YEARS 2001 – 2003

In the course of almost any day in my office, I seem to inevitably waste a certain amount of paper – it may be because of a mistake I make on the computer, a printer error, printing something small that I’m cutting out to use on another document, etc.  But the end result is always the same:  a small pile of various sizes of paper that can be trashed.  But I have felt impressed for some time now to take that extra few minutes and, utilizing a small paper cutter I have handy, simply cut these usable pieces into 3-1/2” x 3-1/2” pieces of scrap paper to utilize for making notes during telephone conversations, etc. 

My husband was a contractor and he always took a lunch to work with him daily, along with a good-sized water jug filled with ice and water.  Many of the locations where he worked might have no available water on-site and many times were a long way far from restaurants.  So this had become a family routine each morning:  while he was eating his breakfast, I would be filling a water jug and putting a few goodies in his lunch bucket.  One morning it occurred to me to slip a “love note” into the lunch bucket.  He was so surprised and pleased that I had done this simple act.  So, I was inspired to make it a family tradition.  From then on, no matter how sleepy my eyes might be, I’d pray for my heart to receive and my hands to move and I try to include a little special something in his lunch each day.  Much to my surprise, I started receiving “love notes” also.  Sometimes my husband would take the same piece of paper I used for my note to him, turn it over, and write his own note back to me.  Sometimes he would use the little packet of “note paper” I had placed in the central bathroom and write me a note and place it on the kitchen bar or on my pillow in our bedroom. 

After almost a year of our writing these little notes in 2001, I had all of these little pieces of paper lying around – mostly stuffed under the keyboard of my computer.  My husband has not been able to work since early last November.  He had major surgery in February and today is doing better, but still taking things pretty slow.  However, he has been spending his time, when he’s felt like it, working on our home…applying all of his skill as a home re-constructor to our sanctuary.  Today, I have been blessed to move into a beautiful, new office that my husband has redecorated.  I found all these little “scraps” carefully tucked away and decided to enter them all into the computer and make them available as possible encouragement to others.  May they be a blessing to you today!


3-12-01 – Love is in bloom this springtime season.  Only God can restore youth and strength and health.  I’m believing for all of that for you and me!  Love, Sunny

3-13-01 – When you read this, I’ll be in another state, missing you.  I love you.  Call me when you get in!  Love, Sunny

3-27-01 – Love notes change from day to day.  May God be with you I pray…love, Roger   

3-28-01 – Life is ever changing.  God is ever the same.  May we be as him… love, Roger

3-29-01 – Thanks for standing beside me and being a tremendous blessing.  I love you…Roger  

3-30-01 – Moses said:  “He revealed His word to my mind.”  May He reveal his word to your mind this day.  Be blessed of the Lord in all that you say and do!  Love, Sunny

4-1-01 – I thank God for allowing us to be one in him…love, Roger   

4-3-01 – My love, you were resting so good…be blessed today.  I love you, Roger  

4-4-01 – Thanks for all your concerns for me.  It feels good to know you care without reservation.  Love, Roger  

4-5-01 – My darling.  My sleep is not the same when you’re away.  I am spoiled.  I know it and love it.  Love, Roger

4-6-01 – My angel, you are the most precious loving person I have ever know.  Love you, Roger.

4-6-01 – Love is in bloom this spring time season.  Only God can restore youth and strength and health. i’m believing for all of that for you and me. Love, Sunn

4-7-01 – It would be hard without your love in our home.  Love, Roger  

4-8-01 – I love you verrrrrry much.  May you forever feel it!  Love, Roger

4-10-01 – Never seems to be enough time to say adequately just how much I love you.  Have a great day.  You are truly a great blessing to me.

4-16-01 – Jesus wrote us a special letter on Easter.  He wrote it in red.

  We are his blood brothers.  That’s what the father said.

  His holy sacrifice keeps us from pain.

  Because of him we never lose and have everything to gain!

   Love, Roger’s girl  

4-17-01 – Color me gently as you call my name aloud

  Speak in hushed tones as you remember what he has done!

  Keep a holy reverence within the cloud

  As you recollect where you’ve come from.

