DECEMBER 6, 2008

As most of you know, much of the focus of our ministry over the website for the past 3 years have been Prophetic Warnings to awaken our nation and the world to the things that shall be. The heavens have been shouting these messages and the signs have come in various ways as we have tried to interpret these messages for the Body of Christ. Also our intent has been to be obedient, bring awareness and encourage intercession.

Recently the Holy Spirit called my wife Zobia and I for a season of Prayer and Fasting to prepare ourselves spiritually for the soon coming major events (natural, economical and man-made disasters) that will impact our nation and everyone in it. This was Zobia’s first fast beyond 3 days and nights and she did much better than I expected. We also spent time interceding for this nation, the world and all the people that we know. Sadly, the art and weapon of fasting is considered obsolete in many circles along with prayer. However, I believe in the soon coming days ahead the western church will learn the power and benefits of it again.

At the end of the fast while in the “rest” room this prophetic rhyme/poem below began to flood my spirit as I scrambled to rush out and find a pen and paper to capture what I was hearing.

Just before we get to the poem – We realize that many of you that now receive our prophetic publications may not consider yourself to be a part of what I call our “international prophetic intercessory team”, however, we would yet like for you to join with us regarding praying for specific dates given to me by the Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not always reveal to me exactly what will happen but He warns so that we can stand in the gap and pray to soften the impact, delay it or create enough positive force to stop it.

The next major Watch and Prayer Date is DECEMBER 14, 2008 – On or about that day I strongly feel an event will take place that will affect our global community and most of all our nation. There were (2) dates given to me in a Vision while Zobia and I was praying one night in early August- the September 14th date is past and was fulfilled with the Global Economic Meltdown and Wall Street opening rare Trading on a SUNDAY (Sept. 14) to prevent Total Economic Collapse.

Here are the main things/possibilities we are praying about and releasing Light into since we don’t have complete clarity yet. (1) MAJOR EARTHQUAKE ON THE WEST COAST or MAJOR NATURAL or MAN-MADE DISASTER IN USA. (2) UNPROVOKED ISRAELI/AMERICA ATTACK ON IRAN. (3) MORE ECONOMIC MELTDOWN. He or she that has ears to hear let them hear. Now to the poem.


They have been lulled to sleep by the hypnotic voices of the talking heads- The media, blind religious leaders, politicians just before you go to bed- In the morning everything will be alright. Tell me a fable and I will sleep in peace through the dark night-

Gas prices dropping – time to go shopping, the sales are on. Obama’s been elected – Bush’s policies rejected, the change is on. The fairy tale of Bin Laden has faded into a figment of our imagination – As we have been lulled into a false security for our nation.

The Stimulus Packets and yet another Bailout- A superior intelligent Cabinet, your money’s safe don’t doubt. Great America, the world’s leader will continue to lead the way. The repetitive propaganda and rhetoric confidently say-

But I say, you have enjoyed your time of sleep and ease – now comes the shaking. The alarm has been sounding, yet many refused to be awakened. It has been the calm before the storm and the winds are now about to blow. Soon from Coast to Coast there will be a shaking as the Earth plates move below-

Day by day you have seen the price of gas free fall and the highways congested again. It shall soon rise (3) times as fast – the highways will be virtually empty – the price as it’s never been- Panic and chaos shall be created as the economic storm rages on. The powerful US Dollar you use to know will soon be gone-

Catastrophic lost and a domino affect of crisis’s seemingly every two weeks- As angry Americans are jarred from their complacency and sleep. Roaming the streets, armed gangs like zombies in night of the living dead- Store shelves empty, babies crying, looting and burning as many sit quietly in dread-

The sheeple shouted, NO, Prophet!! Tell us lies; prophesy smooth things – not what shall really be. What about peace, warm feelings of love, how great I am and of course prosperity? Don’t you know that this is God’s country and we are the chosen ones He adores? The storm will only last a few months at most and we will come out better than before.

Not so, you have moved into a new cycle and everything is being accelerated. Break yourself from the holographic illusions that you have created- Mass destruction, natural and man-made disasters – massive loss and loss of lives are only days away. The impact can be lessened only if My people would learn how to pray-

The abundance of this Christmas season will remain a memory in many minds. As the years following reveal the sign of different times- The first world nation we have known no longer exist. It shall be humbled to be liken unto a third world nation and many shall resist-

The Spirit calls to the Joseph’s that have been confined and limited by religious ideas and organizations. Get ready to come forth with wisdom, dreams and prophetic revelation- A transfer of wealth and power is at hand. Over night I shall set you forth as rulers and providers in this land-

In the midst of everything shaking and chaos shall a hidden people arise and be revealed – To proclaim my kingdom with supernatural power and the sick shall be healed. The old order of religion and government shall fade into the past- And the people will realize only My Truth shall last.

The Spirit summons the men and women of Issachar with understanding that know the times and seasons- You will be called to stand before leaders to declare what shall be and the reasons-

You are entering a cycle when darkness and light shall seemingly coexist for a little time. This twilight zone shall expose the best and the worst in humanity’s mind- Choose light as the planet and your solar system enters into a new day. A new consciousness shall emerge to show humanity a new way-

You are witnessing the ending of an age and the beginning of a new day. The transition shall be difficult for many but My Grace will show you the way- Lift up your heads and rejoice as the kingdoms of men crumble and fall- Rest in Me as I AM revealed to be All in All.

Resting in Him,

John, Zobia, Zarius


SHALOM [John Lewis] 12-6-08          1


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