When my ship came in; standing at the dock, I was overwhelmed at the awesome sight of it. It filled the whole horizon; covered even the sky. There was nothing in sight but “great ship.”  I never imagined it would be so. I felt so insignificant, even with all I thought I had known before about the GREAT SHIP. Nothing had entered my mind and heart compared with the wonder of it.

I could have previously told you all about it, but look; it doesn’t even resemble my long held thoughts. Where have I been?

And so, I bowed in the very shadow of it; a rhapsody echoing from within. “Here is my new Being,”

I heard.No man has ever described this to me. It’s as if I had stepped off the earth and on to a new planet. It’s like being replaced by a new magnificent me. No words can explain what thoughts came to me. “This is the full load, the whole thing”, as I praise and worship for It is come. I am overjoyed for definitely there is nothing but Great Ship everywhere.

No use quoting scripture to it. It has swallowed up everything, and I am sunk. The old me is gone!

So I laugh and I laugh, and behold the beautiful blue of the all new.

The Word is Rest. “Rest now.” as I throw down my crown and again bow to worship Father; Father manifest, Lord Jesus Christ, come to be vivid Life. Father – Stalwart – Anchor, and All Expression; to be the Great Presence of all my longing.

Now I am aware that it is true that one cup of today’s manna today means more to me than a whole train load of manna coming down the tracks. To look deeply into today’s manna, deeper and deeper, is to realize that resurrection is now. The fullness of God is now. Just holding that manna in my hands, and delving into the heart of it reveals ships untold, worlds untold, covering all horizons. “I am face to face.” That’s where my GREAT SHIP came from you know; from that one handful of manna received today, and here it is docked in its fullness.

Peace is my name. Joy is my image, and righteousness is my treasure. There is a walking place where we all are gathered; whirled into one Great Center; a Brilliant Light of Holy Presence Being.   Here we are enthroned in Grace and Majesty as Love is Come.   Here, Faith knows her Savior.

Listen as the trumpets declare resurrection life. “Behold, I am come! Where I am, so are you.”   We are all seated at Father’s Table as One Man.

Heaven is Rest, and Rest is Heaven as we hold each other now and forever. Love has had His Perfect Work.




SHIP of GLORY [JimMelba Crofford]          1


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