JUNE 11, 2005

(Read John 14:6-9)

We have a friend back in our hometown who is a piano teacher.  She is an excellent teacher who produces above average students, but who herself is an average pianist.  Rosemarie is a short woman with short, stubby fingers not that well suited for piano.  If she has a secret to success, in my opinion, it is that before turning a student loose on a musical composition, she informs that person about the life and history of the composer, so that the person knows as much as possible about “how the artist felt while he was creating the piece.  In fact, the student is graded on that knowledge to verify that it has been learned. During piano recitals, audiences are often treated to some extra feeling in each piecea slight hesitation here, extra aggressiveness there, which is not prescribed in the musical score…

Just as Rosemarie’s students played musical compositions better by knowing about the author, so we can play out our Father’s will by getting to know him better.  That’s what Jesus came to doreveal to us the greatest composerGod himself.


Read Gen. 1:26.  (Male and female he created them).

Notice that mankind was created in God’s image and likeness two words are used, not just one.  Image means appearance, and likeness means the nature or character.  Jesus told us in John 4:24 that “God is Spirit…” Since God is Spirit, this means that Adam’s spirit looked like God, and his nature and character were similar to God.

Adam was made in the appearance and character of God, but does that apply to us?  Have you ever thought about that?  Maybe you thought that Adam started out that way, but somehow it never got down to me.  You’ll be happy to learn that it did!!

Turn to Hebrews 7:9-10 (Story of Levi tithing to Melchizedek, the high priest).  This story tells us that in God’s eyes, Levi, who was “in the loins of his ancestor Abraham,” was somehow credited with giving tithes to the Melchizedek, the King of Salem.  We can see from this that each one of us was somehow present in Adam.

All creation was made to produce after their kind.  Gen. 1:11-12, and 21-25.  Everything produces after its kind, including people (“Be fruitful and multiply”).  But WAIT!!  If we were made in the image and nature of God, and we are to produce after our kind, then can we say that God must also produce after his kind?  You might say, WAIT a minute, you can’t say that about a God, and maybe I can’t, but I CAN say it about a Father.  Isn’t that what makes him a Fatherreproducing after his kind?

At this time you might want to turn to someone, smile and say, “You’re not exactly looking at the character of God.”  Believe me, deep down inside every person is the image and life of God, waiting to be revealed.

I want to take this just a little further… after God placed Adam in the garden and commanded him not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, God said, “It is not good for man to be alone. 

Now here’s where I want to stretch you a little.  See if you can agree… God said it is not good for man to be alone (I imagine he feels incomplete), but if man was created with the nature and character of God; should we not wonder whether God felt incomplete being alone?  I think it is not only reasonable, it is why he created children, to have his own family, the family of God

Now how could almighty God be incomplete?  Miles Munroe, in one of his teachings, claimed that he understood why God created everything.  Upon hearing this I thought “This should be goodhe is claiming to know what God was thinking.”  But as soon as he mentioned the reason, I agreed with him.  Miles said that God created because he HAD TO, in order to manifest himself as he is.  You see, the bible says “God is love.”  How could He manifest that nature without something to love?  By the way, if there is anyone out there who thinks loving us is a choice the Father makes I have good news for youGOD CAN’T CHOOSE TO NOT LOVE AND STILL BE WHO HE IS, after all, remember that his word says “God is Love.

Most people I have met aren’t comfortable with talking about God as though he were at our level.  They have not been raised to think that God might be bound in some way.  I am not here to make you feel uncomfortable.  It is not a question of different levels.  Our destiny is oneness with the Father, with him being our source and supply in all things that God might be all in all.  The Scripture says man was created a little lower than Elohimthat is, a little lower than God.  I suggest that the difference is more of a father/child difference.  Adam was a son of God, but Adam fell from that high estate, and Jesus was sent that we may be restored to that place.

Our spirit looks like God’s spirit, and has the essential nature of God.  The problem is, it is the soul that most people live by in this world.  The question is, where does our soul take its guidance, from our spirit, which looks like God, or from our five senses, which interpret a physical world that is largely controlled by the god of this world?

Jesus came to show us the Father.  He acted surprised that Philip said “Show us the Father.”  Are you aware that Jesus referred to God as ‘your father’ or ‘our father’ 22 times in the book of Matthew, while in the same book he referred to him as ‘your God’ only 3 times, and in each case he was quoting from the law of Moses, twice to Satan, and once to a student of that Law.  To his disciples, Jesus always referred to God as Father.  In fact, Jesus reinforced this by saying “And do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.” (Matt. 23:9) (NASB) 

By now it should be clear that a) God is our Father in the truest sense of the word; and b) He loves us deeply and unconditionally.  In fact, remember Genesis 1:27God created mankind in His own imagemale and female.  From that we can say that God has all the best attributes of male and femaleso that He loves us with not only the purest father’s love, but also the deepest mother’s love as well.

See Psalm 103:13

So, if God loves us so much, why won’t he just make the hurt go away?  Why doesn’t he make the problems disappear?  You may not like the answer, but we have to hear it.

The answer is, He can’t!  Before you burn me at the stake, let me tell you why I said that.  There is no question about God’s magnificent power and wisdom.  His creation is wonderfulso wonderful that the mind of men will never understand but a small part of it.  But when He created everything there were no minds to resist Him.  Everything appeared just as He spoke it.  It is one thing for an engineer to design and build the most detailed machine and have it perform perfectly; it is quite another matter for him to raise his children to manhood and have them perform perfectly. 

Fathers, think about your children.  What would you give to have them love, respect and obey you?  You would give anything!  Some of you have already given all you know to give.  Do you see the problem?  There is an enemy out there who is bent on killing, stealing and destroying our children, and he has plenty of access to their lives. 

God is our Father in every way, and we are his children, you might say we have His spiritual DNA, or his seed in us, which wants to be like its Father, but most of the world has been blinded to this fact.  We have not been allowed to see the truththat He can’t MAKE us (his children) love Him or respect Him, any more than we can make our own children love us or respect us.  I suppose he could force us to obey him, but that would not satisfy his desire, which is to have his family’s hearts freely joined in oneness with Him.  His approach seems to be to keep loving us, allowing us to reap what we sow, as we walk out the path He knows this is the shortest road back to Him.  He will continue this until we change our minds, which Jesus calls being born from above.

That is the answer given for us in Romans Chapter 12do not be conformed to the world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds.  The good news is WE HAVE (ACCESS TO) THE MIND OF CHRIST.  The bad news is WE HAVE TO LET THAT MIND BE IN US, or it does not help us.





























































SHOW US THE FATHER – John 14 [E. M. ‘Ed’ Dupas] 6-11-05           1


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