JULY 18, 2007

I request and must hear a mighty drum roll and a great clash of cymbals, and most definitely must call forth the trumpeters of Heaven for Salvation’s Darling is here in my heart, in my mind and as my Spirit. He is here before I can take thought, before I can call His Name or before the twinkling of an eye. He is here with all He Is, and all He will ever Be. He is here before I may drum up faith or formulate desire. He has already sanctioned my every step and every thought; every awakened or sleeping moment.

There shall never be any other man that can always (only do what he sees the Father do.) I know Him as The Only Begotten, the Savior of every man; The Only Life and Potentate There Is or will ever Be. I know Him as The All, and Only Breath, Light and Love I Am; The Only Action or Rest or Truth. He Is The Only One Who always does what He sees The Father do. He is known as The Only Friend, Only Health, Only Wisdom and Only Warmth for He Is All In All.

I know Him As The Only Righteousness and Only Redemption; now Present, moving and Being before my eyes in every man that is in the world. He Is our feet and hands, our hearts and our House Of Heaven here today, as well as our pathway, our strength, and our quickened immortal stature. His flesh and bones are sufficient for He Is That Body. I know Him as Lamb Presence of God, Comforter and Infinite State of Consciousness right now.

There shall never be a greater state of awareness than that which He Is today; nothing yet to come; He Being The Eternal Resurrected One now dwelling as The Light That Lighteth Every Man. Jesus Is The Full State of Awareness now and forever; Unlimited and complete, and He Is Come In The Flesh. He is not ( carnal flesh man ) as is obviously known, but Is quickened and made alive in all. He is easily identified in the faces of love. He is the risen you.

I hear, “I TAKE YOU OUT TO SEA. Let us traverse the calm sea, the sea of tranquility, where every wind of doctrine does not create waves of turmoil. We shall not be double minded, but know only one power; God of mercy and love ever Present. Here, as we walk upon the calm sea, I reveal Myself in My Fullness.

I emphasize My final sacrifice where men are reconciled unto My Father’s House; where the shed blood did bring forth utter victory and take away all imagined separation which is so called sin; where all men are made One New Man. No matter how many thoughts come from the mind of man, and no matter how My Final Sacrifice is denied, this new creation came forth from this very day’s act, and was confirmed by My Resurrection; now confirmed again as we walk together on tranquil waters. This is our earth walk glorified.

How many times have great miracles been wrought like cars passing through buses or trucks without harm or with the dead being raised again. Or consider the times when My Name is instantly spoken when catastrophe seems immanent. This is wholly desirable to all men. This is the day of My Appearing even at these reminded times. These are examples of the fulfillment of The Promise, The Utter Victory accomplished at the Cross. Why

should men deny so great a salvation, and create a whole different sort of promise that someday all will be well after the trials and problems are gone? Why would they glorify problems or lift them up before men or even declare them, and cling to the old covenant, rather than to magnify this new day of perfect righteousness Who I Am. Where I am, all is Holy and Pure and without harm in all My Holy Mountain. Aren’t peace and joy and harmony in Me love enough?

The good news is this: I Am Come to reveal perfection; Myself, that men have been unable to see. I am here, The Lighted Pathway Within each. The Life I laid down at the Cross is their instant consciousness; their resurrection; their whole answer. It is that simple. There is no work yet to be done, and all the Honor and The Glory Is Father; That Which Is Perfect. I say peace be still and be not afraid. Cease from struggle, and know that wherever you are, I am here. My faith and My Life and My Love is Thine for I Am In You, The Whole of Your Life. “

My Presence, My Love, My Life and My Consciousness Is At Hand; not coming, but here and now. My shaking of your earth has been to release all that pride has known and that you come as a little child unto Me. It’s just fine to be a chick in Father’s nest remembering Me. I am your answer. I Am Your Born Again Life and Existence. We are ONE and We are triumphant. Father’s Wings cover the earth and you will daily be glad to discover this.” Amen



SECOND APPEARING of the LORD, JESUS CHRIST [Jim-Melba Crofford] 7-18-07          1


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