Jn:14-30 Jesus said the prince of this world comes and has nothing in me. I am the truth is also his confession. The devil being a liar from the beginning, finds no way to gain entrance to truth. Truth takes away the reality and intent of the lie. Acts: 3-21.This text tells us that the heavens must receive Jesus the Christ until the restoration of all spoken by the prophets. The saints have been given the ministry of reconciliation. Jesus spoke of himself as the son of man again and again. When on earth in the presence of his disciples he spoke of the coming of the son of man. Matt:10-23; Matt:16-22-28; Matt:24-44 .These and other verses tell us he was speaking of the way he was to return after the cross and resurrection. The presence of Christ the son of God in the saints constitutes his coming as the son of man.


Those in the flesh body who have been generated sons of God are presently the son of man. It is no longer I that live. It is Christ who lives in me. As sons they manifest God as father in the only way that spirit can be mediated to mankind. Veiled by the flesh as Jesus the son was. Some have the impression that a son to be manifest must be an individual who can do signs and wonders. An evil generation seeks signs. This is a product of reason, not revelation. Blessed is he who believes though he sees not. Christ is continually put to death in the hearts of the flesh man. Jn:5,16-18  Jn:7.19-20-25  Matt:26-4 This goes on in the hearts of those who reject the same Christ in his elect.


Jn:15-16 Jesus declares-You have not chosen me but I have chosen you that you should bring forth fruit that will remain (not pass away) Jesus stilled the sea, healed many, fed bread to many and did many other signs. These were all temporal signs. The mystery of his ability was hidden in the spirit realm. Jesus said if you believe you will never die. (not see) The witness as the son of man can be the very seed of life out of death as Jesus is and was. Why do many long for a visible, temporal manifestation when the kingdom and its fruits comes without observation?


Col:3-1-4 Being risen with Christ set your affection on things above not on this earth. When Christ is unveiled you will be together with him. Your life is Christ. It is hid from man in God. This is the now of the gospel.


Matt:17-11-12  Elijah is coming indeed. He will be restoring all. Yet Elijah is come and they did with him (killed John) as they liked. This coming was prophesied in the last chapter of Malachi. Elijah on Mt, Carmel demonstrated overcoming the false lie of the prophets of Baal. He restored the rule of God to Israel thru the one who had Gods word. Repentance is the mission of spirit in John the Baptist. This is the basis for the restoration of Gods purpose in man. It did not come with signs and wonders. John did no miracle. Jn:10-41. Restoration does not have to come with signs. They are temporal and did not change Israel or Judah. The Jews seek signs the Greeks seek wisdom. The Lord seeks believers.  Rev. chapters 2 and 3 show that repenting is an activity in spirit that goes on and on. Revelation takes away levels of incomplete and wrong understanding in the saints. Matt: 25-34 Come blessed of my father. Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the disruption of the (God’s) world












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