JANUARY 27, 2004

The free gift of righteousness is come forth in all the earth like a blanket of new grass that can’t be held back; the complete covering moss of His Presence.

Divine discernment has come within that we may see this reality. As we walk in pure Spirit, which we are, we discover we are caught away in Glory after Glory, His saving Grace flowing forth from within. This is the joy and amazement of life.

Uncovering this new world is the “Greater works” of which Jesus Himself spoke; to know that the price has been paid for all men, and to see the Kingdom of God that has always been within all men. We have uncovered by Spirit, our Father within, knowing and confessing His fullness, bowing to His wonderful “So great salvation,” and seeing every man under the Blood of The Lamb.

It’s no wonder our tongues have been loosed to speak the language of Heaven for it’s impossible to describe this wonder with men’s words.

You now sit at the right hand of the Father and know, “I am happy; I am the fullness of all my needs, and I am complete. Everything I am or ever may be is Spirit, washed clean and pure in Him. I am never again under self-condemnation or any condemnation at all. Everything I am is positive as My God is all positive. I am is always the positiveness of Father, and nothing proceeds from Him but reality which is truth.”

Oh, this is rest and the good news of the Gospel.

How great is salvation? How great is God? Salvation has touched our tongues that we shall never thirst again. Here, the King’s Salvation is, springing everlastingly upwards like Jack’s beanstalk, revealing the all new glorified man as us.

So you are on your face in adoration and worship, having slipped away from the tentacles of the world. Now you understand that The Kingdom of God is not meat and drink’s limitations, but unlimited peace, joy and Jesus’ manifest ever revealing Presence making clear all that He is. Everything is in its place, because He has made the final sacrifice; none required of you.


And we are forgiven for what we did at the cross to our Lord Jesus and to ourselves. We are forgiven for thinking we were separate from God, and now know we are accepted in the Living Room of Our Father. As we hung on the Cross, we cried “Oh the pain, as our blood poured out and our hearts broke for humanity, because we did not know.

That day, we heard Jesus say, I will see you in the resurrection on this third day. You will be with Me in My Father, pure and wholly Spirit. For it is given once to die and now the resurrection.” He said, We shall rise as One, The Son of God. We will be known the righteousness of Our Father; The Lamb of God, the pristine Presence of Light, and we will know as we are known.”

And then it was finished. It was sealed. Father gave Himself to us wholly. He placed the ring on our finger and the seal of righteousness on our foreheads; Himself. He made us His image upon earth and placed within us the Captainship of salvation; the helm of our footsteps.

Today, He does as we, what we could not have done. He leads us, His army of righteousness, and guides us into all Truth, as He awakens us to Himself.

We discern who we are, as love pours out from His bounty within. Oh, the love, billowing abundance according to our ability to receive; a daily overflowing increase.

Certain awakenings have come forth as we positively know that the little me, or the old man is gone, and it is not I but Christ. We have found ourselves free from the pressures of time and limitation. We are free to trust and be at peaceful rest, not subject to the beggarly elements; the appearance world having passed from our sight. We have dismissed the carnal mind and the negative world as we stand in the midst of the ONE World, Our Father. We have found the Anvil of His Presence, and stand anchored in The Light. We are anchored, yet we move at His unction or command.

Let this be said: We are a whirring righteous Presence, a vortex of peace, and the witness of His loving hand. We are become the household of God, The City of Refuge. Herein is no guile, for we know His voice and obey or move as it. With a standard in our hands, we call to awakening. Heaven is in our hearts and eyes. We cannot help what we have become, having freely sprung forth from The Seed of His Righteousness. This is as sure as the rising sun.

The thunder of our silence is heard by the world, as our Government speaks: ” I shall be found in you, for you are mine, bought with a price. You are apprehended as I have led captivity captive; My voice ringing inside. There is a now Spirit that says, I am come.

Standing on the four corners of the earth, you will find me everywhere proclaiming the good news.”

Blessings Today,


SEAL OF HIS FULLNESS, THE [JimMelba Crofford]          1


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