As we watch the news and pay attention to the things, which are happening around us, we find more and more people are looking to the heavens. For the past several months Astrologers, Astronomers, Amateurs, and Curious People alike have experienced a heighten interest in the Signs displayed in the heavens. The heavens are actually speaking to us, but tragically some have gotten and are getting the wrong interpretations of the messages.

“The heavens declare (write out, speak forth; prophesy) the glory of God…Day unto day utters speech and night unto night shows knowledge. There speech is heard in every language.” Psalms 19:1-3

Since the Bible states that the heavens are speaking and prophesying, should not the Christians also be listening? Instead most believers have been scared by erroneous religious teachings, and have left the science and speech of the heavens to the secular/occultic world.

For the past several months I have contemplated sharing prophetically some of the interpretations of the Sign Language In the Heavens. In this writing I will briefly touch on some of the obvious symbols and their interpretations by the spirit of prophecy, and scripture.


Adam in the Garden of Eden eastward, walked and talked with God in the cool (Spirit) of the day, or day of the Spirit (Lord) within himself. He heard the Voice clearly. When Adam fell, he not only lost his memory of who he was, but he also became Deaf. From that time, as man progressively lost his hearing, the Spirit chose to communicate with mankind through Sign Language.

It is very important that we learn Sign Language, lest we miss our hour of visitation. Through everyday life Spirit is speaking, the heavens are shouting messages in our lifetime as never before. Watch and Pray (communicate).

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven… let them be for Signs…” Gen. 1:14 “And I will show wonders (omens) in the heavens above before that great and notable day of the Lord come.” Acts 2:19, 21


We have recently had an increase of Solar Flares hitting Earth’s atmosphere. These are super heated gases released from the storms on the Sun’s surface. These gases travel 2 million miles per hour.

They are also called Solar Shock Waves, because they travel like a giant tidal wave. Scientists don’t feel that they are harmful, they only affect satellite, electrical and radio transmission. What does that mean?

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready! There is soon coming a Wave of God’s Glory to specifically bring Healing and Deliverance, for the Son of Righteousness is rising with Healing Waves that will hit the planet as never before. We will see the miracles of Jesus.   It will become a daily occurrence performed by believers worldwide.

There shall be such an increase in the flow of Spirit, physical bodies which are diseased will rapidly respond. For the Lord shall cause a change to take place in the electro-magnetic fields in and around our physical bodies, which will cause the healing process to be accelerated.

Touch healing (laying on of hands), spoken words at a distance, and even thought healing (meditation/silent prayer) are some of the major ways these healings and miracles will be performed. The Spirit and Word (2) witnesses this.

Begin to experience your personal healing from the Son of Righteousness. Feel the Holy Healing Heat from the Tidal Wave of His Glory, NOW! Prepare to be a healer for someone else in Jesus Name. Malachi 4:2

(Early part of the millennium-2000’s it shall be documented by the science community the changes in human beings, it will be termed as, “a part of man’s evolution.” There will be many studies, writings and TV reports. The changes will not really be visible, but will be detected in brain wave pattern and other means.)


It was around 1990 that I had a dream and an out of the body experience. As I was taken by Spirit above the earth, one of the things spoken to me was, “watch the lunar eclipses.” Before this time I don’t remember being very consciously aware of lunar eclipse.

Remember Jesus and the prophets said that there would be signs (sign language revealed) in the sun, moon, and stars (constellations). After all he, called the stars by their names. Psalms 147:4 Joel 2:30-31

The Feast of the Lord, Israel‘s holidays are God’s Calendar. The Moon has been turning into blood as the scripture says, due to total Lunar Eclipses over Jerusalem. In fact, there were three (3) within one (1) Jewish Calendar year. This is a major prophetic sign.

