John 17:3 states “And this is eternal life that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” Do you believe that? We used to have the conception that eternal life was going to heaven. Then we came to understand that Jesus was in us and we received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Between the two experiences we thought we had “it” whatever “it” was. At that point we waited to die to go to “heaven.” But there’s a greater place. There’s a greater realm, that you may know Him as a man knows a woman. I can get excited over that depth of experience.

Look what John 17:4 says: “I have glorified you on the earth.” Now this is Christ Jesus talking about what He has already done for the Father. Now I want to ask you when He said this, had He been crucified yet? No. Did Jesus receive His glorified body yet? No. But Jesus said that He had glorified the Father. Here is where the sabers rattle. Here is where the heavens start crumbing. What we are telling you is that Jesus was the glory of the Father before the resurrection. I assume that you are somewhat like me. You may have known this all your life; this maybe a small point to you. We have a conception of glory as a halo, maybe an aura . We see all this and we think that’s the Glory of the Lord, and we expect to have glorified bodies eventually, don’t we? But that’s not the glory of the Lord either. We see Jesus in Matthew17 where it says He was transfigured before them and it means His inward nature became His outward expression in the Greek. It means metamorphosis. The scripture states He was glistening, and we see that and we say that was the glory of God, but it wasn’t. Verse 17:4 says “I have glorified you on the earth.” When He said this, He didn’t have a glorious body. Then how did He glorify God? The glory of God is what He did.

Look at John 17:4, “I have glorified You on earth: I have finished the work.” You see the glory of God is a work, a ministry that you do. It has nothing to with an aura, has nothing to do with a halo, has nothing to do with goose bumps, has nothing to do with a glistening coming out of you. It’s the work that you manifest on the earth. I do not believe that Jesus was talking about the planet, earth, although He could have been. He was saying I have glorified you on my earth, my inner nature has become an outward expression on my earth, my body and people have seen it, and they’ve seen the glory that you have brought in my inner man and have made manifest outwardly. That’s what He is saying, and He did it without a change. He did it without a resurrection because He was the resurrection. Before you cross over into the Promised Land you have to go through Jordan River, which is the flowing down, the river of death. If you don’t have life when you step into the river, you are dead. You must have the life before you cross over the river. If Jesus didn’t have the fullness of the life before He was nailed on the cross, He would have hung there forever. He had to have enough life in order to take all that death into Himself and turn that into life. What we are saying here is that He glorified God here on the earth; He caused this earth to produce what? Life. This is the expressed image of Jesus which is the expressed image of God. His pattern is for us.

I had been taught that we were going to be glorified, and I always thought of a bodily change where something really was going to happen. Then God made me realize that I am to glorify him out of the union I have with him. It’s no longer I that liveth, but Christ that liveth in me.” And that Christ is coming forth out of this tomb, my body. This rock that so easily besets us (our natural existence) is being rolled away in order to permit Him to come forth in such a way that people may come and eat thereof, that they might partake of the last supper, because that’s what we are. We are to be the blood; we’re to be the bread that is broken for life, the body of Christ. My identity is with Christ. He must be seen in the vessel, glorified in this life by what the saint accomplishes. God is not glorified if we do not live! Can the dead praise Him? (Psalm 88:10). The Lord of the Sabbath, praised God, glorified God, revealed God, in His life and that is the work of God that was manifested. He must do so in us also.

When Jesus said that He glorified the Father, He goes on in verse 6 and says “I have manifested (Greek: apocalypsed) your name. The world groans for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19). The Greek for manifestation in Romans 8:19 is “apocalypse.” That is also seen in Revelation l:l. For the word “revelation” of Jesus Christ is “apocalypse”, the appearing, the coming forth. In John 17:4 Jesus says: I have manifested your name.He did that before He was crucified, before He was resurrected.