  Love, Roger’s girl

4-18-01 – Partnership is based on trust

   No wonder such a battle in that realm!

   But our battle’s won by him as our own mind and voice is hushed –

   Just as simple as stepping aside and letting him take the helm.

   Love, Roger’s girl

4-19-01 – Life is a mystery

   We’re not here by our own choice.

   Jesus came to reveal the mystery!

   Now it’s time to raise your voice!

   Praise him and thank him day and night!

   Let your joy flow freely from your heart.

   Oh, to flow in the liberty – it feels so “right.”

   He knew we’d come to him right from the start!

   Love, Roger’s girl

4-20-01 – Our father is as personal as our very best friend.

  He’s as powerful as the mightiest dam.

  So how can we do more in his presence except bend?

  How can we do less than stand?

  Canons sound as the battle rages on.

  But the peace within our fort is holy.

  Nothing can penetrate his sacred calm

  As we focus on him and him only.

  your partner in peace –  Love, Roger’s girl

5-7-01 – My precious gift, I love you with all the love God can pour through me!  May this be a very special day for you! May you walk in the spirit all day!  Love, Sunny

5-7-01 – Love you all.  Thanks for everything…love, Mom [Roger’s Mom used one of our “scraps” to leave us a little love note as she was departing from a short stay with us!]  We’ve had many house guests do the same!

5-8-01 – Be all God would have you be this day.  Be quiet enough to hear what the spirit is saying.  Make any necessary adjustments so as not to grieve him.  Know you are in my prayers!  I love you!  Love, Sunny

5-9-01 – My sweetheart, may God bless you and guide you in all that you do this day!  I love you!  Sunny

5-10-01 – Clouds rolled back at his word.  Seas became planks for him to walk on.  Winds ceased to blow and waves ceased to roll at his command – such an awesome power is our God!  Love, Sunny

5-10-01 – Every day changes bring a heavenly experience.  Love you…Roger

5-11-01 – Thank God for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to know the timing of all things!  Love, Sunny

5-11-01 – May the rivers of living water flow more freely and the clearness of the spirit be discerned as the Lord penetrates your soul…love, Roger   

5-12-01 – Love keeps the flame bright in my heart and keeps my thoughts ever on you.  Be blessed this day!  Love, Sunny

5-12-01 – My heart throbs when I think of how much god loves us.  Thanks for your true love…love, Roger

5-13-01 – I love you.  God loves you – there is therefore no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus.  We’re just on a learning expedition in this life.  This life is our preparation time.  Be blessed today.  Be peaceful.  Trust the Lord in all things! Love…Roger’s girl

5-14-01 – We have another opportunity to be an instrument used by the creator of the universe!  What an awesome experience!  Be blessed!  Only he can make it happen! Love, Sunny

5-15-01 – Words from the heart will “tingle” forever.  Love, Roger

5-17-01 – Every day’s dawning is filled with the love and concern of God.  Rejoice in him.  He will give you peace and assurance…love, Roger   

5-21-01 – I loved our special lunch together.  Thank you for allowing me to spend my life with you.  Be blessed today.    Love, Roger’s girl

5-21-01 – Love is the ingredient that holds two hearts together.  I love you, Roger

5-22-01 – Thou art so precious.  God loves you.  I love you.  We love each other.  We are truly one.  Love, Roger

5-22-01 – Today is a very important day – a day of unspoken decisions being made – a day of confirmations – a deep knowing inside.  It is a time to stand and see the salvation of the Lord.  Major breakthroughs are on their way! Our love will sustain us – our love for him and for each other!  Love…Roger’s girl

5-23-01 – God’s plan:  1] listen, 2] hear clearly, 3] act on what you hear, 4] do nothing until you hear.  Hear this: I love you!  Love…Roger’s girl

5-23-01 – May your day be full of laughter and know i will call you later.  Page me if you need me.  Love, Roger

5-24-01 – I’m praying every day for you to hear clearly.  I’m behind you, trusting God in you.  You are precious in his sight! Love…Roger’s girl