April 3, 1996 Passover – September 27, 1996 Sukkot – March 23, 1997 Purim. There will be another one September 16, 1997 During the period of Teshuva (Repentance)

The Talmud says, “When the moon is in eclipse it is a bad sign for Israel When it is as red as blood, it is a sign that the sword is coming to the world.”

The moon was in eclipse during the Passover, when Jesus died, but 50 days later there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost. The sword is coming; the great and terrible day is coming-but at the same time there will be an Outpouring of the Latter Rain.


The planet Jupiter has 16 satellites (moons). Europa, the closest to Jupiter of the 4 major moons may have life, according to the news report today. They discovered an Ocean, believed to be red in color, there are icebergs floating and active volcanoes. This one ocean contains more water than all the water on Earth.

The scientist say the heat, water, ice and atmosphere leads them to believe there must be some form of life there. An oceanographer says, it resembles the Arctic Ocean. There has to be extraterrestrial life, with that amount of water.

Galileo discovered this moon of Jupiter in 1610, He named it Europa. In Roman Mythology Europa was one of Jupiter’s (the supreme god) paramours (adulterous lovers). He abducted this princess Europa by taking on the form of a white bull.

I will not belabor the subject of Europa and the strong possibility that life exists in other parts of the universe. But since I see practically everything as prophetic, and I am learning Sign Language, plus I know that the heavens speak; let’s interpret a few messages

Beware that you don’t get carried away by relationships that seem innocent and pure. Beware that you are not deceived by someone’s strength of character to the point that you are manipulated and fall under their control. Beware of the fires of passion, the spirit of adultery. Don’t be led by the power of the soul. This is a Sign of Warning.

In the midst of all that is positive or negative happenings in your life, be careful that you do not find yourself compromising what you know to be true. Your commitment must remain strong to Christ and to all those you are committed to. May only the life of Christ be found in you.

The positive side of Jupiter. Jupiter means, Shinning Father. In Roman mythology, he was thought to be the god of rain, thunder and lightning. Jupiter is 5th planet from the sun, it is 318 times larger than earth and 777 million kilometers from the sun. Are these numbers and names coincidence? NO! Every discovery or event in the natural is Sign Language (Prophetic) of something in the Spirit.

5 is the number of Grace. 318 is the number of trained servants in the house of Abram, that he took to fight against the kings which had captured Lot. The name Eliezer has the numeric value of 318, he was the oldest servant of Abram. Some Jewish historians say that Abram defeated the kings and their armies with one man – Eliezer (God of help) with the numeric value 318.

The number 318. 300=Divine Deliverance in scripture, as was shared previous publications. 18= {6+6+6} the number of the beastial nature. 318 symbolizes overcoming or deliverance from the beastial (lower) nature, as Abram and Eliezer (318) overcame the kings. 777=Fullness, Completeness, Perfection of Spirit manifesting through man. After overcoming you get to meet Melchizedek, immortality. Genesis 14

Now as we put all these signs (numbers/names) together, the Spirit would say, “My Grace is sufficient, My Strength is made perfect in your weakness. I am the Father of light. I will show you the way through the stormy darkness, and keep you from being carried away by deceiving spirits, and the drives of your flesh as you trust in Me. I am your Deliverer, the One who give you power to be more than a conqueror. Therefore, be encouraged until I perfect all that concerns you, and only My life can be found in you.”


Hale Bopp was discovered in July 1995, was visible in our atmosphere in March/April 1997. It is the brightest comet known to mankind, a sign that caught the world’s attention. It was said to have come as close as 120,000 miles to the Earth. For many it brought fear, thinking that it might collide with earth.

This Comet was discovered in the drawn bow, in the constellation of Saggitarius. It was said to be as wide as a mountain. Some scientist says that it was last seen during Noah’s time.

The name Saggitarius means, Triumph Redeemer, the brightest star in the arrow is called Vega. Vega means, he shall be exalted. The arrow is aimed at the heart of Scorpion, in the constellation of Scorpio.

