The realm of the sanctuary is the ministry that comes out of the Holy of Holies. This ministry cannot be lowered from the highest heavens and brought down to the lower plane. It is so full of life that it causes things on the lower plane to ascend up to the life of the sanctuary.

Every move of God has started out on the high plane of revelation, but man somehow would always bring it down to the level of the carnal. Luther brought forth a word and when he died they built a denomination around his truth. The people put down tent stakes and encamped. The same thing happened to the work of Wesley, the Holiness Move, turn of the century Pentecost, and even the Latter Rain movement of the 1940’s.

Every move has been lowered to a man’s organization and this in turn displaces God. For God always moves on, but man has a tendency to remain where he is. It is this conflict that we must watch and guard against at all times. The flesh always wars against the Spirit.

The Feast of Tabernacles, that third realm of living, is open to us today and has been since Jesus Christ was resurrected almost 2,000 years ago. It remains for some to enter their rest. (Heb.4:9-10) Others have entered into their rest. There has always been a remnant, a group of overcomers through the church age (this 2,000 years) that have possessed the realm of the sanctuary.

There doesn’t have to be a bodily change to possess this realm of living. When we received Jesus as our Savior in our hearts it was a spiritual experience first, and then our lifestyle was changed. The same was true of the baptism of the Spirit. Even so the third realm – that Tabernacles, sanctuary realm, is a spiritual experience first and then the change comes as the Lord allows. The sanctuary is the place of the Holy of Holies. The way of the resurrection allowed some to come forth out of the realm of death. In Matthew 27:52-53 we find those raised with Christ. These were the clouds that ascended with Him in the book of Acts.

During the last 2,000 years or so, a remnant has possessed this and now is the time for those of this age to possess their possession – Jesus Christ for He is the sanctuary. Hebrews 13:10 states: “We have an altar from which those who serve the tabernacle have no right to eat.” Those that eat the bread of the Holy Place (and they were priests that did so), have no right to eat of the next altar. In order to begin to move in the sanctuary it takes a turning away from all the life in the Holy Place and a seeking of the life of a higher realm.

There are some who have determined to know nothing save Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection. Unlike Martha, who knew there was a resurrection coming, these saints see a truth that HE is the resurrection. In order for the life of the resurrection to come forth we must first count all things as dung. (Phil.3:8) The manifestation of the sanctuary realm of ministry comes only as the person turns aside and away from the ministry of the Holy Place and the gifts of that realm. The gifts of 1 Corinthians 12 must be used to thrust us into the realm of the sanctuary. The gifts of the Holy Place are not for our use on our flesh, but rather they are to be used by God to bring us into the relationship with Him that we had in the beginning.

As we seek the sanctuary, we lay aside our ministry of the gifts in order that we might be just a channel for Him. True anointing is not the flesh feeling God, but being so dead that you feel nothing and are empty. Yet, you are amazed when the saints declare to you that they never heard you so anointed. You felt nothing and thought you were dead, and you were, so that the fullness of His Life comes forth and it doesn’t quicken any of your flesh nature. Praise God!

Ezekiel 47:2 states that a river of life flows from out of the sanctuary. It is not a drink of water as the ministry of the Holy Spirit is, but rather it is the very life of God. It is this reason that some have turned from the ministry of the gifts and use the Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth (John 16:13). They desire to become a channel for the river of life to come through.

The saint that desires to become that channel has to be totally dead to self. The heart has to be pure in this desire. As the desire is pure then God can bring us into the ministry of the sanctuary. The Lord will remove the rust and crud in the pipeline, so that the pure water of life will come out.

Wherever the river went it brought life. It even brought healing to the sea, and the sea represents mankind. This life of the sanctuary has no leaven working in it like the realm of the Holy Place or Pentecost. The life of the sanctuary and the ministry thereof has no carnality or death working in it. It is a flow of life that will change all things. No man will be able to bring it down to the carnal level of understanding of this age.

There are some that have begun to minister from the sanctuary. They minister only as the flow is within them and sit down when they sense the flow is shut off. It was not “until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I understood…” (Psa.73:17) Now, just talking about the ministry of the sanctuary is not the same as possessing it. And to possess it requires the setting aside of previous understandings. I understood the scriptures after I was saved, but as I came into Pentecost I found that the same scriptures had a different meaning, even so with the realm of the sanctuary. All previous understanding undergoes a change to a deeper truth.

