MARCH 21, 2016



Eye See a Summer Virus Outbreak


Fidel Castro’s Prophesied over 49 Years Ago





It is the Spring Equinox – March 20, at the time this writing begins.  We are moving into a very critical time for our nation and the world.  Over the next 6-9 months you will see things never before seen in our generation, as unseen hands seek to steer this nation into violence, chaos and unrest.  These same unseen hands will seem to accelerate violence on the planet globally, as the Sun moves into Aries. The fervent effectual prayers of the righteous avails much and can lessen the impact of what Eye see.


Purim is in a few days from now.  It is the festival of Revenge/Bloodshed.  Watch and pray as things escalate thereafter.


Instead of long astrological or other explanations of the coming events – this will be short and to the point mostly.  Some of these prophetic words were already posted on our Face Book account.  More people praying can bring confusion to the enemies plan.




I don’t know if this will be the revitalizing of the ZIKA Virus (Baby Head Shrinking Virus) or another one.  Fear will be in the air.  See the devil who created and has owns the Patent for the Zika Virus since 1947?  These people are heartless devils. It is designed for population control among other things.





Why was Brazil chosen at this time? Is not the Summer Olympics being held in Brazil this year?  Several months ago Eye heard the evil ones talking and strategizing how to get their poisons to spread globally through vaccines.  People will be coming from all over the world, their may be a requirement to be vaccinated to enter the country.  This is one of the options they are considering, by this people would be taking back with them something that Gates & the Rockefeller’s have cooked up.   Prayer can change this event, and possibly the Summer Virus scare.


Reason #2 – Why Brazil is being targeted.  The evil ones (zionist) seek to punish them economically for not being Pro-Israel.  They have boldly, openly, chastised Israel over the past few years. This has the potential to undermine the Brazilian economy.




As I have often stated over the years, I have no earthly Political Party (Democrat or Republican).  I have never voted.  My Party is KINGDOM.  This detachment allows me to see things much more clearer than most who have a Political Party.  I have no emotional attachment to any of the actors and clowns, although, there is one that has the heart of the people.  Unfortunately, Eye don’t see him in the White House as President.  If by a miracle he made it, his term would be interrupted by sudden death.  However, as VP he could possibly get some of his initiatives through.


God gives people what they want sometimes; this is based on where mass consciousness is in a nation.  In the Bible we have the example of Saul, the people’s choice.  The ancient Hebrew people could not discern the mind of God, much like the Church today.  Most of their prophets are blind and give political prophecies based on fear driven FOX News or one of the other outlets.  I am amazed at how many “Christians” are rallying behind Trump, Black and White.  It is especially disturbing for me seeing Christian people of color so deceived.


In 2008, some of the Christian leading prophets prophesied publicly that Sarah Palin was God’s choice for the White House.  I DID NOT agreed and stated it.  They were wrong.  (Many months prior Eye had already posted who would be POTUS.  In 2012, some of the same Christian prophets announced publicly that Mitt Romney was God’s choice.  I strongly disagreed and mocked them.  They were wrong again.  (Again-I had posted more than a year prior who would win) 2016,  the  Christians are at it again.  They say that Donald Trump is God’s choice.  I mock them and strongly disagree again.  Eye have posted for years that Eye see a female in the White House since 2012, AND mentioned her by name.


[My intent for stating this is not to boast in myself.  Without Him, I can do absolutely nothing.  We do realize that ONLY God is correct 100% of the time and that prophecy can fail, based on the consciousness of the masses.]


I asked the Father, “How could Bible believing, God fearing “Christians” be missing it AGAIN??!!”  Here is his answer to me.  “Lack of Discernment and the effects of a STRONG DELUSION they have opened themselves up to – the very elected are being Deceived.


Study this word:  “A spirit came before God and said, ‘I will go and be a lying deceiving spirit in the mouth of Ahab’s (system church) prophets, God said, You will be successful.” Read 1 Kings 22:17-22 (Hidden lesson, whatever they are prophesying & supporting – do just the opposite)


Eye do not see Donald Trump in the White House, except maybe for a visit.  TRUMP WILL NOT WIN THE ELECTION!  His trumpet blast has shown the ugliness in the hearts of many of the American people; Christians included.  The FEAR, anger, hatred, racism, violence and literal insane thinking.  Last year Eye started prophesying that Saturn (satan) would be squaring Neptune the ruler of Pisces.  Eye stated that whatever is in your heart, good, bad or ugly would be brought to the surface.  The good thing is now we can put away that lie that we have progress greatly in the area of race relationship.  Hopefully, people will put aside their Ego and seriously become a disciple of Christ. 


Here’s a word Eye prophesied March 24, 2015, 3 months before Trump entered the Presidential race:


“Eye hear the spirit say, the evil ones are about to come out of the closet and boldly announce their evil agenda.  You will be shocked at what will come out of leaders and politicians mouths in the coming weeks and months.  No more hiding, they realize their time is short and their plans for global mayhem and chaos will make headlines.  Unfortunately, most are so disconnected and they wont be taken seriously.”




Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946 – Sun in Gemini the Twins and the Little Dog (Canis Minor) & Libra rising.  This could explain his apparent schizophrenia.  Some see him as this wonderful man; others see the manic insane part of him.  The saying goes, “Every day will have his day” This dog will not have his day in the White House as POTUS.


(I know that many of you reading me are upset, throwing virtual stones and tomatoes at me- some will even go as far as holding a prayer campaign, praying that Eye Am wrong.)   : )  haha


What if I told you that this whole contest from the Trump side was planned as a decoy and detraction?  I have stated this before.  Donald Trump is willingly being used to strategically destroy the REPUBLICAN PARTY – according to the Word of the Lord I posted in 2012 and 2015.  Those who support him are assisting in the dismantling and demise of their beloved GOP that lost its grandness long ago.  Hear the word of the Lord:


The time is coming for the word below released initially November 8, 2012 to manifest.   EYE SEE Republicans changing sides and becoming Democrats and Independents – major players…Leaving the Party in disarray, confusion and distress.  Eye expect before this year is out there will be shock and awe in the Republican camp.  (Re-Posted March 2015)  (John Boener resigns – 10/15)


December 6, 2012 – Eye wrote a prophetic message called POLITICAL SIGNS IN THE NEWS – Here’s an excerpt:


“EYE SEE a phasing out of what we know of as the Republican party.  It will be broken up into many factions.  As we continue to evolve and move forward as a galactic community, there will be less room for the divisiveness, intolerance and religious anti-Christ spirit that plagues the Republican party.”  (Initially spoken/written November 8, 2012)


If my Eye be focused, Trump’s next big move.  He will leave the Republican Party, bringing a great DIVIDE and run as Independent.  Eye do not see another Republican in the White House for the next 8 years…as we identify Republican/GOP today.  It’s being dismantled, weep for it all you want-It shall never be resurrected to it formal “grandness.”


Hilary Clinton’s Birthday is October 26, 1947 – Sun in Scorpio with Serpens & Libra rising.  I won’t take the time to explain this here.  But a little research will show that globally Scorpios dominate leadership positions at this time on the planet. (Just info)


This will be one of the most critical elections of our time.  It is possibly you will see something bigger than year 2000.  Due to the violence and craziness leading up to it; some form of Martial Law might have to be implemented in a limited way.  Those of you that actually go out to the Polls, if there is another way you can vote, since you want to be a part of this system; I suggest you do it.  From what Eye am sensing, the process could be interrupted.


Eye see the next 6-9 months being very critical for this nation and the world- major attacks loss of many lives, bigger than 9-11 in USA.  Of course it wont be who they say it is.  And of course, they will have imposers or paid brown people with rags around their heads claiming to be ISIS.   Pray!!  Prayer can change this.








Isn’t it amazing how Father can use anyone he wishes to release His prophetic word?   Prophecy came forth out of the mouth of a Communist 40 years ago and it is fulfilled today.   Don’t miss your blessing by judging the exterior, religious or political views of a person.  God even spoke through Balaam’s Ass (donkey).


Eye see Cuba becoming the number one tourist spot of the Caribbean.  Eye see not only tourism, but also Alternative Health Care, many Americans will flood into Cuba in the years to come, due to the great success of Alternative Health Care.  Eye see clinics and hospitals springing up specializing in curing “incurable” diseases naturally.






Eye have been warning since last year when Saturn began to square Neptune (religion etc.) in Pisces that the covers are about to be blown off.  If you are preaching one thing and doing totally opposite, this is the year where the covers will be pulled off.  This will methodically go on through much of 2017.


Cardinals, Bishops and people in high positions-TV personalities.  Eye hear the Spirit saying, I have given you space to repent and change this…since you would not, it must be uncovered.  This is not a judgment in the negative sense; it is to help you grow beyond hypocrisy.  SEX SCANDALS & Criminal behavior will soon be making headline news – Drug overdoses.  Pray for your leaders, cover them with intercession.  He that is without sin cast the first stone.




As the Sun moves into the House of Taurus, the house that controls Finances; major things will happen.  Howbeit, much of this may not be seen  or announced in the new.   Over the next 6-9 months many negative things will be happening, but on the other hand many positive things will be happening in the Financial world.  There is a window of opportunity.




Keep in mind this is the Super Shmitah, year of Release.  It is also, Ayin Vav (Eye See Expansion).  Choose today which side you will experience.


Eye am in this world but not of this world.  Detach yourself from the lies the politicians are telling.  Even though Bernie Sanders is the most truthful, it is not possible to be totally honest about everything.  The Establishment is built on LIES and you that participate are the fuel that keeps in running.  God is my King and it matters not who wins or steals the election.




Due to the Neptune in Pisces event, there is no need to go into details at this time.  There is will be more of the same.  This cycle will go on til 2025.  Extreme Flooding, Weird Tornadoes and Storms popping up in areas uncommon – leaving much devastation.  Cover your area with prayer.  Use your authority to speak to the Storm if you hear about it coming.  Command it to change course and dissipate..


Keep these things in prayer.














































SAYING of a SEER [John Lewis] 03-21-16          5

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