In the very beginning God made

the heavens and the earth. The earth

was without form and empty. The

Spirit of God was moving over the

surface of the waters.

And God said, ‘Let there be light’

and there was light. And God saw that

the light was good; and God separated

the light from the darkness. God

called the light ‘day’ and the darkness

he called ‘night’.

God also created the sky and the

waters and the herbs and the trees and

the stars to shine, as well as the

creatures of the sea and the birds and

all the animals and insects. Then God

made the first man: Adam. God made

Eve a helper of Adam and called her


The Lord God took the man and

put him in the garden of Eden to look

after it. And the Lord God

commanded the man saying, ‘You may

freely eat of every tree of the garden;

but of the tree of the knowledge of

good and evil you shall not eat,

because it will cause death.’

Satan, in the form of a serpent,

tricked the woman and she ate of the

tree of the knowledge of good and

evil. The man Adam ate some of this

fruit also. This was called ‘The Fall’,

because death came into the world.

Even at this time God had a plan.

‘He drove out the man … lest he

put forth his hand and take also of the

Tree of Life, and eat, and live for

ever.’ This would allow sin to grow,

but in God’s purpose, it is to purify

man from sin.

However, as men grew in number

‘wickedness increased’ until ‘the earth

was evil before God and filled with

violence’ and God declared ‘I will

destroy man from the face of the


Noah and his family and the

animals with them built an Ark and

survived the flood that God sent to

cleanse the Earth.

From Noah the earth was re-

populated. ‘The sons of Noah, that

went out from the Ark were Shem,

Ham and Japheth … and of them the

whole earth was overspread.’

In man’s efforts to be powerful and

God-like, the tower of Babel was

built: ‘Let us build a tower … let us

make us a name … lest we be scattered’.

However, God said ‘let us go

down and confound them and scatter

them’. So they were scattered in the

Dispersion. Those descended of Ham

(Hamitic) spread to Africa and Arabia,

from Shem (Semitic) were those that

spread through Assyria and Israel, and

Japheth (Japhetic) were those that

spread through Asia Minor and


People began again to bow down

to idols (idolatry) rather than God.

So, God chose to separate a family

from all the families of the Earth, that

in this family the people might be pure

and holy, and have understanding of

the true God and His ways. The father

of this pure family was Abraham. All

this indicated a new start for the

Kingdom of God, for in the call of

Abraham, God began to prepare the

world for the Redeemer: ‘The Seed of

the Woman’ (Jesus) as promised in the

very beginning.

God sent many prophets to call

the people back to His Way. Yet they

usually chose to go their own way. In

the most perfect Act of Love, God

himself became the form of a man

(Jesus) and came into His Creation.

His purpose was to show by example

the Perfect Life, to Love and Heal, to

impart for all Generations the

Message of Ultimate Truth, and

finally to break the power of death and

evil and allow every man, woman and

child through all time the opportunity

to be cleansed from sin and the shame

of wrong-doing. He gives his

followers new life, abundant life,

release from darkness. And,

ultimately, an inheritance in the

Paradise of God.

Jesus descended from Abraham,

fulfilling God’s promise to Abraham

that ‘… in your Seed shall all the

people of the Earth be blessed.’

John the Baptist knew this truth

and when he saw Jesus said, ‘Behold

the Lamb of God who takes away the

sins of the world.’

So, sin (missing the mark) need

no longer separate us from God, for

Jesus has removed the barrier. ‘Behold,

the dwelling place of God is with men.

He will dwell with them, and they

shall be his people, and God Himself

will be with them. He will wipe away

every tear from their eyes, and death

shall be no more, neither shall there be

mourning nor crying, nor pain any

more, for the former things have

passed away.’

Yet, ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear

heard, neither has entered into the

heart of man, the things that God has

prepared for them that love Him.’

Jesus said ‘I am the Way and the

Truth and the Life.’



SCROLL OF THE DESTINY OF THE WORLD, THE [Sadhu Sundar Singh]          1


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