The five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11 has been used by man to make others to submit to the ministry. The people are not to be under the ministry but the ministry is to raise the people up to the same level or higher than the ministry itself.

Now that the sanctuary has been opened and the third heavens is revealed, the truth of the Holy of Holies will cause the five-fold ministry to be pure and cause the people to ascend to the same level as the ministry. It will take the ministry of life of the sanctuary realm to cause TRUE church-order government to be revealed. Up to this time the church order has done things as they have desired with the gifts and the ministries of God. But I declare to you that this is no more. The end of the ministry of man in the Holy Place has begun.

It is the glory of the Holiest of Holies that FILLS both rooms. This glory of God is the revelation of Himself. He causes the workings of the flesh to cease in the Holy Place. We cannot iterate enough that it takes the life of the sanctuary realm to cause the ministry of the Holy Place to be what it should be, without corruption. The ministry of the sanctuary is that which is coming forth to a limited degree. It will cause tremendous shaking of the church’s present order of government. Wherever the ministry is self-serving or setting up its own kingdom, this word of the sanctuary will bring about the shaking of that kingdom so that only that which is of God remains.

The church order, under Peter, James and others, was concerned with the natural way of things as well as the laws of the Old Testament. Today we find the same in various endtime bodies. Laws, regulations, shepherding etc. are quite evident. The foundations of such ilk is found in earthly understandings. Ours is a heavenly foundation, a city from above which can not be shaken. (Heb. 12:22-28) Many are the ministries that will close at the word of the sanctuary because it conflicts with their order that they have in force for themselves.

Those that eat of the higher order are not servants as those of the Holy Place are. (Heb.13:10) They know not the purposes of the Father and are well acquainted with Him for they have eaten of His flesh and have drunk His blood while those that serve the tabernacle are still serving all types and shadows of wine and bread.

The ministry of the sanctuary is a heavenly ministry that is beyond the understanding of the mind. Hear and understand. Many have the mind of Christ in a certain thing but knowing the truth, they minister it and it is dead letter. Why?… because although they have the mind of Christ, they weren’t led by the Spirit. The ministry of the sanctuary is being led totally by the spirit and using the mind of Christ that was given.

In fact, the ministry of the Spirit is far above the mind of Christ. For Jesus did nothing save what He saw his Father in heaven do. He was seeing by the Spirit. He moved by the Spirit. Though He had his own mind (the mind of Christ), He did only what his Father said. The ministry of the sanctuary is NO PRE-MEDITATED WORD. It is a word of life that hasn’t been prepared. A studied and prepared word is good but it is from the Holy Place. It comes from the tree of Knowledge of good and evil and not from the tree of Life. It is only the Spirit that can transform us, not the mind! It takes the Spirit of God to change us. It is the Spirit of God that quickens our minds.

We can therefore state with assurance that the ministry of the Holy Place is good, but it cannot change us. The Holy Place has the sin of leaven in it. Leaven being a type of sin. Ananias and Sapphira are the examples of leaven in the feast of Pentecost (the Holy Place). But the ministry of the Holiest of All, that sanctuary realm, has no leaven in it. Every vessel in that place has been changed from carnality to being overlaid with gold – the very nature of God. There is no wood evident in the sanctuary and neither is there a need for oil – speaking of the Holy Spirit – because HE is the light and life thereof.

It takes a birth to enter that realm. A third birth is needed. “For he looked down from the height of His sanctuary to loose those appointed to death.” (Psa.102:20) It takes a birth from death. The carcass must die in order that the incorruptible seed might come forth. The seed is Christ, it is not us. We are the carriers of Him. It takes the birth of the divine seed that will bring about the change of our nature. We die to all ministry, all desires of self interest and then He can come forth. In fact, we desire to depart, so that the fullness of Him can come forth.

His name will be exalted in Zion. We cannot ascend to that place except we do it through Christ. We can only do that if Christ lives in us and not we, ourselves. (Gal.2:20) “His foundation is in the Holy Mountain.” (Psa. 87:1) There is no life in the outer court, but forgiveness of sin. There is no life in the Holy Place, for what is there shall pass away when the perfect is come. The only place where there is life is in the foundation of the Holy Mountain and that is in the sanctuary.

