Everywhere the Scriptures are being wounded in the house of friends. We are continually urged to forsake the letter and cling to the spirit. But no one can receive or hold to the spirit except through the letter. It was not the Pharisees who spoke of the jots and tittles of the law, but our Lord Himself.

Let us cling to the great fact that the Word of God is living and operative. Let us urge saints and sinners to search it. It will not return to Him void. And when some part is not plain, let us not seek to line it up with our apprehension, but with the facts on its face. It should never be translated so as to disturb the relations established between the various statements in its context, when these are fixed for us by well known links.

“Be searching the Scriptures.” This will not keep anyone from Christ. On the contrary, those who really search the living oracles will discover Christ suffusing all, and, seeing Him, will find the life abundant. And what safer, saner, more satisfactory assistance to our search can we find than a method, which leads us face to face with the inspired text and passes by the opinions, not only of the translator, but of ourselves also? God grant that the reader may indeed be searching the Scriptures and secure the satisfaction of a close acquaintance with God through His Word!

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SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES [Adolph E. Knoch]          1


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