AUGUST 7, 2006

This week, my Spiritual Father has been ‘ringing my bell’ to write the details of an event in my life that occurred 30 years ago this week!  I couldn’t have told you it had been 30 years until tonight.  Oh, I knew it was in the 1970’s, but I couldn’t have pinned down the exact year without doing some major research through boxes of personal journals. 

But I was prompted to do a search on the World Wide Web – we call the internet – and I was taken to a website that told the whole tale – from the perspective of the towns and people that lost everything they had – and many – their lives – on the night of July 31, 1976.

I had been working some of my usual western-oriented commercial shows – rodeos, livestock shows, and horse shows.  It was at this kind of event that I set up a commercial exhibit booth and displayed my merchandise… a complete line of personalized jewelry items that were hand-made, on-the-spot, for my customers.  I put names, initials, cattle brands, ranch names, etc., on everything from a simple hat tack to items as complicated as family trees with name charms and birthstones for each member of that family. 

This particular night, I was very tired… had worked much already that summer, had just closed a show in Greeley, Colorado – as I recall… and was headed to the mountains for a few days of peace, quiet, and relaxation before going to my next show in Cheyenne, Wyoming… the famous Frontier Days event. 

It was very late at night – more accurately around 2:00 am in the morning.  The greyhound bus that had been converted into a very comfortable living facility for on-the-road travel was turned into a tiny RV park along highway 7 – somewhere between Highway I-25 and Loveland, in the heart of the Thompson River Canyon.  An  electric line had been plugged in and water connected for living convenience.  I was about to get ready for bed, when Father spoke to me and said “You didn’t ask me about this stop.”  And, of course, I had not… just doing what seemed to be the safe thing – getting off the road because driving was dangerous enough on this twisty road with its hairpin turns… but in my present condition of tiredness, it was really a challenge.  I knew from the “tone of voice” that I couldn’t stay.  God doesn’t customarily ‘shout in my ear,’ but this night… He sure was!

So, the electrical connection was again stored in the possum belly of the bus, along with the water hose.  The old diesel engine was, once again, fired and ready for action… and the tedious drive upward was made – through Loveland, through Estes Park… and finally rest came at the top of the mountain somewhere in the National Forest.

3 days went by… days of peace – quietly reading, taking some long walks, just enjoying the silence – occasionally broken by a passing bird or a deer searching for water. 

It was now time to move on toward Cheyenne and begin to prepare the display for a week or more of fast action – reuniting with friends, meeting new folks, and working many long hours filling orders for the jewelry.  But when the bus rolled onto the Frontier Day Grounds… things were very different.  Water was standing everywhere.

The first folks I spoke with began to share with me what had happened on the Saturday night – Sunday morning of the previous weekend… the night I was warned to go to the mountain!  There had been a deluge of rain inundate the Thompson River Canyon area.  About 10-14” of rain fell in approximately 4 hours.  And the worst natural disaster Colorado has ever known was the result of this mountain of water flooding through the Canyon that night.  Not only were 418 homes destroyed, 52 businesses turned into matchsticks, but 144 people lost their lives that night.  The course of the Thompson River was altered in 30 different places and over $35 million dollars in damages was done in a very short time.

Many times, I’ve had the thought… why was my life spared?  Why did I receive that strong warning?  And the most I could answer was simply:  He must not be through with me yet.  He must have something He wants to do through me. 

Thirty years later, I’m sitting behind a computer most days of my life – still talking to a whole lot of folks every day… but in a little different arena.  There is a website up on the internet now that offers a whole lot of spiritual writings by authors from all over the world… folks that have all had similar events in their own lives –  being pulled out of all kinds of situations – awakened to a deeper realization of the true values in life.  And many are finding the website, doing some reading, and asking many questions.  I’m blessed to be in the place of answering many of the questions posed and giving words of encouragement and hope to those who have been through a rough time on life’s journey. 

I remember going to apply for a DBA so I could open a checking account and as I was writing down the name I’d been given to operate with, another word appeared on the paper.  “INTERNATIONAL” was not in my head, but came off the end of my pen… and I knew the focus for whatever was about to manifest was going to involve being connected with folks from all over the world.  I had visions of living out of suitcases, sleeping in airports and trains traveling from country to country. 

But it seems to always be true that things spoken in spiritual terms seldom manifest in the manner our natural mind would think.  So, here sits this grandmother – 30 years later, writing a short story about an actual event in my own life, knowing that this message will go to many around the world that have never experienced hearing the voice of God in their ear… and will find this story hard to believe.  But I can assure you that not only will He speak to you, but He desires to do so.  And all it requires to hear Him, is setting aside some time in a quiet place and waiting on Him to share His secrets with you!  Your life will never be the same!  Try it!

If you want to know what kind of mighty storm I was delivered from in 1976, go to this great website that was created by various folks from Laramie County Colorado.  It will give you far more information about the Thompson Canyon Flood than I’ve revealed in this short sharing:

And if you have some exciting ‘escapes’ or ‘awakenings’ you’d like to share with me, just drop me an e-mail or a letter at one of the addresses below.  And take a few moments to check out some of the writings on our website at:

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