What we are saying is that there isn’t going to be a radical change in the body, there isn’t going to be any radical change. What is going on is coming out of your inner most being. It doesn’t require a bodily change to glorify God, and it’s not glorifying God in Adam. Paul also walked in the fullness. He glorified God in his flesh. He manifested the name of the Lord in the flesh. He wasn’t looking for a change in order to do it. Paul was following the pattern of Christ. It is only as we do this first and then the appointed time comes, and we are living then, and receive the change, although we look for an out resurrection. (Philippians 3:10-11)

Adam was a graven image. Adam had a conception of how to please God. When I first started this walk I was a good Baptist. So you know we stopped cussing, stopped drinking, stopped smoking and then when God really got a hold of me I went Pentecostal and I wore long sleeves even in the summer. All these things in my conception were wrong. All this was wrong because I had a preconceived image, and they all have to be removed in order to manifest Him in this earth.

We aren’t in the end-time are we? Of course not! It is Adam’s end-time but it is the dawning of the New Day for those in Christ Jesus, the Sabbath Day. Adam’s day is in agony. It’s in death throes and there is great weeping and gnashing of teeth. For that old heavens and old earth are passing away, and those that live in the old heavens and the old earth are in hell. There is gnashing of teeth and weeping because they live in Adam and that is what hell is. Hell is a place of the grave where Adam goes to. Anybody who lives in Adam is in hell because there is torment there in death, in the grave, that lower realm. To them there is no light and there is no way out nor escape from that place.

But we have ascended on higher ground into Christ Jesus. Our life is hidden with God in Christ and so when the passing of the age occurs, is there any death working in us? No, because we have been reckoned dead. We are alive unto Christ, so we’re in the day of the Lord; we’re not in the end times. We are part of the Sabbath day revealed.

Now in Matthew 12, there is a contrast. At that time Jesus went through the grain fields on the Sabbath. The number one problem according to the law is that Jesus and the disciples should not have been out in the grain fields according to the traditions. The Sabbath was the day of the Lord. His disciples were hungry and began to pluck the heads of grain and began to eat. I think they understood His philosophy. I think they understood His ways. These men were hungry and ate, and Jesus did not rebuke them. Notice that Jesus did not say a thing to them. Why? Because it was okay. Jesus did not rebuke them because He knew it was perfectly all right if you control the Sabbath to do what you wish. They wouldn’t have eaten if they were legalistic, religious Jews. If they were of the Pharisee’s order they wouldn’t have touched those things because it was unholy. But they have come into the Sabbath of the Lord. They weren’t in the Sabbath of the Pharisees, and one can see how religious traditions make the Sabbath a bondage.

What Christ was trying to establish, was that the Sabbath is a liberty. Jesus was trying to establish it on a Higher plane. When you enter into who He is, and you begin to see that you are in Christ Jesus in this earth, you enter into a liberty that you are able to manifest Him. It’s tough to separate your identity from Adam and enter into the Christ. When you begin to enter into Christ, and you begin to belong to the Lord of the Sabbath, you are established and are able to set the church free. God hasn’t brought us this far just to set us personally free. God has brought us this far that we might set creation free and it starts with the church.

If you are alive in Christ you cannot do what Adam did. Someone in Christ cannot do sinful things because Christ had no conception of sin in Him. He had no desire to sin. Sin couldn’t touch him because there was no sin working in him. Satan’s in the second heavens, the Pentecostal heavens. If you enter into the third heavens, then you reside with Him in a place where there is no sin, and you cannot sin because there is nothing in you that desires to sin. That’s the Lord of the Sabbath.

The doctrine of the Nicolaitans was a religious concept where the person was held down under the bondage of the church leadership. This was done in many ways. Until Gutenberg only the priests had the Bible and it was attached to the pulpit. People could not read and that is bondage. Knowledge is power. The word of God was hindered because people could not read. We would not have had the Reformation if people had not been able to read and disseminate knowledge. But there are other religious bondages. If people are still told they are sinners and must keep the law, legalism becomes a bondage and does not allow a person to be free in Christ. Priesthood then has leverage over the people. It’s a serious situation, and it is unto death unless they begin to identify with that which is right.

Back in the wheat field the disciples are eating and the religious hypocrites, the Pharisees came to Jesus . They give Jesus a hard time based on their understanding. So Jesus says to them, verse 7, but if you would have known what this means that I desire mercy and not sacrifice, you would have not condemned the guiltless for the Son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath” God established the Sabbath so that man would learn how to rest in Him. That’s the only reason God established the Sabbath. Man could cease from his labors, his own works, his Adam made works, and rest in the Lord. In Hebrews 4 Paul says some have entered (past tense) into their rest, and he wasn’t talking about physical death like church tradition teaches. He was talking that some have spiritually entered into a realm where they’re at total rest.

