What’s it to you, anyway? If you’ve wandered around on our website …and caught the different array of articles, different pictures and differing opinions and/or listened to Ryan Bruce and I wax eloquently, albeit sometimes argumentatively, one could ask reasonably how I dare write on the topic of keeping anything simple? I mean, Ryan and I both have proven to be a couple of complicated cats and the website reflects that.

The simple truth is that what I really care about, passionately, is healing power and spiritual healing for YOU. Yes, you can have healing power that you wield on behalf of others and you can have spiritual healing for you. All you have to do is want it badly enough to be willing to do something simple to get it. I mean, that is fairly simple, isn’t it?

Looks simple right?

We’re currently doing an interview podcast series via telephone. Ryan is on the western seaboard of North America and I am on eastern end of things. What’s that have to do with anything; and how does it indicate simplicity? The subject of the series is “Seven Secrets” which I wrote. What has been exciting for me, during the process, is how Ryan and I both are constantly brought to new insights simply through our dialogue and something else that is far simpler.

Let’s cut to the chase for YOU: Instead of trying to learn seven secrets of acquiring healing power for others and spiritual healing for you, I offer you a shortcut. Stop arguing for whatever limitations you’ve accepted from your religious traditions and upbringing as applying to you and do one thing …only ONE simple thing. Begin believing the truth that nothing is impossible if you believe enough. That thought didn’t originate with me, Jesus said it and you can make it true by simply being willing to begin believing it, today, right NOW.

However, you can also render the thought as having no value whatever by refusing to believe it …still simple enough?

How on earth can you begin to believe that nothing is impossible when you are carrying around enough traditional religious baggage in your mind to start your own church? Step one, is to be willing to give all that junk up, just let it go. What junk? Everything you have in your mind that keeps you from receiving healing power for others and spiritual healing for YOU right now!

Here’s how. Listen to what Jesus said to Peter and apply it to you. Peter wanted to know something about his fellow disciple, John.

“What’s that to you?” Jesus asked Him, then said, “You just come and follow me.”

How do you apply that for you? Forget anything and everything you have learned from anyone else. Here’s the shortcut to bypass everything and receive everything from Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Talk to him, right now. Just say: “Jesus, if you are real, take over my life, I want you to be in complete command over every area of my life, right now.”

“Right now,” by the way, means tomorrow and always. Ryan Bruce has referred to this as the “Brad Cullen approach,” I guarantee to you that it is exactly my SOURCE for writing this little article for YOU.

Get past any and all junk; just go directly to Jesus and keep going to Jesus until you realize that he is in you in his healing presence and power.  There it is, utter simplicity and to the utmost.

What if you don’t believe in Jesus? Good heavens, millions of people believe in Jesus and do nothing he said anyone can do if they believe enough. Believing enough simply means wanting healing power and spiritual healing badly enough to go to him. I did, just now, and he told me to write this now for you.

Forget about what I did, what’s that to you anyway? Go directly, go now. I’m going to complicate things just a bit. Who and what you have been told about Jesus really means nothing, what he said was that everything he did and said was not his doing anyway, but his SPIRIT-PARENT doing it and speaking through Him.     That’s the simple truth. Get it for you. Stop talking and/or arguing about Jesus and just be Jesus, you’ve just been given the formula. USE IT …and really now, isn’t it fairly simple?









































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