BY:  ROKUS den HARTOG – MARCH 3, 2007


The holographic image created by Jesus’ Life and particularly his dying on the cross is given to us to LOOK AT. The writer of Hebrews, when raising the question: “Who is Man?” raises the question of identity stated by Tom above, when he acknowledges that we are unable to see the truth of our greater identity he cries out in despair.” But we do not (yet) see all things put under him (Man). Notice the yet, it is not in the original text, hence I have italicized it. Then comes the awesome statement




What I am emphasizing here is the main thesis of all these present emails…..the imaging of our eternal truth and identity in the cross of Christ. It is by looking at that image that we CAN see that all things are subject to us.


So….we look at the main theme of the cross… the shedding of blood. Even though it was literal blood that drained from his wounds, and soaked into the ground, the earth, the ADAMAH (Hebrew for earth), the Adam Earth if you like, and that blood HAD TO BE PHYSICAL to be significant, it is really the metaphysical truth of the blood we want to see. Any person present at the cross could see the physical blood draining, it takes an illuminated eye to SEE the TRUTH that the blood represents. We want to see by the eyes of the spirit as we have been enjoined to do all during this past age.


(Since The Blood has been used almost as an incantation without a great deal of understanding when we sing: there is power in the blood, many have turned away from the truth represented here. Many have exclusively associated the blood with punishment and retribution, hence the aversion, we can no longer conceive of God that way. We need to take another look to see the awesome power of the blood and the cross for it certainly will never suffer loss)


When we look at Jesus on the cross, the first question that arises is Who is this man? The answer is two-fold. The roman centurion strikes his chest and says; Surely this was the Son of God. Jesus says: that you might know the Son of Man... So, the  answer is simple, when you look at the one on the cross you are looking at yourself, you are seeing, not your humanity that you thought you were but you are seeing your eternal self- having the human experience.


If this be so… then who is shedding his blood? Clearly it is your eternal being, your greater self that is shedding his blood. I say his in a non-gender way, meaning your Christ or eternal being, but how can your eternal being shed blood? It has NO BLOOD… here in lies the wonderful mystery…


The blood shed on the cross that flows into the earth is a picture of your incarnation.


You and I died in Adam, as intended, when our consciousness, represent by blood, entered the earth and we embraced and were limited to an earthly identity, genetics, an identity we have struggled with and have cursed and have tried to release ourselves from ever since because we did not understand.


When the awesome truth comes to your spirit man and you see that as Jesus blood was shed on the cross so you too poured out your life as an eternal being and took on the consciousness of man you can no longer see yourself as you have seen yourself for thousands of years, your perspective has changed forever.


So … as a conclusion … it is not your nature that needs changing or fixing, it is not participating in the genetics of Adam that was your problem, it is not your cellular structure that imprisoned you, it was your PERCEPTION of those things that was LOWERED into the earth realm for a divine intent and purpose. You died to your eternal awareness on the Cross of limited human consciousness to do the will of your Father.


Rokus denHartog



SHEDDING of BLOOD [Rokos den Hartog] 3-3-07          1


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