Truly these are days for moving forward in the purposes of God. The time for passive waiting and wondering is over, and the people of God are beginning to advance in the direction of the vision that He has given them. Today we are receiving a clearer perspective with each step we take on the road that is before us, for the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day! {Proverbs 4:18}

How wonderful is the Grace of Jesus our Lord! For even if our vision of His perfect day was to become dim and obscured by the problems of the present, we would still find comfort and courage by walking in the direction of the light that we now see. With every step we are coming gradually closer to the light of that perfect day wherein He dwells! The pathway itself is growing brighter and brighter, while every progressive step is affecting a change in our lives and in the lives of those around us -even more than the one before! The fulfillment of the glorious vision revealed in the Word of the Lord is no longer some distant dream. Now we are moving towards it, and that which we see in spirit is becoming clearer and even more real than the multitude of problems and conflicts that surround us!

This is not some form of escape into a fantasy world, but it is truly a way of becoming transformed from within. and then becoming an agent of God’s transforming power to affect changes in the world around us. These changes are clearly spoken of in the Holy Scriptures. The Kingdom of God is coming and God’s will is to be done IN THIS EARTH! Those who are hearing His voice today are already participating with Him in this great work! The knowledge of the glory of the Lord is covering the earth as the waters cover the sea and some LIVING EPISTLES who are known and read of all men are becoming distributors of His truth to set humanity free!

So here we are at the threshold of the greatest work to be accomplished by man since the Lord Jesus Christ by His death on the Cross put away the sins of every human being that ever lived. As He rose from the dead even so we must now rise to the challenge of allowing Him to finish the work He started in us, after which this entire universe will be brought back into proper order-beginning with man.  {1 Cor. 15:21-23, Romans 11:36}

In view of these things we must develop an acutely sensitive ear to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying at this time. I am very thankful for the teaching we have received in the past and are still hearing concerning the plan and purpose of God for the ages. But I am especially thankful for this present message which is bringing us further on and into the practical outworking of that plan. Having Jesus as our example we can easily see that the offspring of God are a people who have total confidence and trust in their Father, His sovereign will and loving care. Yet there is an aspect of Jesus’ nature that is not at all complacent or passive concerning man’s condition and the Father’s Heart. It is obvious from the scriptures that Jesus is definitely a powerful force for radical change in both the lives of people and in the circumstances that surround them. The fact of His example along with many others in the Bible and throughout history will be emphasized in this series of messages.

Many of us desire to be an expression of this same life-changing force, because we are not satisfied with the condition of the world around us. If you are among those who are desiring to change and be changed, I hope you will continue to read the things that I am sharing On the other hand, if you are among those who believe that all present conditions are simply the will of God and that we should just accept them, perhaps I could persuade you to just look at the earthly life of Jesus and His apostles. Observe the impact that they had on the world of their day! It is true that we must accept some of the things that we cannot change. But in our obedience to God we are now learning how to change those things which we can!

We will soon find from the scriptures that there are a great man) things that will change as we allow the Lord to first change us. I hope not only to challenge you to pursue the higher purpose of God for your life, but also to share some insights He has given which might help to make the application of the gospel in your life and the lives of others more effective. We are all too aware of the many popular teachings aimed at using God to acquire the things we want. How foolish! We know that we cannot change God or His plan. We can only be changed in order to accomplish His will, which is plainly seen in His desire to enrich, uplift and liberate His creation.

After many years of walking with the Lord and ministering to Hi! people, we are thrilled at this opportunity to participate in His plan. It is our privilege to challenge you to find your place in Him as well. Together we will The church of Jesus Christ has generally been very well equipped to fulfill His will, but in many cease it could be more effective In Some, cases misunderstandings of the Bible itself have rendered us ineffective For this reason it is imperative that we return again to the example of Jesus Even though He greatly revered the words of the prophets and all of the holy writers, He never let traditional interpretations and religious dogma prevent Him from ministering life.  We too must never lose sight of that goal, for the law of the Spirit is LIFE! {Romans 8:2}

The power of the gospel has indeed changed our lives. Let Us therefore learn to better communicate His good news so that its power can be more fully released! Of course we must not minimize the authority and work of the Holy Spirit, but neither should we deny the responsibility, which is ours. It is ours to receive and to trust the Holy Spirit as He teaches, guides and empowers us to fully and clearly express living, life-changing truth to those around us. In the gospel we have seen how God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, not counting their sins against them. {2 Corinthians 5:18-19} Now He is giving us the task of convincing men, women and children that they too have been set free. What a wonderful privilege!