If you plant corn you are going to get corn eventually. That’s just one natural law of sowing and reaping. Now that natural law can be elevated spiritually, can it not? We know that if we sow to eternal life we shall reap eternal life, but it’s still a natural law is it not? You see when you enter into the Sabbath, you’ve entered into grace which has established the law.

You are not under the law. I don’t need the law as long as I live in the grace of Him which is a higher righteousness than the law. I am talking about the grace of the relationship, that you are so identified with Him. The law does not affect you. It didn’t affect Jesus. They came and they sowed destruction to Him. Did Jesus reap destruction? No, He did not. If He was on the level that they were, when they sowed destruction to him Jesus would have reaped destruction. But Jesus did not. They sowed death unto Him, and He gave them Life. Jesus brought them up. Grace is a higher realm. A higher order, a higher place in being, and that’s the Sabbath. Therefore all the things on the lower plane cannot touch you, because your living in that realm of grace in the very fullness, the cognizance, of who He is in his being.

The Pharisees could not understand that concept. They thought of the Sabbath as traditions and certain things. As we come into the Sabbath, God is bringing us up into a higher realm. Now when Jesus departed from there, He went into their synagogues. So, when Jesus decided to confront them, He picked a story of spiritual importance, even more so than just even eating food. “Have ye not read what David did, when he was hungry, and they that were with him; and how he entered into the house of God and did eat the showbread which was not lawful for him to eat, neither for them which were with him, but only for the priests? Or have ye not read in the law how that on Sabbath days the priests in the temple profane the Sabbath and are blameless?” They had to say yes. Jesus was trying to teach them who controls the Sabbath. He made it clear to them that they profaned the Sabbath when they ate the bread but were excused by the grace of God when they did. He made them eat their own words. You see He was in grace and they were on the lower order, the legalistic realm. Their trying to bring Him down to their plane didn’t work and it could not because His word of life cuts them to the quick.

Jesus is stirring the pot now. He traveled and entered into the synagogue. First, He was preaching out on the hills. The Pharisees came out to get Him. They wanted to prove Him wrong. But Jesus ministered life and not doctrine. He caught them on that. Now, Jesus proceeded to their “home field advantage”, the temple. He was going to conquer them on their field of endeavor. Jesus overcame their legalistic, ritual possessed, dead form of religion out on the hills and now that Jesus had won the battle, He was going for the total victory of the war on religion.

It wasn’t enough to win out in the hills. He came into the synagogue. There was a man who had a withered hand. (Matthew 12:9-14) Now look at this, the Pharisees take him over to Jesus and they ask Jesus, if it is lawful to heal on the Sabbath? Jesus walked right into a pit of poisonous vipers. Now if one of you had a withered hand, how would I ever see it? Somebody would have to point it out to me. Jesus came into the church to bring a word. They say come over and look at this person’s withered hand. This is entrapment, a setup, but Jesus was moved with compassion. The Pharisees wanted Jesus to work, today, on the Sabbath. They wanted to arrest Him.

I believe in healing. Do all of you believe in healing? What type of healing do you believe in? Do you believe in body healing, mental healing, memories healing, etc.? But all that healing has to do with the natural man. God’s not going to heal Adam. Adam is going to die. So all this healing has to be to the natural man, because God’s not going to save Adam. Now I believe healing in the natural man. But did you know that is a lower order of healing than what was done by Jesus on the Sabbath? Hear me now. That is a hard concept.

Every healing that Jesus did on the Sabbath was a literal healing, yes. But it was done on the Sabbath. It wasn’t on any other day of the week. There is a big difference here. There is a Sabbath and then there is a Sabbath isn’t there? There is a Sabbath rest. There is the Sabbath of sabbaths if you will, every fifty years. So Jesus did healings on the Sabbath.

