SEPTEMBER 13, 2007




Shalom All,

The Shofar has sounded and we are Returning to our first estate. Today September 13 is Tishri 1- (new year- the 7th month) on the Hebrew Calendar.  This Feast last (2) days. (It is also the first day of Ramadan Muslim fast).

“It is the Feast (Day) of Trumpets (Blowing). Can’t you feel a new wind Blowing? Can’t you hear the new sound resounding throughout your being? Is it not the summoning and vibration of the Almighty that beacons you and shakes you loose from temporal to be released into the Timeless. Get ready for a fresh vision that will propel you into your destiny says the Lord. You will ride on the vibrations of the silent sound of the inner shofar, invisible to that which appears as an enemy or opposition. It is My Wind, My Breath blowing through you and causing you to hear and become the sound”. Happy New Year again!! And may the Peace (health, prosperity, safety and wholeness) of God surround you and your family throughout the year as the Trumpets sounds.

“In the beginning of the year… the hand of the LORD was upon me. In the visions of God brought me into the land of Israel, and set me upon a very high mountain…” Ezekiel 40:1-2

Ezekiel, this prophetic priest had been taken into captivity along with many other Jews into the land of Babylon. He had been in captivity for 25 years to the date; many of his people had become discouraged and could no longer sing the songs of Zion and some had hung their harps on the willows. He was surrounded by Discouragement, Distress, Depression and Discontent; however, his surroundings did not greatly affect him. While others were seeing negative things no hope, no answer to prayers, and longing to go home; he was having visions of God under an open heaven.

Are there Unfulfilled Dreams, and Unreached Goals from years past? Are you watching how fast the days are going and wondering if you will ever fulfill the things in your heart?

“Where there is no vision (prophetic insight) the people perish (become loose, uncovered, go in circles, without restraint), but he that keeps the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18


Ezekiel was far away from the Promised Land by natural standard.  However, the power of vision transported him to his promised land. I don’t know what God has promised you or the Goals and Dreams of your heart. Nevertheless, I have been sent to tell you that if you could only lift up your heads, oh you gates, and you everlasting doors, that the King of Glory will manifest in a new way.

The heavens above you and in you are open. God wants to transport you into the reality of what you’ve waited for. Ezekiel had an out of the body experience, you must step out of the physical (detach yourself from negative emotions and false realities) to see your destiny and allow it to become a reality.


You can choose to see the world of illusions that’s been painted on the canvas of mass consciousness minds, or you can choose to see the realm of Reality.

The realm of illusions portrays Captivity and Limitations; it is that mentality which keeps us from our Promised Land. It is the realm that dictates our E-motions (energy in motion) and Imag-E-nation (energy used to becoming the image of what we believe), thus causing us to create and uncreate what appears as our reality. Bondages and limitations are only states of mind; they are not determined by outside circumstances (physical, financial, emotional, spiritual). However, your state of mind will determine or create your outside circumstance.

The realm of Reality is available to all that would press their way through the crowds of negative thoughts, opinions of others and fears of men. Those that are willing to be criticized, rejected, and stepped on to touch the hem of Reality’s garment will unleash the limitless power to create and uncreate their reality. This Unlimited Power does not come from outside of humans, nor can it be dictated by external circumstances.  It is the mind of Christ within. However, walking in this state of mind will determine or create your external circumstances.

It is important that you hold the vision before you at all times. People with no vision have no reason to live; they complain, criticize, condemn and die. Some of you that are reading these words think that time have passed you by; you’re too old, no way possible. Did not God create the system we call Time? Does He not exist in a realm before time, at the end of time, parallel to time and projects Himself through time to be on time? The illusions of Time and Age must be broken. When this happens you will no longer go through Time, but Time will go through you.


The visions of God, or seeing God in everything; instead of seeing devils will bring you to your Promised Land. Visions of God are not filled with partiality, prejudice, and condemnation; rather, they are filled with Love and acceptance.

Prophetic insight becomes your weapon of warfare against your thoughts and opinions of others that seek to defy Purpose and Destiny. It serves as your launching pad into the realm of no limitations when you feel that you have plateau. It is the light to guide you through the darkest time when nothing or no one makes sense. The visions of God helps you keep your sanity in the midst of a crazy world manipulated by the realm of illusions.

“In the visions of God he brought me…and set me upon a very high mountain, on which was a structure like a city.” Ezekiel 40:2

In the visions of God you are being brought or carried, but this can only happen when you are yielding in complete surrender. The journey inward that expresses itself outward is filled with adventure and revelation knowledge.

You are being brought to a very high mountain experience so that you can understand God’s building program within. The visions are to make you aware of the mighty work that must take place within before the outward expression or realization comes.

“There was a man, whose appearance was like the appearance of brass, with a line of flax in his hand, and a measuring reed.” Ezekiel 40:3

He is shown a Man. This man represents the perfected spiritual man within, the Christ with a brilliant countenance. This is the measure of a man; those that have realized the 5-fold ministry and are no longer children tossed to and fro by religious doctrines.

The Brass tells us that the man, Christ Jesus, has taken our judgment, and in this experience of reality, we have judged within ourselves and have accepted the verdict of “Not Guilty.” Only when we can accept this verdict from the Divine Court for ourselves are we able to release All of humanity from Guilt. Otherwise humanity will remain in condemnation, creating religions and doctrines in their search for liberty.

The Flax speaks of blending together, continuity. This is the realization that we are All connected, in reality we cannot be separated by the religions that man has created in the realm of illusions, be in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.

When this becomes your experience, you will see no more reason to label yourself or others. There is no male, female, black, and white; Jew (saved) or Gentile (unsaved), the middle wall of partition is broken down. We are spirit.

The Reed or Measuring Rod represents the eternal Word (thought, expression, and speech) of God. Do you measure up? Yes! It is Finished, echoes the Eternal Voice. Hallelujah!!

In this part of the visions of God, this is the realization that you are the living epistle, the flesh that’s becoming Word. In reality you are the thoughts, intents, breath and speech of God materialized.

Eat the sweet and give to those that have not, weep not for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Melchizedek Order




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