Many teach the imminent return of Jesus and you must be ready to stand before him. So if he comes as one man in the flesh form - can this happen?


Would this be the bema, the judgment seat of Christ for believers? The dead and the living are all gathered before him, and he, as a single person, is to judge each one for his works in the body?   This, in a practical way, is impossible. Would it take place in Israel? Would the saints find a boat or plane? Would unbelievers flock to this historical event? Does all this take place in heaven? What of the great white throne of judgment? Do all have to die first to appear there? 


Then we must ask; what sense does it make to have the Law of Moses as judgment? What of the spirit convicting the world of sin, and judgment? Unbelief makes it all future. Heb.9-26 now once in the end of the age, he has appeared to take away sin by the sacrifice of himself. If you accept this it works If many individuals could each one find or claim his identity, or find his way to God; then the Christ is one of many ways to find truth. There is one Lord, one God, one spirit, one hope of what you are called to and one faith. There is but one offering from God and one life. This offering is given in a word…  to be received. Not all embrace this offering. Yet God has forbearance. A grace to withhold punishment, that men might receive his offering. 


The gift of his son comes without condemnation. Many go to the grave spurning grace. You believe in Jesus?  Then you believe He is your resurrection, and you were raised together with Him. If you are one with Him, then you are also with Him in birth out of God's word, sharing in His anointing, one with Him in minding the spirit, realizing God has raised you out of death. Jesus had faith to lay down His soul, and take it up again. This, too, is for us, for we are redeemed by His soul. The seed-word He was born of, contained His entire body, which we are placed into. We have the same father and are assured of this by His spirit. So why desire this human to become a better self, and go to heaven? We are crucified to this world and it is crucified to us. That means a definite separation and the spirit makes it truth to the believer. This is a realm beyond the written word, which word can only exhort you to believe its message. This oneness is the answer to Jesus’ prayer. (jn 17) No one can choose his father. This father has chosen us in Christ, the seed of all sons. To many, Christ or the spirit, is a vague helper to whom credit is given when certain personal issues turn out well. This is delusion. The spirit operates in a spirit, awakened through Christ. In spite of this truth, man when minding the flesh and its sense of truth, is deceived.  He feels confident he can determine things of the spirit. Vanity, meditation, study, reason and observation is taken as realization.


The word of God, as the seed in his son, will awaken man to a new identity and consciousness of life.  It is true that God's word is in man.  This word is spirit. Man is unable to reach the realm of spirit with the flesh mind. God has nullified the wisdom of man. Being unable to find God, a way was given to find God. The way is the offering of his son. The word was with God and the word is God. It is God in Christ, the word made flesh. This is the first fruit of that word… then those that are His. This is the consummation. Man is but the earth in which this seed is planted. Not in all does the seed bear the fruit of the son.





SEED’S FRUIT [Lloyd Ellefson] 8-14-04           1

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