Psalm 87:5 states: “And of Zion it will be said this one and that one were born in her; and the Most High himself shall establish her.” There is a birth that comes out of the foundation, even that realm of the sanctuary where He resides. There is a salvation that is kept for us in heaven Peter declares which is reserved for the last time to be made manifest. It is a birth that will deliver us and it comes from entering into the sanctuary.

The ministry of the sanctuary is not an in part ministry but the very fullness of God because it comes from the throne of God. It has the very nature of God as its manifestation and therefore is different from the Holy Place because the ministry of the Holy Place still has some of man in it.

In times past, people would minister salvation and people would experience it. Today some minister Pentecost and Passover and people receive both at once. We would even declare to you that as the fullness of the feast of Tabernacles is ministered, people do receive on any level they need as well as receiving the third experience.

The ministry of the sanctuary has no flesh in it but rather the saint ministering from that realm has just become a channel for God to move through. It is the river of life that comes clearly through that allows all to be set free from the bondages that they are in.

True sonship, patterned after Jesus, preaches the kingdom of God. (Matt.4:23) The true kingdom word brings people to salvation, the baptism of the Spirit, and Tabernacles. Jesus was all things to all people; yet, He never ministered less than the fullness at all times. True sonship ministry ministers from the throne of the mercy seat and lets people take what they need.

Where there are many claiming to be sons of God and minister only deep unto deep, they are in error. For our pattern is nothing less than Jesus. He did minister differently to his disciples, but He also ministered the life of God to all people – if they could hear it.

Ministry from the sanctuary is so full of life, that people are quickened by the Spirit of God and not necessarily by any knowledge. What they have received is LIFE. The preaching of Tabernacles, which means engathering to God, is the very release that the people look for. When Jesus died on the cross, He took ALL death into Himself and absorbed it into His being. He was so full of life that He could take death into Himself and never die. This is the true Tabernacles or engathering.

The ministering from the sanctuary then is the very truth that God is gathering unto Himself ALL people, as they release themselves from death and let Him take death from them. No one wants death working in them. As the sanctuary is ministered in truth, people perceive the life of God and give to Him the death that is working in them (drugs, doubts, fears, lies, etc.) and He, being life, absorbs the death and gives them life in return.

The ministry of the sanctuary can cause in one meeting people to be saved, delivered from spirits, filled with the Spirit, understand deeper truths, be birthed into the third heavens and much much more. For the life in the glory that is ministered out from the sanctuary is powerful enough to deliver the most bound into the liberty of the sons of God in one move!


It is this ministry that will be seen in a fuller degree as the day enlarges. The day of the Lord has begun for those that have entered into it. The way was made open by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago, and some are entering in.


The tabernacle of Moses had a sanctuary which was called the Holiest of Holies. The tabernacle was movable or portable. It included only the two parts in one building – the Holy Place and the Holiest of Holies. The sanctuary part was where God dwelt and that place was called the Holy of Holies. The outer court which surrounded the tabernacle was not part of the tabernacle.

The outer court represents our physical body. We may reside in this carcass but we do not live there. We live in our soul or our mind, as Adam was made a living soul (1 Cor.15:45) which means we live in the Holy Place of the Tabernacle. It is because we live and move in that realm, we perceive all things from that perspective.

But the sanctuary or the Holy of Holies requires a whole new understanding and a putting off of the old. It is a place where God lives and truly we see that, as the Holy of Holies represents our spirit, as the Holy Place represents our soul and the outer court represents our body.

We are to go through a change. We are to be changed from the life of Adam. We are to put on the nature of Jesus which according to 1 Corinthians 15:46 is to make us a life-quickening spirit. No longer are we to be souls as Adam was but we are to be changed into life-quickening spirits. This change occurs as we leave the realm of the Holy Place and move into the Holy of Holies. For the Holy of Holies is where the Spirit of God dwells. 1 Cor.6:17 states: For he that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit with Him.” When we move into the Holy of Holies, we are no longer to be in the soul, our soulishness is removed. We become spirit with Spirit.