It follows that the best way of convincing anyone of anything is to live the proof of that experience in a tangible, visible manner. Does this sound difficult to you? Of course it is! But God has already provided the means of accomplishing this, and through His Word we are learning to move in His divine abilities.

Isaiah chapter 11 lists 7 attributes of God that form a balanced ministry in the life of the believer.  We will look at these scriptures with an application to our present situations only, knowing that they may well apply differently to many other times and situations.  In the following pages you will probably notice also a heavy emphasis on human relationships I am convinced that this is an area, which after it has been fully explored, can dramatically improve our communication of this powerful and glorious Good News of the Kingdom of God.

Today I am still learning to communicate the Gospel to myself. The better I can communicate it to myself, the better I can live in it. Applying it daily becomes a natural outflow of what I am learning is my true nature. I have also found that listening to and receiving others as they operate in their particular gifts help me to improve that expression and outline it all in my mind. Let us remember that all true knowledge – every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of us all. With His help we will continue to draw from the truths we have been taught over the last 25 years, seeing them today from a wonderfully fresh perspective. We will treasure the deeper insights that result from the personal dealings of God. And we will also rejoice in those which come to us by way of experiences being shared by you, our wonderful brothers and sisters in the family of God.


Jesus said unto His disciples in John 15:5; “I am the vine, you are the branches; He who abides in me, and I in Him, he bears much fruit; for apart from me you can do nothing. II In the first two verses of Isaiah 11 we see a description of that corporate body of believers who are vitally connected with their Head and source, the Lord Jesus Christ {1 Corinthians 12:12}. Something is happening to this corporate man which is about to usher in a new age of peace and harmony for the world. This chapter in Isaiah uses the symbolism of scripture to describe a drastic change in every political, social and economical aspect of life on earth. That change starts in you and spreads to every individual, beginning with “the Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him.”


In the tabernacle of Moses there was a golden lamp stand with seven lamps. Three were on either side stemming out from the center trunk. This speaks of the One Spirit Who is God, as having seven major attributes. It is my conviction that the center trunk is the Spirit of the LORD (in the Hebrew YHWH or Jehovah) from which all of the other lamps get their oil.

In Luke 1:17 it is said of John the Baptist that he would go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah. This prophecy is describing the nature of his ministry, ascribing to it the zeal and authority that was found in the life of the prophet. In a similar way, the Spirit of Jehovah is a reference to an aspect of the nature of God as expressed through a people who are the Branch of the Lord.

“The Spirit of Jehovah shall rest upon Him.” The divine Name Jehovah (some pronounce Yaweh) literally means “the Self-Existing One.” (Strong’s Concordance, Heb.#3068) This passage suggests to me that an awareness is coming upon us of our identity in Christ, in Whom we already have all that we need. Some of us have tasted small glimpses of this reality, but through increased understanding, faith and a deeper relationship with our Lord we are beginning to experience the abiding presence of the I AM. Jesus said of those who believe in Him that out of their bellies would flow rivers of living water! {John 7:38} Paul the apostle was one of these. It was he who declared “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens or empowers me.” {Phil.4: 13}

For too long we have been looking outside of ourselves for help This world is split wide open by people who lust for an unknown something that is outside of themselves Virtually every crime, every war and nearly every family argument could probably be traced back to this insecurity and sense of lack in the heart of humanity In the Person of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of Jehovah-the Self-Existing One is giving us our true sense of BEING and inner completeness Our life is IN HIM! HE IS OUR PEACE! We are complete IN HIM! {Colossians 210} Our very existence and even our relationships with one another are all dependent upon HIM!

Here we have a fundamental truth. Before I can impact any situation positively, I have to be secure in myself. I must know who I am and what I have, not in my natural abilities alone, but also in that inner life that cannot be touched, damaged or threatened in any way. Jesus was so secure in His identity and in His relationship with the Father that He never lost control of Himself or His circumstances. When He laid down His life-He did it with full control of the situation. And He took it back the same way {John 10:18}. Can you see how the greatest thing that Adam lost was the knowledge of his true identity and relationship with the Father? Like the prodigal son in Luke 15:17 he must return TO HIMSELF and to hi! Heavenly Father. That vital link must be re-established.

