[An Adaptation of a Writing by Watchman Nee]


MARCH 27, 2009






Will you pray this prayer before you read this: "Father, if this is a NOW word for me, give me strong confirmation and a deep inner sense that you have sent this word to me for such a time as this."


The following is a personalized version of Watchman Nee's writing concerning the Church, the Body of Christ. He wrote it concerning the Church as a whole. I have made it personal.




"I am His masterpiece." (Ephesians 2:10) I am the very best God can produce. I can never be improved upon.


I look within myself and see breakdown everywhere and I wonder, 'What am I coming to?' I tell you I am not coming to anything; I have arrived!


I do not look forward to discover my goal; I look back. God reached His end in Christ before the foundation of the world and I move forward with Him on the basis of what already is.


As I move in the light of that eternal fact, I witness its progressive manifestation. I advance spiritually by finding out who I am and what I have already, not by trying to become what I hope to be.


It is when I see I am dead that I die (manifest my death in Christ)


It is when I see I am risen… that I arise;


It is when I see that I am holy that I become holy.  Seeing the accomplished fact determines the pathway to the realizing of that fact.


The end is reached by seeing, not desiring or working. The only possibility of spiritual progress lies in my discovering the truth as God sees it; the truth concerning Christ, the truth concerning myself in Christ, and the truth concerning the Church, the Body of Christ."















SEEING the ACCOMPLISHED FACT [Robert Fitts] 3-27-09        1

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