I want you to identify with Jesus because as soon as I start talking healing you relate to the identification, of the Adamic, the one being healed. Get over into identification with Christ Jesus. Get over into the kingdom mode. You are alive in Christ. You say to me “Brother, I have pains.” Well that depends where you’re living. Are you living in the natural man? Or are you living in Christ? Whether I live or whether I die is Christ. So what difference does the natural make? Not a thing. It’s where you are living in this natural order. Not that pain does not exist – it does. But if it controls you (of course it hinders), then your identification is not in Christ. Identify with Jesus so that you can heal this man.

Now Jesus came along to this man in the church and he had a withered hand. This is the first healing Jesus ever did on the Sabbath. How many fingers are on the hand? Five counting the thumb. Five fingers, and Jesus the Christ healed the hand. He healed the man, but there was a spiritual type here too. A type that will be evident in the LORD’s DAY. What did Jesus heal? Prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, apostles. Jesus healed the five fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11. Jesus did not do away with this ministry but is going to restore the life in the church through the five-fold ministry, a pure five-fold ministry that has no flesh moving in it. The five-fold ministry brings perfection to the church, the body of Christ as Ephesians 4:12-13 states.

You see we have a withered hand. The church order system has a withered hand. It doesn’t have the full function of that hand. Maybe it’s got cerebral palsy causing the problem (stinking thinking of the carnal mind). But, it’s got a withered hand. If you are in Christ your ministry is coming forth now; you can go into those churches manifest Him. You heal their ministries. You correct their ministries, and give them and the people life that quickens their flesh which brings it up to the realm it’s supposed to be. This is the Lord of the Sabbath. This is the ministry of the Christ that we’ve been called to. We’ve been called to become sons to go to the body and heal the body.

Matthew states Jesus said to the man to stretch forth your hand. Luke 6:8 states Rise and come forward.” The man had to arise, resurrect out of the realm he was living in at the time. He had to come forth out of the grave, the hell of his understanding, to receive the life of Christ. Then, when the body of Christ hears the call to come forth into the nature of God, to stretch forth the curtains of their habitations (Isaiah 54:2), the ministry shall be healed. It takes the body to force the hand to change! Life must come to the body first so that it can present the hand for change. Life has to break forth out of the religious to change the religious ministry. This will cause the ministry to change and lead the people. Jesus could heal the man because He owned the man, He had paid the price of his redemption by the sacrifice of Himself before the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8). This man, as well as others, was purchased by the blood of Christ. When you come to the truth of this, you too can redeem your possessions because of who you are in Christ Jesus.

It is not the natural body. It is first the ministry. It is not for any other time, it is for now. It is for now because the five-fold ministry out there is ruining the name of Christ. I am not trying to cast stones, but they are because they are in the Pentecostal heavens. They are struggling against the devil. They are not living in the plane of the ascended Lord. For those that are in that plane, it is their ministry if they are in the Son of man ministry which is what He states He is in these verses. The Son of man comes down out of His heavens, if you will, is made manifest in His earth, body, if you will, because when you are in union with Him, He will manifest through your flesh. Now the son of man ministry is in and descending out of heaven with a real shout of glory, coming out of your inner most being and proclaiming life unto them that will change their ministries. Let Him begin to manifest this.

We are past the talking stage. We have heard the word about sonship. We have heard the word about reconciling things to God. We have heard the word about being inChristed and it’s all been glorious. I wouldn’t throw any of it away. If I hadn’t started as a Baptist, I never would have got where I am today. So I’m grateful and thankful that the Lord brought me all the way through all systems in order that He might marry me to Himself. There has been much preaching about Him coming in a people, coming forth out of a people, but I want you to know He has come forth. It is the Lord’s day. John was caught up on the Lord’s day. What is the Lords day? It’s a realm; it’s not a time, it’s a place of being. It’s a state of being in and those that have entered into that realm need to begin to minister to the body.

Another healing Jesus did on the Sabbath was a healing of the man who could not walk. John 5:5. Now a certain man was there who had an infirmity for 38 years. So what year is it when Jesus comes by? How many stripes did Jesus have? 39. Jesus had to have the life before He received the stripes. Because if He didn’t have the life before He got the stripes, He would not have made it through those stripes. Jesus lived in the resurrection plane. Jesus lived in that realm and when the ninetails hit Him on His body, it hurt. Did it touch Him? No. It hurt Jesus, but it didn’t touch Him, because of the realm that Jesus was living in. If you have entered into the third heavens, things will tear, things will hurt but they won’t touch you. Jesus gave this man life. Delivered the man before Jesus was even whipped 39 times. Jesus possessed the life realm and ministered it before He even revealed the life to the religious at the whipping post. Don’t wait for it. You have it. Give it out now. The fullness will be seen later at the whipping!

