“Say among the nations, The Lord reigns, let the heavens rejoice… let the earth be glad.” Psalms 96:10-11 This has been our declaration throughout the year, as we have gone from nation to nation, city to city, and remote villages.

It is so wonderful to know that God is in control. In spite of the oppression, corruption, and injustice of the leaders whom God has allowed to be in their positions; the Lord reigns. In spite of the crimes, wars, racial conflicts, economical and spiritual crisis; the Lord reigns. Therefore, we will rejoice and be glad. Hallelujah!

I would like to share part of a Vision and Word given by the Spirit in late November 1997, while waiting for a Word from the Lord to share at a speaking engagement.

During my time of worship and meditation the Spirit began to speak to me about the holy anointing oil of Exodus 30:22-33. As I opened my bible, my attention was drawn to the number of ingredients used to make this holy anointing oil, then to the spices used. The spirit of revelation was released within me and I saw a vision of some people mixing the ingredients very carefully and skillfully. I could sense the sweetness of the spices (not smelling them), and at times the sensing was so strong that it tickled my nose to the point of sneezing.

The vision then changed, the holy anointing oil was completed and ready to be used. I saw what appeared as Aaron the first high priest of the Old Testament and a hand began to lavishly pour this holy anointing oil on him. He stood dripping and glistening with the holy anointing oil. Again I could sense a strong sweet odor, this time surrounding him as he stood silently.

The Word of the Lord began to come to me saying, “I will cause a sweetness of my Spirit to began to blow throughout the earth, that will overpower the stench of man’s corruption. I will cause them to experience and know My Sweetness. Out of the bitterness and things that would cause pain, shall sweetness come. That which has tried to eat you up, shall be food for you. Those things that came to devour you, shall be your deliverance, and the things that were sent to stop you, shall send you forth.”

My attention was drawn back to those mixing the ingredients for the holy anointing oil. And He said, “This is the Ministry of the Apothecary, they are a prophetic people with discernment. I have trained them to skillfully measure out and mix the highest truth with expressions of My Spirit revealed for today, which will produce a special anointing for My Royal Priesthood, and for the planet.”

I could see these prophetic intercessors releasing this anointing in local assemblies, home meetings, then the world appeared before me. There was a network of light kriss-crossing the planet till I could see nothing but a network of light. This light turned into oil and the planet was dripping with this holy anointing oil, one could not discern the geography of the continents and nations. The sweetness from this global anointing seem to not only affect our planet, but the universe.

He showed me that Aaron represents a people that are being anointed and prepared for the Great Change. This is the experience that I so often teach, preach and prophesy about; the Holy of Holies, Tabernacle, Fullness Experience. That which we have longed for, all creation has waited, and groaned for, is at hand. As powerful as that truth is, I realize that it is only a minute detail in the great scheme of things.

The mystical mixture of the sacred spices, olive oil and their measurements were indeed produced to make the holy anointing oil for the tabernacle and ministry of that day. The principal spices all have deeper meanings which reach into our day and beyond. As the ministry of the apothecary is released, we will experience a greater expression of the 5-fold ministry. The 5-fold ministry are the Sacred Spices and Olive Oil which produces the Holy Anointing Oil, the anointing that enabled Aaron to go beyond the veil into the Holy of Holies.

Exodus 30:22-25 The principal spices and ingredients are

1} Pure Myrrh – the Prophet

2} Cinnamon – the Evangelist

3} Calamus – the Teacher

4} Cassia – the Pastor

5} Olive Oil – the Apostle

When Aaron went behind the veil, and before the Ark of the Covenant, he did not only go to represent fallen humanity. In the secrets of the spices and other ingredients used on that special day (Yom Kippur), the Animal Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom and Mineral Kingdom were also represented. Thus, signifying that all creation shall be restored.

