JULY 18, 2008

For all of my life, I’ve had a great love for order… things surrounding me to be placed in some semblance of order.  Many of my friends have poked fun at me through the years… because I do things like: alphabetize my canned goods in the pantry, label every container of staples on my shelves, and arrange all of my book shelves by subject matter and then by author.

A few years ago, Father spoke to me about all of this and reassured me that I was on His path in this area of my life.  He pointed out that I had been made in His image and likeness and gave me many examples of how all of His creation came forth in His order.  He pointed out the preciseness with which He had created our universe and how every planet… every star… is exactly in its designated place and what catastrophe could follow… should any one planet slip out of orbit.

On my first trip to Amsterdam, back in the mid 1980s, I was amazed with the design of the city – how all of the streets were like spokes proceeding outward from a wheel’s hub.  None of the streets were perpendicular; thus none of the blocks were square.  It took me a couple of days to adjust to this new way of thinking.  But something that I never adjusted to – was all of the graffiti that I saw everywhere I turned.  Little did I knowwithin only a few years, I would begin to see this same trend growing here in my own home town

Something that I’ve observed especially in the past two or three years… I’ve begun to really dislike what I call “small talk.”  To begin with, I never was very good at it.  I never really liked parties very much… not because I didn’t like being with people, but because I didn’t usually experience very much conversation going forth that I felt was really worthwhile.  It just holds no interest for me – to sit around discussing the weather, what everyone’s kids are doing at the moment, what’s happening in someone else’s neighborhood, etc.  I want to migrate to something of a higher plane of thinking, or else remain quiet so I can at least think on something more constructive.  You might see me as conceited… even unfriendly… but I really do not believe either to be true… and I’ve spent a little time looking for the root of my own disinterest with “small talk… incessant chatter!” 

As I continue to ponder this subject of my love for SILENCE, some of the scriptures from the Bible that I learned as a child… are flooding my thoughts and I’m coming into a better understanding of their importance:  As a man thinketh… so is he” [Prov. 23:7] comes to mind.  As I ponder these words… it comes to my awareness that one of the reasons I don’t like to spend time in a place consumed with idle chatter is because that loud noise interferes with my ability to effectively produce quality thoughts. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is God that has given me this love for SILENCE.  For it is within that silence that I can HEAR HIM.  It is also within that silence that I can receive creative ideas, exercise the spiritual power I’ve been given to effect change in our world… bring order out of chaos, set truth into any situation, send forth positive energy and bring healing to the mind, body, or soul of another being. 

“With many idle words… sin is inevitable.”  Sin? Oh, yes… missing the mark!  Long ago, I moved away from sin consciousness… knowing that all of my sins had been removed by my precious Lord at Calvary… so sometimes I have to remember what sin consciousness represents… and now… just how does this all tie in with my own dislike of noise – idle chatter?  Even as I write, I’m seeing a deeper thing here… sure it ties in and very well… because if I should choose to participate in a lot of idle chatter… I would surely begin to participate in some level of ego… self promotion… attempting to impress another with my own character qualities… my own ‘good’ deeds, my own accomplishments… and what would that beexcept egoic focus

“Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing?”  What in the world does this have to do with my love for SILENCE?  Well, somehow I think it also ties in with the many idle words… man’s egoic need for self promotion… to build himself up by sharing all of his virtues and talents with others in an attempt to receive acceptance from his peers.  And perhaps the root problem of this type of egoic sharing… is the realization that the only real ‘credit’ the sharer is going to receive is the approval of man… for that credit is then locked into the earth realm… rather than keeping that knowledge to ones self and receiving credit in the spiritual realm… the eternal depository! 

Recently, as I was pondering more deeply on this love of SILENCE I’ve been given, I was reminded of my “graffiti experience” in Amsterdam and Father was reminding me of the scripture… But let your communication   be yea, yea; Nay, nay for whatsoever is more than these is cometh of evil” [Matt. 5:13] words of wisdom to help one walk in silence and that without that check being put upon a person… all of the egoic words being spewed into the airwaves, are just like the ugly graffiti that I saw strewn about the otherwise beautiful city of Amsterdam. The airwaves become cluttered with these unnecessary vibrations and clutter up our atmosphere… creating congestion that will surely have lasting effects upon mankind and ultimately our universe. 

In my quest for silence, I find myself searching out restaurants with not only good quality food, but also pleasant atmosphere… soft music, pleasant staff, and an overall spiritual atmosphere of balance – peace and joy.  For it is only in this type of place that I am confident my physical system can really enjoy and properly digest the food I take in. 

The reader may think… well, come on, Sunny – you don’t want to live in the real world… surely you know that you can’t spend your every waking moment in an “ideal surrounding.”  I do know that it is not always possible… true… but as it becomes more and more of my focus… I find more and more desirable places where I am at peace!  Perhaps it falls in the category of God giving you the desires of your heart… perhaps it is the peaceful thoughts… the creative thoughts… that are manifesting before me!

Every word we speak is either a blessing or a curse.  “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”  [Psa. 25:11] I encourage you to use the computer Bible Research Program – E-Sword and do a search on ‘word’ or ‘words.’  I believe you will be amazed to find all of the various examples of words being used as blessings versus words being used as curses! 

Words are produced by us through the use of our tongue moving within the confines of our mouth.  There is much written about the importance of the tongue… how unruly it can be… and the promises given if we learn to control our tongue… and the tongue used as an instrument of praise and also of blessing! 

If we are not using our words for blessing and for positive change, it seems far better to observe SILENCE.  I’m reminded of 4-5 scriptures that use the word contentious… speaking of both men and women… and in each scripture the implication is strong… not only that the one with a contentious spirit is speaking less than healthy words… but also speaking continually… and there is nothing good being said about either… All of us have folks in our lives that do not know when to apply silence in their conversation… and more often, they are the very ones that have the least quality subject matter to share.  Ever get stuck on a telephone with one of these insecure folks?  To find a release without creating any offense… can be a real challenge! 

Call me a ‘fuddy duddy’ if you will… a self-righteous critic… an anti-social that doesn’t fit in anywhere… and there may be some truth to it… but I must tell you that there is no place like the place of SILENCE… for to stay in that place for any measure of time… you are sure to hear that still, small voice… the Power of the Universe… speaking to YOUTry it!  You’ll like it!  It’s holy… it’s sacred… it’s enjoyable… it’s addictive! 










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