When Jesus saw the man lying there He knew that the man had already been in that condition a long time. The body of Christ has been in that condition a long time. Jesus asked, Do you want to be made well?” The sick man answered, Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up. But while I am coming another steps down before me.” Jesus says to him, rise up. Take up your bed and walk. Immediately the man was made well, took up his bed and walked and that day was the Sabbath.” I want you to know that if you are in Christ and you are in the Sabbath and your living in the day of the Lord, it is this day that you will cause the resurrection of the body of Christ, even as you begin to proclaim to them and they will be able to walk this walk. Jesus told the man (verse 8): Rise, take up thy bed and walk.” Resurrect out of your plane of living. Walk in the newness of life. Again, as in the first healing, we see Jesus telling them to come forth, to rise up, separate from the lower order to the heavenly. Since, we as sons, are made into His image, let us proclaim the liberty to the captives. We are the cause of the revival. Jesus, our pattern caused a revival. Create it!

At first we have a withered hand that is healed. Ministry is restored on the Sabbath. Now we see a person is enabled to walk the life, when they live in the Sabbath. But it gets better.

Now there were certain things that happened to this man when he was there at the pool. His spirit was right, his spirit was willing but his flesh was weak. I want you to know that when the life speaks forth out of you, the flesh falls away. It’s totally removed. When Jesus spoke, this man became as one new man. He was resurrected right up out of the death where he was living. He was set free from the carnality that he was in and from the natural condition as well.

The Lord, who is the Sabbath day, comes unto us individually so that we can enter into Him. In these verses of the Bible, He reveals that the order of things must be right. Jesus heals the hand first, that governmental order. If the form of government in the body is not the correct order, the body will die. So, Christ brings judgment to the house, to the hand ministry, in order to raise it from its withered, dead state. Then the Lord, our precious merciful Lord, progresses right into the temple, which we are corporately and individually, to heal our walk. He raises us up from the lame walk of Adam which we were crippled with from birth, and remolds us into a fit vessel. But Jesus is not done yet with the healing. He has healed the hand so we can do the work of the Lord and He has healed our legs so that we can walk the life of God. But there is more to do.

In Luke 13:10 we find another healing on the Sabbath. A woman who had a spirit of infirmity for eighteen years was in the service. He was moved with compassion and healed her immediately. Eighteen is the number of bondage in scripture. (Judges 3:14; 10:8) The ministry of the Son of Man is to set the woman free. We are not talking about a female. We are discussing a spiritual woman. Christ came to implant in the woman His seed which would bring about the salvation of mankind. She was crooked, bent over. When He laid hands on her immediately she was made straight. Her walk changed.

The withered hand was made whole to do the work of the ministry. The legs were healed so the vessel could walk the way of the Lord and now, the highway of God (Isaiah 35) was made straight so that no one could err in the walking of it. Jesus on the healings of the Sabbath brought about in type and shadow the complete revelation of a person through these three vessels. He wrought a creation of a new creation man. A person who would be the pathway that all could follow. But He was not done yet.

In Luke 14:1-24 we find Jesus healing on the Sabbath again. This time Jesus does not do it in the open field or the hills, nor does He do it in the temple. No Jesus goes for the jugular vein of the religious leaders. He heals right in the house, the personal temple of a priest and then on a Sabbath too! Jesus deals with the religious nature corporately up to this point. Now, He gets personal, individual.

In the priest’s house is a man who had dropsy. This is a disease that causes water to collect in the person. It affects the heart, liver, kidneys etc. and can be terminal. It causes water to collect in the cavities of the body. He healed the man and philosophically so addressed the issue with lawyers and Pharisees that they had no response! Imagine a lawyer with no response! Imagine a religious person with no excuse!

Jesus, on the Sabbath, had healed a withered hand, lame legs, a woman, and now a man. The type and shadow is tremendous. The work can be done. The life can be walked. The nature can produce in the woman a seed and a man will be seen healed of the sickness of Adam. A complete work. Four healings on the Sabbath, a witness to the world. But it does not end there.