Hale Bopp came closet to the earth on March 23, 1997. This was the Feast of Purim, and also a lunar eclipse. As we have talked about the great Change that’s coming to the planet so far, Hale Bopp confirms it yet again. The Jewish book of tradition, the Talmud says, “A comet never passes through Orion, if one did that would mean the world would soon end.” Hale Bopp passed through Orion, which is in the sign house of Taurus, symbolizing Judgment.

For Marshall Applewhite, son of a Presbyterian minister and founder of Heaven’s Gate, it brought deception and joy. Joy, because they understood it signified change. Deception, because they thought they’d get caught up in the rapture by a spaceship. “The heavens declare (speak, prophesy).” But because 39 people did not know how to properly read the Sign Language in the Heavens, matching it with scripture, there was a great tragedy. 

39 people took their lives because they tried to enter into Heaven’s Gate -The Door, without going through the Door. Jesus said, I Am the Door. John 10:9 Jacob saw Heaven’s Gate (the Ladder/Christ) and was changed. Genesis 28:17, John 1:51

Why 39 people?? How many stripes did Jesus take on his back and what were they for? Jesus took 39 stripes before his crucifixion for our healing. “…With his stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5. In the natural we see the tragedy that brought death, but in the spirit we see the number that brings healing and life.

We also see the number 120. Hale Bopp’s distance 120,000 miles. As we have stated in previous publications, the number 120 speaks of the End of Flesh. As the Talmud states the end of the world, the world that man has created.

Hale Bopp being discovered in Saggitarius’ bow speaks of Redemption, even as man’s world fall apart. Jesus said lift up your heads and look up, your redemption draws near. Job said, “I know my Redeemer lives.” And yes, He shall be exalted. In this we see judgment upon the flesh, and deliverance from the flesh.

Genesis 6:3 (The Heaven’s Gate Cult saw Hale Bopp as a sign to leave their container/body, bring an end to their flesh).

The number 120 also speaks of Outpouring. Before there can be an Outpouring, there must be an end of flesh, not by suicide, rather by overcoming. After the 120 years in Gen. 6:3 there was a mighty Outpouring of rain. In 2 Chronicles chapter 5, 120 priest received an Outpouring. In the book of Jonah 120,000 were saved. In Acts chapter 2, 120 were filled with the Spirit. Israel has now celebrated the 120th Jubilee, the ram’s horn was sounded. There has been 120 Jubilees since Adam. The Jubilee takes place every 50 years. (50×120=6000) We have gone through 6000 years or 6 days in God’s time. We are preparing for the 7th day, the day of the Lord, the day of the Outpouring. The Scripture bear witness, the spirit of prophecy, the nation of Israel, and even the heavens are shouting these messages. Do you have ears to hear this?

As we studied the Sign Language of the Solar Storm, the Spirit revealed that a Wave of Healing would soon hit this planet. We see the numbers 39 and 120 associated with the Comet – Hale Bopp. Here we have another witness for those who understand Sign language.

There will be a mighty Outpouring, Release of Healings, as we tap into Spirit. You will began to experience the Awesomeness of God. For our God is an Awesome God, and He is Awesome in whatever circumstance you find yourself. Therefore, lift up your heads, oh you gates, and the King of Glory shall come in.


“When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. A-qua-ri-us. Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding. No more falsehood or division, golden living dreams of vision. Mystic crystal revelations and the minds liberation. Aquarius. Aquarius. Let the sun shine in…” (Lyrics from a popular song in the 60’s. The writer of these lyrics was divinely inspired, this is truth. Who are we to judge the vessel God chooses to bring truth through? Did He not use a donkey, a rooster and even the heathens before?) Numbers 21:28-34, Judges 7:9-15, Matt.26:75

About every 2000 years or so, there is an event in the heavens that is called the Equinox of the Sun. The Sun crosses the celestial equator in a counter clockwise movement, appearing in a different zodiac sign house. This is normally accompanied by a configuration of the planets. For those that understand the Sign Language of the heavens, this is a very prophetic event. Remember, the scripture in Psalms 19 says that the heavens, do speak and prophesy.