Now, this is not some ethereal being. But what is meant is that our spirit unites with His Spirit. This union causes the soulish man to be removed. For flesh and blood can not inherit heaven, and as long as we remain in Adam we reside in flesh and blood. When our spirit is united with His, then we no longer reside in flesh and blood but our being is hid in God. (Col. 3:3-4) This is the life we speak of. In order for us to move into the Holy of Holies we must turn our face from the realm of the Holy Place. We must decide to know nothing any longer after the realm of the mind. We must be led at all times by the Spirit of God, and that makes our sonship. (Rom.8:14)

Now, the ministry of the sanctuary has similar manifestations to that of the Holy Place in many ways. Where in the realm of Pentecost, one ministers from a word of knowledge or wisdom, in the Holiest of Holies one ministers from the full knowledge of God. To the uninitiated, the word that comes forth looks the same, but yet it is different. One word comes from the flow of life from under the throne of God and the other comes from the candlestick in the Holy Place.

It is the turning away from the gifts of the Spirit that enables the sons of God to possess the sanctuary. Not that they throw away the gifts, but rather use the gifts of the Spirit to catapult them into the presence of God. They use the gifts to remove the life of Adam (the living soul), so that the saint might become the life quickening spirit after the order of Jesus Christ.

If we have the mind of Christ and it is not Spirit-led in its work, then it is no better than the carnal mind. Jesus did only what He saw being done in the heavenlies. (John 5:19) It was being led of the Spirit that enabled Jesus to do the Father’s will. Even though He had the mind of God, He still had to be led of the Spirit.

The Tabernacle of Moses had the following vessels in it: Altar of Incense and the two vials (although the 2 are accessories), table of showbread, and the candlestick. These each have their spiritual importance. The table of showbread was found on the North side of the tabernacle. (Ex.40:22) As one entered the tabernacle, you entered from the east going to the west. The bread of course, represents Jesus Christ and the necessity of eating Him every day, as the bread was changed every day.

We can never get enough of Him while we dwell in the Holy Place. Our nature is never changed while we are there because our carnality is still there, as it was in the days of the early church. This bread is leavened bread. Leaven being a type of sin. As long as we eat of the Word (be it by reading the Bible, hearing from God, or listening to preaching ) and remain unyielding to God, then leaven remains in us. For as we eat of the bread we are eating of the church-order knowledge of Jesus Christ. For the church-order teaches about Him, and how to use His gifts of the Spirit, but in general, they never bring you to an intimate sonship. One can receive the gifts of the Spirit and still be rebellious.

The children of Israel followed that tabernacle for 40 years and still died in the wilderness. They died because they refused to partake of the life that was offered on the higher plane. Before God gave them the tabernacle, He told Moses to bring them up the mount and before Him so that He might speak to them face to face. But the people were afraid and refused the relationship. They told Moses to hear for them.

So, the tabernacle of Moses was given so that God still could dwell in the midst of His people, although they didn’t want to dwell on His plane where He wanted them. He came down to them, in order that He might lift them up to where He was. They refused Him, but He still loved them enough to come into their camp and 2,000 years later to be crucified outside their camp.

The tabernacle of Moses in the Holy of Holies had the Ark of the Covenant and the mercy seat in it. Within the ark was the hidden manna, Aaron’s rod and the Ten Commandments. Each of these three things has a great meaning in comparison to Solomon’s temple and the tabernacle of David.

God had chosen Aaron but the other 11 leaders of the 11 tribes were rather “put out” by the choice of God. So they called for all the leaders to put their rods together and let God choose (as if He had not already done so). God caused Aaron’s rod to bud. The rod was made of almond wood (almond wood blooms out of season in comparison to other trees). It not only budded but brought forth fruit. Obviously, the wood represents humanity.

It takes “dead” humanity for the life of God to be made manifest. When we are dead in Christ then He can come forth. It is only as the seed dies that the life in the seed is made manifest.

The hidden manna is, of course, Christ (John 6:31-34). When we have a priesthood order running the church (and we do), the man Jesus is hidden in a jar (each earthen vessel). There is Jesus in each saint but He is not released to come forth because He is held back by doctrine, teachings, and corruption. As long as man runs the church, Jesus remains hidden.

The last thing in the ark was the tablets of stone. On these were written the Ten Commandments. These ten are the LAW of the Spirit. But man, that ministry of wood, has taken these ten and made them carnal commandments. That is to say, they have enforced them by their own efforts rather than being led of the Spirit in the fulfilling of them.