If you feel uncomfortable identifying yourself with Jesus, just remember that He identified Himself with you, calling himself the son of man. Think for a moment of how He suffered, bled and died to become the firstborn among many brethren, bringing the many sons and daughters unto glory who are to be joint-heirs with Him. {Romans 8:17,29; Hebrews 2:10} For us to remain in the status-quo would only cause His sacrifice on our behalf to be in vain.  We must believe in the power of His finished work and enter into it. There is no greater aspiration than to this holy calling of pressing for the mark for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus!


Jesus was never a victim of circumstances, and from what He taught us, neither are we. The light of this glorious Gospel has revealed unto us that we have another option and that is to be free. For 2000 years God has been restoring this concept to His people. They are recognizing their responsibility to look at situations from Christ’s point of view and in every instance to make the choice that brings life to everyone involved. From a secure base of unity and peace with myself and my Father I can begin to think and act completely independent of circumstances.

“And he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of the ears, but with righteousness shall he judge the poor...” {Isaiah.ll:3-4} The Branch of the Lord people have a strong inner sense of righteousness and truth that continually motivates them. They are not to be ruled by unreliable emotions. They make judgments or decisions based on a clear knowledge of situations as they really are rather than simply reacting to forces from outside of them. They take responsibility for their actions knowing that these are clear choices rather than blaming circumstances and other people.

Many examples of this kind of lifestyle are found in the Bible. We should all be familiar with the stories of David, Daniel, Abraham and the prophets who chose true freedom by acting in faith instead of fear. Paul and Silas had been beaten, imprisoned and in chains. They could have easily felt sorry for themselves, blaming God or someone else for their problems, but they looked at their options and they made a choice. That choice was to sing praises to the Lord and to rejoice in His Presence. The outcome of this was not only their physical freedom, but also true spiritual freedom for the jailor and his family {Acts 16:25-34} .

By the Spirit of the Self-Existing One, we who have been reborn into Christ can now reach deep within ourselves for the resources we need to take control of our lives. 1 can face the reality that if I am now upset or depressed it is likely that I have chosen to yield to my emotions. If I say someone else has caused it I am in reality calling them “master” rather than my Lord who is within me. Current popular thinking may tell me that my problem is genetic, or caused by my environment, upbringing, etc. While I recognize all these things as factors influencing my behavior I can still choose to believe that the truth of who I really am in Christ has set me free from all of these!

This may seem like an over simplification of things, but I do hope you can see the point I am making. Do you realize that the very first commandment given by God to Adam was directing him to take responsibility? In Genesis 1:28 He told man to “be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth AND SUBDUE IT; AND HAVE DOMINION I would like to suggest that we are still learning how to subdue all the thoughts and attitudes that are a part of this earthen body in which we dwell. We are instructed by Paul in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to “bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.Furthermore, we are told in I Corinthians 4:16 that we have the mind of Christ! Therefore, we must begin to live out of our true inner self- the New Creation Man – that all of our dealings may result in life!

Just think of the tremendous potential for change that is within your grasp when you begin to choose life! The possibilities are endless. You can choose love instead of hate, faith instead of fear, hope instead of apathy. Think of the hundreds of small and large choices you make every day. In the realm of finances for example, every penny you spend is a choice. Many people come up short for something important simply because they choose to dwindle their money away on many or few foolish things. The same thing could be said in regards to our time. We all have experienced the satisfaction of doing something really important with our time, but there seems to be so little of it available. Why? Because wasted minutes can easily accumulate into hours!

This may be hard for some who are reading this to acknowledge. For various reasons we all have established patterns of thinking for many years that are difficult to be broken. There may even be some who are reading this whose understanding of the scriptures concerning the sovereignty of God has led them to believe that we do not even have a choice. I personally to not agree with that idea, but I respect the right you have to believe it. It is your CHOICE. The scriptures on the subject of personal responsibility are too numerous to mention, but then again, if I did not have a choice, of what use could the counsels of scripture possibly be? 

You will find great comfort and peace through the knowledge that all things are working together for your good according to Romans 8:28. But that in no way excuses the things you might do which are contrary to the instruction of the Lord or even good common sense. Let us be thankful that He can even bring good things out of our mistakes, but let us also be thankful for wisdom such as that found in the book of Proverbs. Here we learn that the possibility of our mistakes and their outcome can be minimized by acknowledging the wisdom and guidance of the Lord in all of our activities Proverbs 3:5-6.