5-25-01 – May your spirit override your soul in all thoughts, actions, and decisions this day.  You are loved. Love…Roger’s girl

5-25-01 – May your compassion, love and understanding grow in the Lord.  May your day be filled with victories.  May you feel the peace of God and assurance of his healing love.  Love, Roger

5-31-01 – God’s wisdom will reign in our lives this day!  God’s truth will be revealed!  God’s will shall be done! Love…Roger’s gir

6-1-01 – May God give you favor in every task today!  May all rain clouds go around you and may the clouds keep the sun off of your back.  May God give you joy in your attention to details and may peace envelope you as you labor! Love…Roger’s girl

6-1-01 – Our concern for others is a petition to present to the Lord.  For he alone will give wisdom, knowledge to know what to do.  I love you, Roger

6-4-01 – My precious husband, I love you and I’m praying for you today!  Stay in the spirit and not the flesh this day! Love…Roger’s girl

6-5-01 – This is a sleepy love note, but it is full of love for you from my heart.  Have a wonderful day, sweetheart!  Love Sunny

6-8-01 – God’s provision comes when one pays close attention to the instructions.  Listening is a valuable lesson.  Love, Roger

6-10-01 – Busy day – thank God for the time to pray with you in our little playhouse. Love, Roger

6-10-01 – My love, my precious, my bestest friend.  I really appreciate you.  May God lead you this day.  Love, Roger  

6-17-01 – When one thinks of others, by living as Father has planned, there is perfect peace in one’s own being.  Love, Roger

6-25-01 – Today is the beginning of something grand.  Be led by the spirit of God – make no move independently and all will be as it should.  Know you are loved! Love… Roger’s girl

7-3-01 – Thank you for loving me!  I’m so glad God wants to touch us and care for us through each other! Love, Sunny

7-3-01 – Please don’t forget – love notes are important.  Love, Roger

7-4-01 – Clone or crown? – Pattern your life after others or follow the Holy Spirit to perfection – thus receiving a crown. Love, Sunny

7-4-01 – The time we spend together is to be treasured, respected and never taken for granted… for the giver of time wants it that way.  Love, Roger  

7-5-01 – Time is a curse or it is a blessing!  It all depends on you.  Is that not also true of automobiles, tv’s, weather, and friends?  Self-control is the key – an important gift of the spirit!  Love… Roger’s girl

7-11-01 – The earth is the lord’s and the fullness thereof.  Take no thought of tomorrow.  Love…Roger’s girl

7-12-01 – This is a special day for a special man – be blessed in all that you do!  Keep your heart protected.  May you never lose your tenderness – it is a precious gift! [happy birthday].  Love, Sunny

7-12-01 – My love extends farther than my hands and is more vast than my imagination.  Love, Roger   

7-13-01 – May this weekend bring great fellowship and may you always remember that the plan is, was, and always has been God’s plan.  Love, Roger

7-15-01 – May we love the Father more today and be acceptable in his sight.  I’m glad to be a portion of his plan. Love, Roger 

7-16-01 – Moment by moment, we are maturing…to speak a mature gospel…leaning totally on God…love, Roger  

7-17-01 – Order, divine order is permeating our household as we give up control in each area.  Love…Roger’s girl

7-18-01 – Never seek the wisdom of man – only the wisdom of God; for man’s intellect is against the plan of God. Love…Roger’s girl

7-19-01 – Morning, noon, and night, i desire to be within your sight – for this is my place.  Good to know which is your own space!  Love…Roger’s girl

7-20-01 – May you be led by the spirit of God in all you do this day! Love, Sunny

7-20-01 – Continual perseverance will reach the goal.  Keep the vision in mind.  It will come to pass.  Love, Roger

7-21-01 – l Love is expressed in action.  Love is unmeasurable when there is no competition.  Love, Roger

7-22-01 – God’s direction will lead you to a place where you are at peace with yourself.  Love, Roger  

7-22-01 – Love you…have a very blessed day…love, Sunny

7-23-01 – Seek wisdom with all of your heart.  She is the only source for godly knowledge.  Know you are loved! Love…Roger’s girl