The tabernacle of Moses truly represents the nation of Israel in the past, but it also represents some of the church systems of today. The ministry knows that the veil was rent and the way made open to the Holy of Holies, but they keep the people from it by placing a veil over their faces.

The veiled understanding keeps the people from the true spiritual worship of the Lord. The people perish because they lack a vision of what is available to them. It is this death working in them that brings about their destruction. As long as man runs things, the world will never have its release from the bondage of corruption.


Ephesians 4:11-15 clearly states that God gave the five-fold ministry (Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors, and Evangelists) for the perfecting of the saints. This ministry is to bring them UP to the unity of the faith.

The temple of Solomon, in a way, represents this ministry in the true body of Christ. For the temple here represents the church and the order of things for the present 2,000 year age. Whereas, in the Mosaic tabernacle we had a priesthood that hindered man from attaining. Now we have a “move of God” that puts down tent stakes. Every time God brings forth a deeper word or move of the Spirit the church system puts down tent stakes or tries to settle the move in a certain way. From Luther to Latter Rain man has had his hand in it all. Each denomination thinks it has the final truth and they only have a part of the truth – it is a sum of all of them!

The purpose of the five-fold ministry is to RAISE EACH SAINT UP to the same level. The five-fold ministry is to be submissive to the sanctuary in Solomon’s temple and work with it. The realm of the throne has not been received as a whole because kingdom order would make Christ the head and not the church system. The five-fold ministry, if found in a local church, submits to the Lord and allows Him to manifest through them. But church order would not allow that. In the kingdom no one shall tell a man to know God for all shall. (Heb.8:11)

True church order, that five-fold ministry seeks to work itself out of a ministry! For if all are brought to the Lord and lifted up to Him, then none will be left out and the ministry will end having brought all to the Father.

Now, the contention between the order of the kingdom and the order of the five-fold ministry is found in Solomon’s temple. The church order must decrease (even as John the Baptist did – remember he preached repentance like the church does) as the kingdom order comes forth. It will take AGES or EONS for this to be fully accomplished.

It is the lack of submissiveness of the five-fold ministry for a deeper word that creates the stumbling block as well as their seeking to keep people in subjection to themselves. God is faithful, and as we know, the temple of Solomon was removed because it got in the way of the Lord’s work.

In 2 Chronicles 5:10 we find the following statement: “There was nothing in the ark except the two tablets which Moses put there at Horeb, when the Lord made a covenant with the children of Israel, when they came out of Egypt.” When Solomon placed the ark in the temple, it had no rod or manna in an earthen jar. It only had the tablets of stone. There is a very good reason for this.

Aaron’s rod was left out of the ark because God through his Son had seen fit to remove all authority that man had. His Son was to rule over the church and be its head. Those that are coming into the kingdom see and understand this. Those that remain in church order fail to grasp the idea of the passing of man’s government.

Let me explain lest there be confusion. There are very few five-fold ministry churches (that is where all five ministries are active in a local church). That ministry is God’s order. Those that do not desire that order are not working in God’s pattern for the church order.

The sanctuary, that Holy of Holies, has a work that is past the Holy Place and the five-fold ministry. The work and the message of the kingdom is to take people out of the Holy Place and bring them into the sanctuary. It is to give them life of the higher plane so that they don’t have to go to the ministers.

If a “sanctuary” ministry comes into a “five-fold” church, it will be submissive to that ministry in that they should work together. But the word of the kingdom order is a deeper word and will lift the people higher. Just as Jesus went into the local synagogue and submitted to the order of it, so the ministry of the kingdom does the same. But its word is not submitted nor is it subject to the Holy Place realm. Of course, as Jesus was our pattern His word was not submitted to the elders and it was higher than their word.

The absence of Aaron’s rod speaks of a word of the sanctuary. It flows from under the sanctuary. (Ezek.47:2) It has no man in it nor priesthood for it is a word of life that is above all ministry of man. It is a river of life and not a “rhema” or word of life. The ministry of the sanctuary has begun in a small measure. It is a life flow unencumbered by the tainted flesh of a ministry of man.

The other piece that was missing from the Ark of the Covenant was that of the hidden manna. When the ministry of the sanctuary is revealed and the five-fold ministry is in subjection to it, there is no longer a hidden manna (Christ ). He is revealed in a fullness for all to see.

