. Since the children partake of blood and flesh he also partakes (Heb.22.14).  I and my father are one. Joseph? No way. He is not one with flesh, never was. 


To receive truth you must receive Christ; only he is truth. To receive life you must receive Christ, for he is the life. To be raised from the dead you must receive Christ, for he is the resurrection. Christ is also the way. The way of restoration is only in him. John the Baptist cried, “Prepare ye the way of the lord.” [Isa.40-3] His message is all flesh is as grass. The lord’s breath makes it wither. Restoration without repentance is like word without spirit. Christ is the word unveiled in light. Faith is evidence of things unseen. They are there and they are real. The word brings faith to this reality. The word is spirit and truth. It is the substance of hope, so hope is fulfilled in faith. If a man does not know Christ, how can he know truth? - much less the truth of who he is, as man... or that he is dead because of sin. That is also future to him, and something only the spirit of truth can unveil.  Not to know the truth leaves one in ignorance, the realm where the lie is lord. Man, in the vanity of his mind, thinks he can judge about God, Satan and himself. From what point of view will he judge? He only has ignorance of spirit. It seems no one wants to consider vanity of mind to be a part of repentance. One must be out of humanity to be one with truth. He now joined to the lord is one spirit. Many prophets have desired to see those things you see and hear. Many think the prophets understood what they prophesied. (Mat.13:16-17) 


Christ is not a man with a form sitting on the right hand of God in heaven. You cannot be in him if either He is a man or a person, or is in a body. Christ is everywhere - as a spirit son of God, who is spirit. We are not our body of flesh. Now in this tabernacle as one in the son… a generation in spirit. Our old humanity now is dead, no longer who we are. Jesus said it is expedient for you that I go away. He had to be out of the limitation of his flesh body. We are still in that limitation so long as the body survives. Then we join the cloud of witnesses.





RESTORATION [Lloyd Ellefson] May 2005          1

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