Now Jesus secretly went up to the feast of Tabernacles, a special Sabbath, not the normal Friday/Saturday evening Sabbath. In the middle of the feast (John 7:14, Leviticus 23:34), three and one half days into it, Jesus entered the temple. (You might remember that Jesus was slain in the middle of the 70th week). He spoke with authority. Jesus stated: If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself.” He was ready to confront them now. His time had come to return to Jewry for He had been outside of Galilee because they sought Him. He told them they were out to kill Him (verse 19). He upbraids them for the Pharisee’s inconsistencies. If it is legal on the Sabbath to circumcise a man, should it not be legal to heal the whole man? The time of the ministry of Tabernacles is a time that will cause the sons of God, in union with Christ Jesus, to be declared and persecuted.

Actually, the circumcision of Moses that the Pharisees practiced was the foundation of the circumcision of the heart. (Romans 2:29, Deuteronomy 10:16, 30:6) Circumcision was so that no disease could damage the vessel which was to produce life. Jesus was telling them that if they honored this event in the natural, then they should consider the strength of healing the whole man.

Yet, the people answered and said You have a demon. in John 7:20. The people could not perceive that the religious ministry was out to get Jesus. Jesus’ response was: I have done one work, and ye marvel.” The one work was John 17:4 which we started with in this message – He glorified the Father, He did the work of the Father. He manifested the Father’s name, the Father’s nature to the world.

Who are we? It is the kingdom of our Lord and his Christ. (Rev.11:15) We are His anointed. This is the life, and until you begin to manifest who you are in Christ this thing will never come to pass. It is going to cause all things to be lifted up into Him that He may have the glory in it.

Do you judge according to appearance. But judge with righteous judgment. How can you judge me? You circumcise a man on the eighth day and if that man, if that male child is born and if his eighth day happens to be on the Sabbath you still go ahead and cut off his foreskin, in order to keep the law of the Sabbath making it even more the law of the Sabbath. Yet you condemn me for healing a man on the Sabbath and your just cutting off a piece of the flesh.”

Can you hear what He is saying? I’m Lord of the Sabbath, I’m here to establish a man completely free in Me with no flesh in him at all. I’m establishing a man that’s been conformed to My image. Beloved as the Christ, as you go forth and as you begin to touch people’s lives, you are establishing them after the ascended one. As they have borne the image of the earthly, when you go forth, you are establishing them in the image of the heavenly. No longer am I fathering anybody after Adam. AS LONG AS YOU SEE YOURSELF AS A SON YOU CANNOT BE A FATHER and produce a creation, a new creation man. Jesus came to give them full salvation, full deliverance, full conformability to His image. So when Jesus came He gave them whatever they needed to be brought in. Some will be brought in instantaneously and into the fullness of who He is. Some will have to come in each in their own order, whatever the case may be. But you are in Christ and you are to go out if you identify with Him as Lord of the Sabbath to bring this thing full.

What was destroyed in the day of Noah? Animals weren’t. Birds weren’t. The planet wasn’t. What earth was destroyed? Adam, who was made of the earth. Now as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man. What son of man? The same son of man we read here in Matthew 12. …The Lord of the Sabbath. The son of man shall come forth because He is totally above that old order. This word says this earth shall be destroyed by fire. Do you mean we’re going to have a bomb drop on this earth and destroy it? Oh carnal man that you are. This Adam man is going to be destroyed by fire in order that it can be delivered from the bondage of corruption. So this earth shakes in order that He may be revealed. Those that are in Adam don’t know why things are being removed and they gnash their teeth with great sorrow. But that’s not what you are supposed to be looking at. If you are in Christ, you are looking at what remains after the shaking. You see Him who stands in every person after the shaking.

The Lord of the Sabbath is Christ Jesus, the ascended Lord who has come into the vessel and causes the man to rest in Him who is the Sabbath. Then He, Himself, can come forth out of the vessel to heal, deliver and set all creation free. The key is to know that He has come and is now resident in you. The change that many look for will not come down upon you but will come out of you, enveloping you with His glory.

































SABBATH, LORD OF [Charles W. Weller]         1


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