Which Bit of Programming Drives You?


AUGUST 1, 2012

I have often found myself saying that religion and anti-religion are merely opposite sides of the same coin. That many people follow a religion called “science” does not mean it shouldn’t be examined for flaws. Science vs. religion …there’s really no contest or argument. The former is supposed to be based on things visible and measurable. The latter is based on the “study” of that which can neither be seen nor measured.

That the former has to change its mind from time to time to allow for new discovery and new evidence does not change its definition… in fact, continually looking for new evidence is part of the process. It is still science.

Theology by definition is the study of God. According to the understanding of some, “God” (by whatever other title or name) can neither be seen nor measured and therefore cannot be studied. Based on the foregoing, “Theology” is an oxymoron.

Words written by men (though purported to be inspired by God’s own Spirit) can be studied minutely and different men interpret them differently – leading to arguments that only prove that God cannot be proved (or disproved) by such study.

Whose words became the basis of what rules your subconscious mind?  If we think along either of the two paths I’ve laid out in the foregoing, both paths are flawed. Science by its very nature will force some of its tenaciously held-to truths to be finally dropped in favor of a whole new wave of scientific experiment and discovery …to be just as tenaciously held, to by some scientists as ultimate truth until something new hits them over the head.

As to one view of Theology, Jesus came on the scene and promised some things that are easily proven… but only by experience and that by following his instructions. If you think that some of the things being uncovered by science are amazing …and I do – you know, quantum physics; advances in the understanding of our universe through satellite probes, radio and visual telescopes and the like… then you are in for an even bigger treat. The instructions Jesus provided (in the original language) lead to promises that can be experienced TODAY.

Let’s digress: Medical “science” can look through a microscope, study x-rays and the visual feed from other instruments that detect anomalies in the human body and come to conclusions about what is causing symptoms of various diseases… or so the followers of medical science like to believe.

Medical science cannot, however, understand “miracle cures” of those who can only exclaim… “All I know is that once I was blind and now I can see.” These were the words of a man healed by Jesus and intensely interrogated by the religious of that day trying to prove that Jesus violated some religious precept or another.

What is intriguing about today’s version of the same kinds of religious folks – is that they don’t even want to ask. They may say they believe in Jesus’ ability to produce miracles historically, but they seem to want to prove that such things cannot happen today (in spite of what Jesus clearly stated) on the basis of medical science – which can only point to the “evidence” that a disease exists.

In this digression I want to point to something rather simple that I have both seen and experienced. Two separate cases of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) both of which the medical specialists (one an Orthopedic surgeon – O.D. – the other an M.D.) could only prescribe dangerous surgery that would most likely leave the patients with limited flexibility and in many cases, based on past surgeries of the same kind, would not alleviate the pain, but in fact would exacerbate it!

In the two cases I have seen… and the “miracle cures” of both which I personally witnessed… the two different doctors involved could only shake their heads. They believed the miracle because the before-and-after x-rays clearly demonstrated it!

So what? Jesus said that even if somebody were raised from the dead… the religious won’t believe. These two medical practitioners on the other hand believed because they saw the “evidence.” End of digression (and argument).

Back to the promises Jesus gave to those who are willing to receive… and the instructions he provided to anyone who would follow them …as a means by which anyone can receive the promises:

Here is what Jesus promised: “Anyone who believes enough (an accurate translation from the original language) will perform the very same miracles you have seen me perform… and in fact, even greater miracles!”

I have written numerous articles and books… one, a rather lengthy work of fiction based on many experiences of my own doing what Jesus did — because I followed the instructions he provided in order to do it. Anyone that follows the instructions can do what I do, i.e., what Jesus did. Are you an “anyone?” Would you like to learn how to do what Jesus did and said that you could do as well?

No mumbo jumbo – simple, easy-to-follow instructions. The prime prerequisite is to leave behind some of the subconscious claptrap “tapes” running over and over about Jesus being the only one that could do such things …or the opposite that all that stuff about Jesus is a myth and begin his own prescribed preparation in order to be able to do what he said anyone that believes will be able to do. The other prime prerequisite is to leave behind some of your “scientific” beliefs that they can’t be done.

Do you have any idea what is really running your sub-conscious mind? Are you willing to do something about it so that you can live into the destiny that is available to you if are but willing to put in a little time and energy?

Here’s a challenge and everyone I know who has accepted the challenge testifies to enormous changes. First be willing to speak it emphatically until you know it has taken root in your subconscious. I’ll give you the test of that proof a little later – but this is the start. Here are the words that have catapulted many into another dimension of living. NOTE: All of us are individual and the changes that have taken place are individual and are all different from anyone else …this is not cookie cutter stuff at all. Just one way of beginning to break out of the subconscious programs that are running your life FROM WHATEVER ORIGINS.

“I am in and of the will of God. Your presence and power are upon me. I have and want nothing else; and no other thought or feeling shall have a permanent place in me. I AM”

How many times am I suggesting that you speak these words emphatically as a demand or command? I can only share that I speak them several times daily and I am still breaking through into a new and deeper excitement of living every day …and I’m going on 85!

If you don’t want to say these words, go directly to our (your and my) SPIRIT-PARENT and demand in child-like fashion, over and over, relentlessly until you get words that work for you. Those ARE your SPIRIT-PARENT’s instructions that came through the mouth of Jesus. DO IT!

That is how you begin overriding the subconscious with conscious deliberation and determination. DO IT!





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