7-24-01 – Man’s carnality causes him to evade responsibility and also causes him to walk in delusion. Love, Sunny

7-24-01 – I love you.  Hope you have a good day – maybe you can share about your book later.  Love, Roger   

7-25-01 – You are my precious sweetheart.  I’m glad to be home with you.  Love… Roger’s girl

7-26-01 – Welcome home.  Know you are loved and needed…not just wanted.  Love you, Roger  

8-1-01 – God’s love is eternal.  Allow it to flow through you.  Love, Roger

8-9-01 – Many thoughts are of you – your beautiful heart – your warm smile – the thoughtful things you do – all the ways you show your love for me! Love…Sunny

8-12-01 – Now is the shining moment between the past and the present – the only place where God’s light is shining the only lighted area to work within!  Love, Sunny

8-12-01 – Today is different than all those of the past.  Focus on the now and the future will take care of its self. Your love, Roge

8-15-01 – Be looking.  Be praying.  For God is opening new avenues.  Love, Roger  

8-16-01 – Honey, I love you…Roger  

8-17-01 – You are my one and only…love, Roger

9-7-01 – We’re in the dawn of a new time in God.  He’s taking us into a higher realm.  Keep your eyes on Him and circumstances will come into alignment with His plan.  You have more of the mind of Christ today than you  did yesterday!  Love…Roger’s girl

9-11-01 – A merry heart is an open door for peace.  Protect your heart – don’t even consider anger, bitterness, or resentment – they are peace robbers.  Pass each test and keep your peace.  Peace is most important for good health [mentally and physically]!  Love…Roger’s girl

9-12-01 – We are on the road less traveled and we have never been this way before.  Therefore, we are so totally dependent on God to raise up the sign posts – to give us the signal to make a turn.  Only God can protect us from terrorists and the terror that follows.  Go with God! Love…Roger’s girl

9-13-01 – Peace, peace!  God is not double-minded.  Know you are loved and I am praying!  Love…Roger’s girl

9-17-01 – Sons of God not only receive the blessings of protection, provision and purpose, but the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the plans and purposes of god – not to mention the peace!  May you be peaceful this day.  You are loved! Love…Roger’s girl

9-18-01 – Guardian angels surround you and god’s love abounds toward you.  You are my white knight in shining armor. Know that I love you!  Love…Roger’s girl

9-19-01 – One hour of God’s favor is more valuable than a lifetime of man’s blessings.  May you walk in the favor of God this day! Love…Roger’s girl

9-20-01 – Love you!  Have a very blessed day!  Love, Sunny

9-25-01 – God has made us for such a time as this.  We are warriors of the spirit.  It is time we go to battle.  Let us not be deceived.  Our weapons are all spiritual – let’s pull down strongholds and set captives free.  Lives depend on us.  Love, Sunny

10-1-01 – My love for you is true.  My heart is peaceful and my mind free of worry, but my spirit is fighting for those on the edge.  Love, Sunny

10-4-01 – Steadfast is my love for you – faithful is my heart toward you.  Blessed are you as a child of the king.  May this be a day of blessing for you in all that you say and do!  Love…Roger’s girl

10-5-01 – Life is never by choice, but by his design.  May he design a great day for you! Love…Roger’s girl

10-8-01 – I’m just so in love with you – so happy – so grateful god brought us together.  Have a blessed day! Love…Roger’s girl

10-17-01 – Now what?  I still love you!  I’m praying you have all the guidance and direction you need – all the blessings of God, the wisdom of God, and his understanding as well.  Now what?  Love…Roger’s girl

10-18-01 – Constant – steadfast – never failing.  That is the love of God and my love for you.  Love, Sunny

10-19-01 – Unfailing – complete – full [without measure] is the love of God.  Love… Roger’s girl

10-21-01 – God will not lead you where he cannot keep you.  Double blessings are yours and God is pouring those out on you.  Nothing can separate you from his love.  Love, Sunny

10-23-01 – I’m so glad we are not just “marking time”.  I love you.  You are my hero!  Love, Roger’s baby