The ministry of the sanctuary, which has its beginnings in Solomon’s temple, will see to it that Jesus is fully revealed. Where the man has, because of his nature, hidden Christ within, the true work of the sanctuary will cause man to allow Christ to come forth from the saints.

As long as church order allows Christ to be in you but keeps Him hidden by doctrine and “sleep”, the world has no hope. But the ministry of the sanctuary is a blast of a trumpet of life that will cause the Christ to come forth out of the tomb of the church. Solomon’s temple, representative of the church, was to have the glory cloud of God fill both rooms. The glory of God which had been kept in the Holy of Holies was to overshadow the Holy Place. It was this overshadowing that caused the Holy Place to be birthed into the higher realm of God.

During the next few ages there will always be a need for the five-fold ministry as long as there are people that need to be saved. But as the bride (the church) marries the sons who marry the Lord (Isaiah 62:5), the world will come into the realm of the church.

When the world enters into salvation and the Pentecost experience, that will be the last time for the five-fold ministry. This last group will then enter into the realm of the sanctuary as the church has, even as the sons have. Each in their own order and their own time will be evident.

The realm of the sanctuary is so strong and powerful that it removes all traces of the Adamic nature and causes the flesh to be destroyed. As He is lifted up, He draws all men to Himself. As He is revealed from the sanctuary – that fullness of life, everyone will be changed as they partake of Him.


Acts 15:16 states: “After this I will return and will rebuild the tabernacle of David which has fallen down. I will rebuild its ruins and I will set it up, so that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord, even all the gentiles who are called by my name…” We are not concerned with a physical structure but the spiritual house that the Lord is creating. In the preceding verses, God states that He is calling a people out for His name sake. It is “these people” who establish the tabernacle of David.

When this tabernacle is revealed, Christ in you, then all of the “rest of mankind will seek the Lord”. The revelation of Jesus Christ in a people will cause the world to turn and come unto the Father because they will have a hope. (Psa.22:27, 29) The tabernacle of David is the final revelation of God to the world, and God does seem to do things in quantities of threes (tabernacle, Solomon’s temple, David’s tabernacle).

In 2 Samuel 6:1-19 we find the tabernacle of David. It was placed on Zion and David ministered before the Ark of the Covenant. We note that it had only one vessel in the whole tabernacle – the Ark of the Covenant. When ALL creation has come to the point of restoration, the only vessel that will remain is the ark of God. There is no other ministry that is needed and neither would there be because all the ministry of man is removed (the ark did not have Aaron’s rod in it). There is no hidden manna in it because the fullness of Christ is revealed. When He has come like a refiner’s fire, what could be left but God?

The sides of the tabernacle were rolled up and the people could see David as he ministered before the Lord. It was a ministry of priest and King. Of course, he was the King of Israel but he also wore the linen Ephod (vs.14) which the priest wore. It is a kingdom of priests (Rev.1:6) that will bring the theocracy of God, that sanctuary realm, into being.

There is no outer court ministry (salvation preaching) in the tabernacle of David and neither is there a Holy Place ministry (baptism of the Spirit). It is just the ministry of the ark – sanctuary. The sides were rolled up making it one piece visible to all.

When the feast of Tabernacles is truly being ministered it causes an engathering to God from all levels. When the full counsel of God is ministered people can take whatever they need; whereas, if the first feast is only ministered (salvation), that is all that people can receive.

Hebrews 8:11 and Jeremiah 31:34 both state the same thing. ALL people shall know the Lord from the least unto the greatest when the Davidic tabernacle is revealed. There will be no need for man to teach man for each shall know Him. So when we see David in 2 Samuel 6 as the only man before the ark, he represents all of mankind that can come before the Lord.

The Davidic tabernacle is the true representation of the feast of Tabernacles. Notice that David offered burnt offerings and peace offerings (2 Samuel 6:17) before the Lord. There was no need for a trespass offering or sin offering, as Jesus had taken away the sin of the world. But there was need of burnt offerings (removing the old nature) and peace offerings (coming to union with God).

The ministry of the ark realm is one of total restoration. It brings about the peace that passes understanding and makes it available to all. The ark ministry removes all dross from before the Lord so that all people can come up the Mount of God. The ark burns off all their carnal nature so that they might live in the presence of God.

