APRIL 1, 2005

With the Wind of Resurrection at my back, I am pushed through the Great Arch of The Inner City of Eternal Life. Right from within, Pure Spirit warms my face and my whole Being. Inside, amazement best describes my welcoming. Herein, I immediately watch and observe Spirit becoming Substance. This Substance Is All God, and nothing but God. It Is Soft and Warming, Pliable and All Encompassing. I see It As The Substance of The Prepared New Creation, and suddenly realize that There Is No Other Substance In Reality, for God Is All In All.

I hear, “This Substance Is Your Robe of Righteousness, Your Revealed True Body. It Is Immortality Revealed In Flesh. You were not hesitant to enter within The Inner World, therefore now you recognize The Place Where I Am. You recognize and accept Your Robe of Righteousness.”

Then, I remembered, “He who hesitates, is lost.” This is why I did not hesitate to enter the Arch of Pure Spirit.

I recognized the gate is open to all, and I ventured inside to see. It is true, I laid aside all that was familiar to me, all that I had previously seen and known, all of the appearance world, and stepped into The Place Prepared, where only God Is. The marvels that are contained here are innumerable, and I am quick to state that My Lord Jesus is here, Robed Manifestation.

Spirit become Substance is My Person, My Robe of Righteousness. This Is Who I Am. It is now clear to me that my appearance body is the body I formed out of lack of Truth. Thanks be to Christ Jesus, I have found The Truth and have awakened to Truth, Reality, able to acknowledge The One God and Father of All.

I am not necessarily here to tell you of The Truth, but to Be That For Which Is Needed. Nevertheless, I do mention again, It Is The Place Prepared, and beckons all “ To Come and See. ” Come and see Who You Are. Enter in The New World of All Spirit. Come and discover There Is But One Holy One, The All In All Who Lies Within. Come within and see the Real You. Come right now and see Heaven and Earth are One; That Which Is Perfect.

Heavenly Blessings from,

Jim and Melba

Even This Day


ROBE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS – NEW BODY [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-1-05          1


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