There are some who believe in Eternal Torment. There are some that believe in Annihilation. There are some that believe in Reconciliation. These three beliefs or doctrines are founded in Christianity.

It is a shame that the majority belief of denominations believe that the Devil has most people and the cross is of no effect in that it only saves a small percentage. Most will not receive the Lord Jesus as their Savior according to that belief, the accepted standard.

There are some denominations that believe that the wicked will be burned to ashes and thus annihilated without salvation.

But then there is this ministry, Not I But Christ, that believes that God sent His Son not to lose one but to save all 100 of the flock! The work of the cross was total and complete. But to believe this is to remove from one’s consciousness the religious bigotry of the first belief that has ingrained most of us at one time or another.

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EXCEPTIONAL BOOK: Resitution of ALL by George Hawtin

Another book: Read and Search (God’s Plan) by: Harold Lovelace

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