10-24-01 – My love for you continues to grow with each new day!  I’m grateful for you and what God is doing in and through you.  May God give you the peace, joy, and wisdom sufficient for today!  Love, Sunny

10-25-01 – I love you.  May your day be just as beautiful as you…love, Roger

10-31-01 – Your heart is pure and your smile can heal all of the gloom on a rainy day.  I’m grateful God sent you to me!  Love, Roger’s baby

11-1-01 – Rest in the Lord today in the midst of your labors.  Know He will carry the load only if you willingly release it. Blessings, to you!  Roger’s girl

11-2-01 – God is so good!  We are so blessed!  I love you so much!  Thank you for loving me.  Love, Sunny

11-3-01 – Continue in all that you know and believe God will add understanding to the knowledge and wisdom to the understanding.  Blessings…Roger’s girl

11-05-01 – Happy is the man whose Lord is God!  Happy is the man whose wife is happy about the new laundry room floor!  I love working with you on our “family projects.”  Love and thanks, Roger’s girl

11-06-01 – Courage for the challenges of today…mercy toward those around you…wisdom to apply the knowledge and understanding you possess and the love you need to blend it all into a wonderful day…this is my prayer for you…love, Roger’s girl

11-05-01 – I thank God for our inseparable love…love, Roger   

11-7-01 – Love will never fail for only God can produce love!  Be blessed in all you do today.  Love, Roger’s baby girl


9-20-02 – My precious love, may God richly bless you as you do your labor of love today to provide for our household.  I’m praying for you and I know Dorothy is, too!  I love you so much!  Love, Roger’s girl

9-21-02 – It’s miracle time!  We’ve prayed for them and they are here.  It isn’t happening the way we thought, but no one can deny it is happening.  Begin to believe God for the same financial miracles as we are seeing happen in the physical realm!  I love you!  Roger’s girl

9-22-02 – May you be filled with everlasting joy, health, and peace.  Love you, Roger

9-23-02 – My husband, God is in control. All is well!  It doesn’t matter about anything else.  I love you, Roger’s girl.

9-24-02 – I am praying for you.  I love you verrrrry much.  Have a blessed day!  Love, Roger

10-2-02 – Baby, this is a love note to tell you how special you are and how much I care.  I’m praying for you to have a great, safe day.  Love, Roger’s girl

10-17-02 – Hello my precious, just remember I love you and always will.  I’m praying for you today.  Have a very blessed day!  Love, Roger’s girl

10-29-02 – Morning has broken and I’m so aware of the love of God toward us and my love toward you – this unbroken fellowship – our relationship!  We are most blessed of all people!  Have a great day and allow your mind to dwell on this love we have and share.  Your girl

11-6-02 – I love you.  I saw you were up late, so I let you sleep.  Have a good day!  Love, Roger

11-14-02 – Your daily labor is greatly appreciated.  It provides our daily bread!  May you be blessed in your body, soul and spirit this day!  Roger’s girl

11-15-02 – I’m praying today for a safe, easy, good day – for you to get home ahead of the cold front and for the Lord to guide your every step!  Love you, Sunny

11-18-02 – I love you – 6:20 am – your wife – Roger’s girl

11-19-02 – The greatest love is the love of understanding.  I love you, Roger, your bestest friend.

11-20-02 – You are God’s child.  He loves you.  I believe you’re healed through his stripes.  Love, Roger

12-12-02 – My sweet precious husband – I’m so grateful for the love of God that manifests in our home!  Thank you for loving me, too!  Have a very blessed day!  Love, Roger’s girl


1-7-03 – Today you have a 42yr old son!  Shocking?  No – but sobering! He has great respect for you because you have earned that respect!  I’m so grateful for another day!  Thank you for all you do to spoil me!  Roger’s girl

3-3-03 – Today is very significant – our focus on the Lord will bring revelation of why.  I love you…Roger’s girl

6-3-03 – I am in love with you – love, Roger [also called at lunchtime to tell me so!]






















SCRAPS OF LOVE [Sunny Orly Coffman] Years 2001 – 2003         1


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