MAY 23, 2001

“But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part (that which is partial and fragmentary) shall be done away. (I Cor. 13:8) The language used in this heart-haunting statement by our beloved brother Paul clearly speaks of a cut-off point where there is nothing less than a categorical rejection of that which has undeniable value but which must be cast aside in favor of that which is of inestimable worth. Have we felt the force of the apostles’ wording, “DONE AWAY.” Paul is not speaking of ridding ourselves of the worthless, but of the partial, for that which is partial cannot fill the heart. The heart cries out for a regally complete Resident to fulfill its palatial destiny. The architecture of the human heart requires a Lighting System that banishes every vestige of shadowy darkness. Our hearts have a Sky Light built for the Light of Life, the Sun of Righteousness and there will be cold, dark corners in the soul until He appears.

But Oh what a major renovation is required to do away with the former lighting system to which we have become attached and which ever seduces us to think that by increasing the wattage and re-positioning the lamps we can finally flood the house with light. Are we clear? It must be done away, not added to. Adding to will not do. In fact, there must occur a halt to adding to, so that not only must all that we have gained be done away, but the very process of adding to must cease. This is no mere adjustment of knowledge. no mere correction of doctrine. We must hear the divine “Halt!” in our pursuit of an accurate portrait of God. Specifically, even revelation knowledge with its “line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little” (Isa. 28:10, 13), will not finally bring us to that which is perfect. By nature, if it can be added to, it will never arrive at perfection. Having served its purpose, it must be discarded in favor of the altogether complete out-shining of the One who is the Radiance of Divine Glory.

But the religious flesh has an eschatological mind-set. That is, it is a future-event centered mentality instead of truly Christ-centered in its hope. We hope for a day on an earthly time-line that will bring us to perfection. We are still so adolescent in our understanding of the Day of the Lord. Christ IS that Day. That bright shining Day, resplendent in glory is He, the Effulgence of Divine Glory, the Light-Being, the Out-SHINING of Perfect Love. If you look for a tomorrow that will flood your heart with light, a tomorrow that comes by the setting and rising of the sun, then futility has not yet done its perfect work in you.

How does the Father reveal Himself to the Son? How are we to understand the Son’s knowledge of the Father? Is the eternal Word schooled in the doctrine of the Fatherhood of God? Was there a Father’s Creed, something like the Nicene Creed by which the Father instructed Son regarding Himself and their relationship? Can we with human words describe the communion within Deity whereby They share Being? No!! And we must face the crisis of knowing that our every attempt to explain God has always an element of dastardly presumption. There is a knowing within the Love Family that is beyond knowledge. There is a communion whereby worth is conveyed, not merely described. What I AM, I AM to You, unreservedly and with irrevocable commitment. I will not be I AM to Myself; I will be I AM to You. This is the River of Being that flows within God, out from I AM and from There becoming Father and Son and the Family characterized by the Love of Being together. We are there in Christ and any other life style of knowing is subnormal.

So, dear fellow saint, when you hear God’s “Halt!” as you seek to grasp after knowledge of the divine, don’t panic. You are being confronted with comparative artificiality of your knowledge. You are to eat His flesh and drink His blood, not merely look at the communion elements placed before you. You are about to be delivered from your addiction to a diet laced with chemical additives. You are about to be dragged out of the rat-race of trying to acquire a little more and a little more and yet a little more knowledge of God.

The revelation of Jesus Christ is not a compilation of revelations to be acquired and constantly added to in the hope that some day we’ll get that final little capstone of revelation, that excellent nuance of nuances. It is that consummate revelation of Himself that brings us into the very dynamic of the God Family, into the very dynamic that makes Them Family; here where Being united in One passion of mutual delight is all there is and all that matters.


REVELATION KNOWLEDGE [John R. Gavazzoni] 5-23-02          1


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