MAY 18, 2007

I have come to see some “shadows of things to come” that are being made clearer to us.


The True Identity of us, the “Spirit Man” within us, laid hidden UNTIL we awoke to the Truth of our Being. The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, which has been sought, to enter the Kingdom, was not for entrance INTO the Kingdom.

When we see the Cherubim’s “guarding” the Ark, and seek understanding of them, we find that they were not placed at the Ark to keep what the Ark contained IN THE ARK, they were placed in position to KEEP OUT, the pollution of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

When we beckon understanding of the True Identity of ourselves, we see that True Identity laid hidden within us, UNTIL we were awakened to the reality that the “flesh, religious thinking” had no place in that Perfect One.

The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven were not, as we have mistakenly thought, to GET INTO the Kingdom, it was to keep IN THE KINGDOM what was not of this world. It was not to lock out; it was to LOCK IN that that was not of this world.

We have been allowed to walk through all that we were to walk through, on our way to being awakened to what has been locked within us, UNTIL we were awakened to the knowing that we have been Who we ARE, all along. But, the keys kept all of our childish ways, our worldly ways, locked OUT with all the pollution of those parts of our walk INTO HIM.

The purpose of keeping OUT what was not Him was to keep HIS GLORY seeable, as we were awakened. And we were told, “ for we know that, when He appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.” Now, people are seeing Him as He truly is, a people knowing their True Identity, US AS HIM, HIM AS US. This knowing was concealed until I AM’s appointed time, which is now. It matters not what is said or not said, nothing changed the Truth of our True Identity, that Identity has remained True through all of the journey we have made, and whatever part of that journey that some may see that remains of this journey. “As He is, so are we in this present arrangement.” NOTHING can change I AM’s Plan and Truth. Nothing!!

Whether or not one has come to see their True Identity, does not change the Truth of Who they are. THEY WILL COME TO REALIZE that Identity. And each one of us has our own unique relationship in Him. We are each a unique expression of Him. And each of us, on our way to awakening must let this unique relationship blossom as HE SEES FIT. No longer can we go by man’s well intentioned plan; “Learn these 7 steps to entering the Spirit”. “Live these 7 laws and watch Him appear”. “Do this, don’t do that”. No, these will not work anymore than they worked in the past. In that unique relationship, you HEAR HIM. And in that hearing, He speaks the way YOU will understand. He leads in a way that YOU are to go. No one can do it for you. No one can give you understanding, except understanding of natural, religious ways. Lean to HEARING HIM. DO AS HE DIRECTS YOU, not man. Because Hearing HIM, awakens you. And one day you awaken and think, “Oh I have so been like Eve, who wanted to eat the fruit so she could be as God” When all the while that her focus was on the fruit, she was exactly what and Who He was, and Who she desired to be.

Like the Cherubims and the Ark; why do we put our food in refrigerators? To lock in the freshness and to lock out the pollution that will spoil our food. The Cherubims were to keep out the knowledge of the carnal mind and to keep that unpolluted, wonderful, beautiful Truth, locked in away from the pollution of the “air”. We do have the keys. And it is up to us to use them or let them lay dormant. Never let anyone tell you that you are not in the Kingdom or that you need keys to enter it. You use the keys AFTER you enter the Kingdom to keep the pollution of all “the how to do….” OUT of the Kingdom. Let no man tell you what the revelation that you are given, what that revelation means ONLY I AM can give you understanding to that revelation. YOU ARE ONE IN HIM, YOU ARE ONE IN HIM, THIS IS HIS LIFE, not ours as we have thought. In this natural body, does not the brain speak to every part of the body? And when pollution (words, thoughts, beliefs) enters your thoughts, the body does not respond to the brain, to function as it was created to function. WE ARE THE KINGDOM. It is a state of being, and our Being is His Being. We have never been separated from Him, except in our illusional thinking.

Be encouraged dear ones. Keep the keys; use them; and be strong in Who you are.  His Love.



SHADOW OF THINGS TO COME— ARE! [Linda Keith] 5-18-07           1


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