In 1998, the Spirit of the Lord began to earnestly teach me about two topics that had always seemed “out-of-reach.” They were so high and so holy that I never even imagined that I could enter into them in this life.

These revelations concerned the Melchizedek Priesthood order and the First Resurrection. The anointing that came with these revelations caused me to understand that this was a “now” word and that I should not put it off to people of another generation. After all, “This is the generation upon whom the ends of the age are come!” I had, at last, to face that fact!

The Lord showed me that He had been speaking to me about these things for some years but I hadn’t really believed His Word. I had been as the Israelites who wouldn’t listen to Ezekiel. The Lord told him, “Thou are unto them as a very lovely song of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument: for they hear thy words, but they do them not,” Ezek. 33:32

I had received His word with gladness and then promptly went my way and never gave it another thought! But, this time it was different. The Lord really got my attention and began to show me there was some preparation in my life that was necessary to function as a Melchizedek priest and to qualify for resurrection.

To explain that preparation, all I need to do is to share a few words from a sister who said, ” The Spirit said to me: ‘You now have the spirit of Jesus.’

“When I wondered what that meant, He answered, ‘That means full subjugation.’ (Which means I’m bowing to God’s will). Subjugation means “to subdue, to conquer.” There is our preparation in a nutshell – to subdue self!

The Lord spoke to my heart, The next thing I shall teach you is of the resurrection of the just. In every generation, some however held this hope in their hearts, that perhaps they would see this day, but this day is now upon thee and few are taking seriously My words concerning My promises.”

“Teach My children plainly of my resurrection. All that you know, share with them and I shall blow life upon thy words and they shall begin to take faith for them.

“Do the words that you hear in My Spirit these days sound to you like the words of a beautiful song – something to listen to and to rejoice in its beauty? Or are you hearing the trumpet call of My Spirit calling you to arise and to prepare yourselves for that which I do speak unto you. Put not my words into the back of your minds as some treasured memory to take out at times to admire and rejoice in! Keep them ever before you. Study them diligently until your fainting heart believes that there shall be a resurrection in this day!

“Be not as my disciples who would not even consider the thought of my dying and entering into another realm. When it happened, they were in great confusion and anguish of soul. Commit yourself wholly unto me as did Mary, of old. When she said, “Be it unto me according to thy word,” (even though her mind understood not), I would that you stand in the same attitude in this hour.”

If we don’t know what resurrection means we can say, “Yes, Lord. Be it unto me according to thy word.”

Shortly after this dealing, I visited my friend Faith, and the Lord spoke to her, “Time’s clock is striking the hour of God and My people shall become that hour. Understanding of this shall come with ever increasing awareness. Every place on which your foot shall tread — I have given it to you. Take no anxious care as to outward performance. Cease all judging after the seeing of the eye and hearing of ear. (Isa. 11:3). Look beyond the garments of sackcloth that are your outer covering. They are of earth and fitted for only that realm.

“Has your heart cried, ‘Who shall roll away the stone? Are you looking for what the flesh man can do? He Who is the Resurrection and Life sits with in thee as a refiner and purifier of silver, and is purging utterly His floor. At the appointed time He shall come forth from your midst and the stone, though great, shall be removed forever! Do you think that the stone of your flesh nature shall stand before the stone cut out without hands?”

In prayer, the Lord spoke, “The grave clothes, were unwrapped from my body and the head cloth folded separately. The head and body were separate.” They had not yet come together, but the Head and the body shall be one!

He continued, “Even so, am I not now removing from My own their grave clothes, those things that have hampered them from walking in my life. This is my present operation in these I am preparing for Resurrection. Walk softly before Me and you will see what I will do.”












































RESURRECTION [Elaine Cook]          1


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