Aaron was a light (witness) to the nation of Israel, Israel became a light (witness) to the known world, the Church has become a light (witness) to the whole world, and this planet shall become a light (witness) in the universe. He that has ears to hear, let him hear. This is part of the vision and word from the Lord given to me over a period of two days. It was two weeks prior to this experience that the Spirit stirred me to meditate on the thought, “Secrets of the Spices,” when the first message was given. I will be released to share more in the near future of the things I saw, heard, and what was revealed.

As the Inner Apothecary (Christ) skillfully works to blend every area of your life, that which appears positive or negative; let patience have her perfect work. For He is measuring out and compounding each of those experiences to produce a sweet fragrance unique to the Christ in you, it cannot be duplicated.

Receive this Holy Anointing with the Myrrh of Meekness, the Cinnamon of Goodness, the Calamus of Gentleness, the Cassia of Surrender/Brokenness, and the Olive Oil of Enlightenment. Become that sweet smell in the nostrils of friends, family, and those who pass you by that have become addicted to the stench of society. May you drip and glisten with the character of Christ and manifested power of the Holy Ghost.



THE PRINCIPAL SPICES – Exodus 30:22-25


For the Lord will do greater things. This is the acceptable year of the Lord’s favor. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me that this shall be a year of FULFILLMENT. You will experience fulfillment in relationships, careers, family, physical health and also spiritually. God’s favor is upon you. Get a vision, aim high, decree a thing and it shall be established.

For God is able to do abundantly and above all that you think or ask, therefore ask largely, and Expect it says the Spirit of the Lord.

Enjoy the Abundance, for why should you experience lack, when I have lavishly provided for you? Why would you weary yourself, when I have called you to enter into my rest? And why should you continue to fight, when I have already given you the victory? It really is finished says the Lord. Hallelujah!

I would like to continue with the message from December. I shared parts of a vision and prophetic words given regarding the spices used to make the holy anointing oil.

Since that publication was sent out I’ve gotten several responses of confirmation, other Prophets around the country that are declaring the same thing. Praise God!

In November 1997 the Lord drew my attention to Exodus 30:22-33. For many hours over a period of 2 days I was caught up in a vision. I saw the Ministry of the Apothecary and a Global Anointing being released. I saw men and women of God demonstrating this prophetically by flying over their cities and pouring out holy anointing oil from the aircraft’s.

I saw that this anointing would bring Healing to the cities, states and nations. God’s power not only bringing physical healing; but racial, religious and the healing of the planet.

The Lord began to speak to me about this planet being terminally ill and humanity also. As the network of light from the intercessor began to kriss-cross the planet, the light turned into oil, and the planet began to drip with this holy anointing oil. The stench of death and destruction was overpowered by the sweet fragrance of the oil.

THE PRINCIPAL SPICES – Exodus 30:22-25

1} Pure Myrrh – (Freedom, spontaneous outflow; also the Hebrew word used for Prophet)

This was obtained by making a deep incision in the tree to extract the sap. And myrrh speaks of bitterness. This is the part of your growth where God cuts you, prunes you, that you can produce more fruit. These are the bitter circumstances that come your way, things that hurt.

It takes this deep incision to bring you to freedom, spontaneous praise; you become more sensitive, and get greater insight. (Pure Myrrh has healing properties and is being used to bring healing today).

Many times the knife that God uses is family members, that person on the job, that unbelieving spouse, or that obnoxious Christian.

2} Sweet Cinnamon – (to stand erect, uprightness. Evangelist)

This spice is native of India or Ceylon. You will notice how God specifies it as Sweet. This is the opposition of the pure myrrh which was bitter.

God is a God of perfect balance. He will not allow you to only experience the hardships of life. He is Faithful to bring about the Sweet things too. After you have been cut, beat down and feel like you’re barely holding on and can hardly walk: He will send the Sweet Cinnamon. This will cause you to stand up again, you will realize that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

Sometimes we go through things and we don’t understand why, and we feel unworthy, unsaved and unclean. God is setting you up for a blessing. It may come through the most unlikely source. The thing or person that has caused you pain, can bring you pleasure.

