A Testimony of Perception

A TESTIMONY OF PERCEPTION BY:  DAVE GARNER MARCH 24, 2008 Many years ago I was working in a factory which made floor cleaning equipment.  Before each work day I would get up, put on my blue jeans, work shirt, well worn cowboy boots or clod hoppers, my ball cap and go...

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TESTIMONY of DALE THOMPSON Greetings everyone in Christ our Lord, Some of you do not know me so allow me to give you a short introduction. My name is Dale Thompson and I live by the Kingdom principles as a light to the world. I am truly convinced of sonship, and the...

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Testimony of a Computer Crash

TESTIMONY OF A COMPUTER CRASH BY:  SUNNY ORLY COFFMAN JANUARY 31, 2000 I've just gone through what every computer owner doesn't want to experience.  I've had my computer crash!  So, just like we are promised, what may have been meant for something negative has turned...

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Testimony of the 2 Holsters

TESTIMONY OF THE 2 HOLSTERS BY:  SUNNY ORLY COFFMAN APRIL 10, 2002 Those of us who have been involved, to any extent, with the teachings coming forth from the “faith preachers” know that, according to their teaching, you must “seed” into the Kingdom in order to...

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