David blessed the people (vs.18) and the ministry of the tabernacle is to bless all creation with the life of the throne of God which is not hindered by the ministry of man. Where the other two places – Moses’ tabernacle and Solomon’s temple – were run by man and had the failures of man, this tabernacle has nothing to do with the nature of man. We find in verse 19 that David gives to each: bread, meat, and wine. The very fullness of the bread of life is given to the people and they can partake of it and take it to their house (even unto themselves which is their body). The fullness of Christ is made available through the ark ministry.

As we notice they can take meat and wine. Not only can they eat of the living word (that bread) but they can eat of His substance in the meat as well as partake of the life (the wine). No longer do the people have to eat of the lower earth order that is available to them from the legacy of Adam but all mankind can eat of the new heavens and the new earth.

The wine and meat represent a new body for them – a redemption. For the ministry of the tabernacle of David is one of restoration of the whole man. The life that is being seen by all as they watch David is also desired by all. He being priest-king gives them all they need.

For no longer are the ministry of the king and priest separate but they become one. Jesus was a prophet until he died on the cross when He revealed His priestly ministry. When He ascended He revealed his kingship. The sons are a prophetic ministry now without a home but looking for one. Their priestly ministry will be revealed and when they finish the course, the priesthood will merge with kingship. The Greek of Rev. 1:6 reads: “a kingdom of priests.”

We find in 2 Chronicles 5:10 that there was only one thing in the Ark of the Covenant. The tablets of stone were there. David’s and Solomon’s had no manna or the rod of Aaron. The absence of the two have great significance for us. The story of Aaron’s rod is in Numbers chapter 16. We find no rod here because the Lord is in full authority and when the full ministry of the sanctuary comes forth there is no need for man to minister. When the fullness is come and the part done away with (1 Cor.13:10), the love of God will deliver all. There was no hidden manna and the reason for that is that Jesus Christ is no longer hidden inside an earthen vessel (us) but is revealed to all. No longer confined to the hearts of men, He now has free reign over all the earth (their bodies).

We know the two tablets remain and contain the Ten Commandments. But the understanding of how to fulfill them eludes people. They try to keep them by their own efforts. Or others say the law is done away with. Both are wrong. Trying to keep them is carnal, Adamic, in the old nature. It is a religious concept of works. But they can be lived when one finds their identity in Christ. There is no desire to murder; there is no desire to worship any other God, etc. The truth of the matter is that when one enters into the third realm, the sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, you can do this by the faith of the Son of God in whom you live.

The Ten Commandments are eternal, that is unending and unchanging in their quality, even as He is. The ten are the very nature of God. Paul sums these up in Romans 13:8-10 which states: …all are summed up in this saying namely, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself’.” God is love and these ten will be written upon the hearts of men to do. (Jer.31:33-34)

God has sought to be our neighbor for 1,000’s of years and the Davidic tabernacle will reveal this truth. How ? By His love no longer being selfishly hidden in us but totally revealed so all might come and dine of this fruit that we have to give. (Rev. 22:1-4) He will cause all people to want to love each other so much that there will be no contention. All people that pull back from relationships now do so for fear they will be hurt – but not so when this tabernacle is revealed.

The true ministry of the tabernacle of David is angelic in this sense that the earth has not seen such love for over 2,000 years. The ministry of the ark realm cannot be pulled back! The more love that it gives out the more it creates. Those that hurt the love extended to them will find more love given them. For wherever this river of life goes it brings life and changes death into life. (Ezk. 47:1-12)

The ministry of the sanctuary is life itself. Where the outer court and the Holy Place have life for a season, the tabernacle of David has it forever.


The present age (from the time of Christ until now), is not for the salvation of the world. It is as Acts said God has visited the Gentiles to TAKE OUT a people for His name.” This is the time of the Gentiles. Up to this present time there has been a “remnant” or small group of overcomers that have spiritually possessed their goal but the physical manifestation of a redeemed body didn’t occur. The reason for the lack of change is that it wasn’t the appointed time.

The question arises: Is it time for the firstfruits to be “a people for His name” or must we wait? The time is now. We are at a great time in the affairs of men. The last such time was the appearance of Jesus Christ. Let us press our way into Christ, that we might partake of the out resurrection (the resurrection before its time of Philippians 3:10-11).













SANCTUARY and IT’S MINISTRY [3 TABERNACLES]  [Charles W. Weller]          1


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