3} Sweet Calamus – (A reed, rod for measuring, balance. Teacher)

You will also notice that this spice is also Sweet. Hallelujah!! The bigger the problem, the Greater the Blessing shall be.

A just balance is His delight. You are His delight and He will not allow you to suffer more than you can bear. For you are precious in His eyes, more to be desired that fine gold.

4} Cassia – (To bend the head, contract; surrender. Pastor)

This is the spice / experience that produces brokenness. It’s Sweet Surrender, not against your will. This is where you say, “yes, yes, yes.” All day it’s yes, yes, yes. Because you have tasted the bitterness of pure myrrh, sweet cinnamon, sweet calamus; you can now trust Him. You know that he has your best interest in mind.

At this level you are now content in whatever state you’re in. None of the outward things move you, be it sweet or bitter; it’s only yes Lord.

5} Olive Oil (Yielding Illumination – Richness, fatness. Apostle)

Olive oil was used for food and illumination. Now that you have allowed the Chief Apothecary to measure out and compound the experiences you need for your development, the anointing can be released for your life.

This anointing brings nourishment and illumination. Psalms 23:5 God brings you to a place of richness and fatness. NO LACK!

This is the place of Unity, Maturity, Authority and Prosperity. Psalms 133 You have been broken to the extent that you can be an able minister. A Priest, because you can identify with the sins and weakness of those you minister to. You have become the broken Cassia… a Prophet, because you’ve allowed the knife of God to cut deeply within your life and healing has come. You have tasted the bitterness of Pure Myrrh, which has heighten your sensitivity… a King, because you know who you are. The bitter, sweet and brokenness has produced the authority you now have. You have been faithful over the little, now you can rule over much. Your face shines with the Olive Oil of Illumination and Joy.

God is doing a very unique work by His Spirit in the earth today. Isaiah 43:18-19 May you be perfumed with the fragrance of Christ, the sweet fragrance that produces healing and enlightenment. In Jesus Name.



In December I was privileged to minister at La Mesa Penitentiary in Mexico, there are about 4500 prisoners. It is like a subculture, a city within a city.

No one wears uniforms; the prisoners are allowed to bring their wives in to serve time with them. Only the children are allowed to go out to school.

There are different sections such as; fast food alley where they purchase food, the condos, which are run by the mafia, the court yard which looks like a bizarre. But the area that was most striking to me was what I call Straight Street. This complete cell block is Christian.

As you walk along the way you see men sitting, standing and lying down reading the Word. Hallelujah! Their goal is make this a Christian Penitentiary, and we are in agreement.

God gave me a special anointing to speak to these men and women, He gave them a strong prophetic word. We saw many come to the Lord. The Holy Ghost fell on many as they shook under the power and fell to their knees. I could not believe I was in a Prison, and that God had given us the favor to minister in that capacity.

I told the believers there that they had more liberty in the Spirit in Prison, than most so called Churches in America. I shall never forget my experience there, God has open another door. I have been invited to return in the Spring to do a 2 day Conference in the Prison and stay there.

Revival is taking place behind bars. I was privileged to meet some of the most wonderful men that have committed some of the most hideous crimes, now serving God whole heartily. God used Pro-Vision Ministries, Gary and Verna Clay of Temecula, CA to get me in.  They have been laboring there for over 2 years.

We saw healings, baptisms in the Holy Ghost. On Christmas Day as we ministered at a Rehab Center, brother Ronnie our interpreter gave a powerful testimony, he is also from California. Gary blew the shofar. As we ministered to the men God was faithful to speak prophetically to some and many fell under the power.

In Tecato, Mexico, Father Hearn also from Temecula, CA area joined us in ministry. He also received a healing. Gary exhorted on the Shofar and blew it. Ronnie and I ministered the Word. God gave us a great demonstration of His power.

Jorge, Elieazar, and Sergio angels sent by God to us. Men that have a vision to plant Rehab Centers with Spirit filled staff all over the world. Pray for them, will share more later.

Thanks for obeying the Spirit.


SECRETS OF THE SPICES, Part 1-2 [John Lewis]          1


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