A passage in Romans chapter 6, verses 11-13 strongly reinforces this powerful principle: “Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: BUT YIELD YOURSELVES UNTO GOD, and your members.

These words strongly reveal our capacity to choose whom we are to serve by virtue of the fact that we have risen unto a new life in Christ. (See verses 1-10) I wonder how often we stop to analyze our thoughts and actions to determine who they are actually serving. Sometimes the truth does not even become evident until the results of these thoughts and actions are seen. As Paul, who thought he was serving God when he persecuted the Christians, sometimes we also act ignorantly out of religious rather than divine motivations. How can I know who I am serving? How can I be sure I am really yielding myself to God? It takes a lifetime of seeking and learning about the One True God to fully understand the answer to this question, but there are in the scriptures some clear guidelines.


From 1 John 1:8 we learn that God is unselfish and unconditional love. Divine love is the highest motivation of all. When we are yielding ourselves to His love we are truly yielding ourselves unto Him. This kind of love is not merely an emotion. It is a choice. “For God so loved the world that He gave…”  Through personal fellowship with the Lord who dwells within us we can experience “the love of Christ which passeth knowledge, 11 {Ephesians 3:19} and from that reality freely flows a desire for the well being of God’s entire creation. Many times love itself will instinctively provide the answer, but when the solution is not readily available it will ultimately find the wisdom, understanding and knowledge to prevail {1 Corinthians 13:8}.

What a pity it is when we become servants to anything other than to His love. Whatever or whoever we serve becomes our lord and master. Whether we serve fear, resentment, jealousy or greed; any of these things can rule us IF WE CHOOSE TO LET THEM. I could let circumstances reach into the center of my being until they rule my every thought and emotion, but because of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I DON’T HAVE TO! Jesus has brought salvation (which means to be open and free), and the light of this glorious Gospel has opened the door to many wonderful possibilities!


Like Peter, I desire to arouse your true, pure minds by reminding you of the truth that you already know {2 Peter 3:1}. Now you can truly take the responsibility the Lord has given you by completely surrendering the whole of your being to your true inner self in the Spirit of Jehovah, Christ Jesus, the great I AM! How much better it is to become a servant of righteousness, truth and love, centering our lives on His eternal values and perfect principles.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has made us free and independent of the world, but not in rebellion to it. In 2 Corinthians 7:20-23 Paul sets forth the principle of obedience and submission to earthly authority while maintaining your true inner freedom. This principle is applicable in families, churches, businesses and in the work force. By becoming servants of righteousness we can show forth a spirit of co-operation that will encourage unity and increase productivity at every level, even among unfair or very antagonistic people.

The story of Joseph in Genesis is a good example. Even though he was unjustly sold into slavery by his own brothers, his personal freedom in the Lord was maintained. As a true servant of righteousness, Joseph performed his duties with honesty and integrity as unto the Lord. Being true to his inner life in Christ, he eventually rose to the greater position of steward over the whole house of Potiphar. But once again he was unjustly treated and put in Pharoah’s dungeon.  Even in this he remained faithful to his principles and continued to serve the Lord while in prison.  In the final outcome of this well-known story, we can see how through all of these positive choices, his God exalted him to a position in Egypt that was second only to Pharoah the king.

Now no one can guarantee you will become a ruler over a country, but as you learn to rule over your own spirit, you will definitely gain a sense of personal freedom and confidence in the Lord.  You will then find yourself drawing from the boundless resources of the Creator of the universe Who dwells within.  He has enough life and love for you and everyone with whom you come in contact!  The rewards and challenges of this Christ-centered life are beyond expression, but there is something in you and me that rises up to declare, “Yes, yes, THIS is what I truly desire!

“These are probably some of the most challenging words I have ever written, and I can tell you that I am definitely challenging myself as I write them! I have been hearing the gospel of the kingdom for many, many years, and hope has sprung up in my heart to see the deliverance to be brought forth from the priesthood of believers He is raising up in this day.  But hope deferred makes the heart sick, and I for one am tired of being sick. Talking about it and waiting for it has failed to produce the desired results. It is time to begin taking action. The purpose of God does require His timing, but only as we are advancing in the direction of that purpose can we keep the joy of this glorious vision alive within us. That joy will strengthen us in His purpose, bringing the vision unto reality. Personal and interpersonal change can truly be a step in that direction for all of us, and I believe that together we can make that change by the grace and power of God.


SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD, THE [Dan Beaty]          1


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