APRIL 20, 2008

I sit me down in the Living Room of God. With a sigh of relief, I contemplate how many years I have known the door is open. Like entering the eye of the storm, calm is here, peace reigns.

There came an end to my own faith’s desire when I fully accepted His will. I was wrapped in His Glorious Presence. No more scheming; no more planning; no more fear or doubt. I have returned everything to The Father. This is the place of no worry or concern. Life is on every hand, a gentle atmosphere. It can easily be described as peace, joy and Father’s Hand. It is the power of eternal Life.

Yes, I am a busy Son, and only about the Father’s Business. His plan is far above any I previously formed. No wonder He asked me to quit watching the news; to make my own news; to quit making plans, and watch the enfoldment of His plan. The news writes confusion, dismay and limitless unbelief. I prefer to swim in His blood, or rest on the banks of His Will. Let me be busy only at His bidding that my steps prove out. This is Home. I prefer to bow to that which is whole.

Like a little child, I open the Treasures of Him. There is no wonderment here. Everything comes across crystal clear. I am the owner of nothing. I no longer pay the bills or hide the leftovers. He has handled it. I have found “Free indeed.” I watch the heavens as rainbows take on greater and greater color. There, I see a cloud like a man’s hand, and await the uncovering of The great mystery before me. I cherish His will; His hand, and His Favor. I hold nothing back nor covet anything. Now, I find I am His Will, and in that Will, all things are in order and in harmony. Me, out of the way, the locomotive of His Presence works perfection. Forever, I am privileged to behold the rush of Him.

Father stands tall; Son of God; the reborn man of creation. Nothing hinders this new story. He is aware of The Light of Himself; The City on a Hill. The waters are parted, and behold ONE MAN, Who Is New and Perfect. There is no conflict. (“Be ye perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”)  Peace is His Appearance over all the earth.

It is given that there is no adversary here; just One Voice and One Mind and One Thought and One Presence.  Single minded makes complete. Every nation will discover the door has always been open, and will feel the warmth of His Presence. Every man will discover their free inheritance Who Is Christ Himself risen.




SEATED at HOME [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-20-08          1


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