Around 2000 years ago there was an Equinox of the Sun. The Sun appeared in the zodiac sign house of Pisces, the symbol of the Fish. There was a major configuration of the planet, which modern science even bears witness to. At that time we entered the Piscean Age and Jesus was born. Before there is a major event on earth, it is Always first displayed in the heavens.  They do prophesy. Jesus told the Apostles I will make you fishers of men. The symbol for the Christian Church for the last 2000 years has been the Fish.

When Jesus, the Messiah was born in Bethlehem did the Church of that day know that the One they had preached about and waited for had arrived? NO!! They went on with their religion, traditions and carnal knowledge of God. There were wise men (astrologers) from an eastern religion that feared God and knew how to read the Sign Language of the heavens. They revealed to the Church that what they were looking for was in their midst. “Where is He that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.” Matt. 2:2

The wise men were warned by God not to go back to Herod, they would have been killed. Herod did not want others to know this great truth. Isn’t that like Religion today? If the hierarchy does not get the revelation first, they want to destroy others that have it. Inspite of Herod trying to destroy the revelation of Christ, the heavens had already prophesied it, and it had been declared in the earth by the wise men. The Bible records only (2) other prophetic people that knew about the Christ, Anna and Simeon; (2) is the number of witness.

In the month of February 1997 there was a great sign in the heavens. Astrologers and Astronomers call it an Equinox of the Sun. The Sun appeared in the Zodiac Sign House of Aquarius and there was an alignment of the planets. The alignment was called a GRAND SEXTILE, which means a 6th of a circle. The word sextile comes from the word sextant, an astronomical instrument used for measuring distance up to 120 degrees in astronomical measurements. This was a global event.

At various times, depending on what part of the world you lived in, the planets took the shape of the Star of David. In the United States over the state of New York, the form seems to be most evident.

As phones rang off the hooks at Radio stations, TV stations and Metaphysical Bookstores, many declared, “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” Others said because the planets were off nearly 5 degrees, we’ll have to wait till the year 2376.

What is the Age of Aquarius? Because most Christians have been programmed with wrong information by religion, when they hear that term, they think CULT. To help us understand different terminology, I would like to demystify some of the terms used today. Such as New Age, Aquarian Age, Golden Age, Kingdom Age, Millennium. All of these are talking about the same period of time which the bible speaks about.  The problem we run into is semantics.

The ideal is the same that God’s Kingdom will be established on the earth, there will be peace, prosperity and love will abound. However, many which are in these various religions are somewhat deceived by trying to make it happen without the (Messiah) Christ, Christians included.

What’s in the constellation of Aquarius? If you would study a planisphere, you could clearly see the stars take on the form of a man pouring out water into the mouth of the Fish/Church (Pisces). The Age of Aquarius is the Age of the Outpouring. The Spirit has bore witness of that even in the previous Signs in the heaven this year. Joel prophesied, “In the last days, saith God, I will Pour out My Spirit upon All flesh.” Joel 2:28-32 Acts 2:15-21 Jesus foreshadowed this at the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot). John 7:37-39.  We are rapidly moving into the Age of Enlightenment and mankind will develop to the full stature of Christ. “And they that be wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness, as the stars forever and ever.” Daniel 12:3 

Remember the numbers involved with the Sextant? 6, being the number of man and 120, being the number of Outpouring. The Sign Language of the heavens, the scripture and spirit of prophecy all bear witness, that mankind is being setup for a Mighty Outpouring of God’s Spirit.  Watch and Pray.

For studies on other Celestial Events in 1999 and further – go to the Portfolio Index and check out “Birthing Of The Man-child.”

SIGNS IN THE HEAVEN 1997 [John Lewis]          1


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